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About WhatKidLoves

WhatKidLoves is a famous entertainment and fun website for kids or toddlers. Based on the e-commerce phenomena, WhatKidLoves is recently the topmost buying and informative website in the world. We provide versatile toys, entertainment, fun factors, dresses, costumes, and many more for kids only. Furthermore, our expert advisors flawlessly work on researching the kid’s mental, emotional, and physical growth. Most of our articles are based on the interpersonal development of kids and toddlers.

Who We Are

WhatKidLoves Responsibilities

WhatKidLoves is a team of researchers, online marketers, psychiatrists, physicians, executives, and relentless workers. We analyze, explore, and study kid’s behavior as well as their expectation. Basically, from 0 – 2 year old kids are known as toddlers, and we work on them. A lot of divergence between these toddlers and kids, however, we keep our research & development section on both. Our online marketers help us to search for relevant products and the research team justifies those whether useful or not. Our top-class articles on kids are developed by expert members, so all of those are informative, unique, and updated.

WhatKidLoves Categories

Numerous toys, fun factors, and entertainment tools are available on marketplaces. WhatKidLoves mostly collects the following categories, according to age and behavioral aspects.

Educational toys-  In this section, we have all educational toys, joyous gadgets, and non-addictive stuff.

Creative toys- Kids, especially girls are fond of creativity. They pass their leisure time with imagining and creativity. These toys can help you a lot.

Crafts and handicrafts- All colorful stuff, drawing & painting elements, crayon crafts, non-risky handicrafts are available in this section. Let the kids color their life.

Sports & Outdoor toys- Kids of 3+ years need to be athletic and fit. Not only the physical fitness but also they need intelligence. This section provides the best outdoor and sports toys like softball, t-ball baseball, chess, trampoline, educational eyeglasses, skateboard, and many more.

Instrumental- Mostly we enhance musical stuff here. You’ll find karaoke systems, kids piano, piano music mat, drum set. Even we recently developed toddler’s sleeping music toys.

Rides & Bikes- The most expected stuff for all kids. Everyone loves riding and lots of non-risky rides here. From toddler walkers to kids scooty, every classy stuff you can pick from us.

Costumes- These are a vital fun and entertainment factor for kids. Action figures, heroes/heroines, celebrities, Disney characters- everything are available for your kid’s joyous moments.

Why WhatKidLoves

Our lifestyle brands extend emboldened settling through the finest products, exclusive patterns, and timeless sophistication – all powered by digital layout and visualization gadgets that bring smooth shopping solutions in-store and online. In addition to usually brainstorming kid’s go-to health, innovation, and entertainment for visions and analysis, we also count on the skill of our in-house experts,  nutritionists, analysts, and product experts in the WhatKidLoves family.

WhatKidLoves Responsibilities

You might find something lacking when you look at WhatKidLoves Toys. In fact, you can find tons of things missing if you’re used to the toy range found in most stores. Missing are the licensed, abusive, cheaply made toys that can end up in the trash shortly after your child is playing with them. But THOUSANDS of quality, open-ended toys, games, and gifts that entertain AND educate are what you’ll find instead. But above all, we are still a small, family-owned and run company that is very proud of our ability to provide outstanding service to every client. We hope that we will soon count you among our happy customers!

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