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Best Car Seat for 2 Year Old Toddlers

Looking for the best car seat for 2 Years old? There are millions of worrying thoughts any parent can have in a day and the thought of family safety is always one of them. If you are a parent that always loves taking his or her family on trips then you are really a model parent. In all these, thinking about the family safety is always a top priority most especially that of your baby or toddler. It is always important to keep them safe as they, unlike the older ones, can’t actually take care of themselves.

When traveling or moving in a car with your toddler it is necessary you keep them in a proper car seat to keep them safe and protected throughout. If you are looking for a suitable car seat for your kid or planning on an upgrade from your current car seat, then you might have a hard time selecting the best by yourself. There are several of these car seats available in the market these days and it takes one with a close eye for detail or someone who knows what exactly to look out for to know if such a car seat can be considered amongst the best and which is suitable for use by 2 year old toddlers and up.

What Is The Best Car Seat For 2-Year-Old Toddlers?

Taking a trip with your toddlers or taking them to school, shopping or any other place in your car can certainly be fun but you need to consider one thing, are you well equipped for any unfortunate circumstances should they occur?

This is why the American Academy of Paediatrics has suggested the need for car seats to be used by kids when in a vehicle. This would help keep them safe and more comfortable throughout your trip. Should there be any unfortunate occurrence of an accident, the impact on your kid will be reduced to the barest minimum, and should there be any form of collision, it would keep the internal organs from encountering any form of harm. For kids from the age of 2, a car seat or convertible car seat as it is sometimes called, often starts as a rear facing seat and then gradually a forward facing seat and then finally a booster seat.

At such a young age, keeping your kid in the rear facing position is vital. These types of convertible car seats do often have a life span stretching from about 6 years to 10 years. The booster seat type can only be a front facing seat but it can also be converted or transitioned from a high back booster to a backless booster when needed. A booster seat can have a life span ranging from 4 years to 12 years this is why it is important you check the expiration date of your car seat due to their varied life span which can be found either on the instructions manual or the sticker on the seat.

For a car seat to be regarded amongst the best, it has to have features and properties that make them stand out from the rest as well as performing the primary functions needed from a car seat. This is why we took out time to research and critically draft out the best 10 car seats suitable for 2 year olds.

Top 10 Best Car Seat for 2 Year Old and Up 2021

#1: Graco Convertible Car Seat for 2 Year Old and Up Toddlers

The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is unlike your regular car seat for kids. This seat is comes highly rated due to its top level durability, safety and comfort it presents to the kids. This is why it can be recommended as one of the best car seats for 2 year olds. This seat is built to keep your kid safe in the car always and also in times of a crash. The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat is designed and crafted with steel and reinforced frame with an EPS Energy Absorbing foam to help keep your kids comfortable and safe at all times.

Graco makes this product very easy to install so you don’t necessarily need a manual or anything of sort to get your favorite car seat properly place. You can never go wrong with this piece. It is designed with simple colors making it suitable for any car interior or design. It is built for kids weighing less than about 45 pounds but in case you have a kid who weighs more, you can also install the Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat and strap them into this seat with your car seat belt as well and they would be safe throughout your trip.

Special Features:

Every good product on the market no matter the type needs to have some key features to look out for and features they present to customers and consumers which are nothing short of being enjoyable. The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat presents you with top key features that are sure to leave you astonished time and time again. It is definitely not your regular car seat. Its features include;

  1. Two cup or bottle holders.
  2. Machine washable seat cushions.
  3. About 5 to six recline positions for optimum comfort.
  4. EPS energy absorbing foam.
  5. Steel reinforced frame for maximum all round crash protection.
  6. Simple safe adjust to help adjust the harness and headrest together.
  7. Extended foot tray for an addition legroom.
  8. Fuss free harness storage to help you get your kid in and out of the seat easily.


The Graco Extend2Fit Convertible Car Seat | Ride Rear Facing Longer with Extend2Fit, Davis is the exact definition of functionality as far as quality and top class car seats are concerned. It is tested and trusted to stand the test and rigors of the road and keep your kid safe and comfortable all through the journey. It does not just end at safety alone, your kid can remain totally comfortable and relaxed with its Simple Safe Adjust and Fuss free Harness storage. With these you can remove your kid and place him or her easily and also give them so much room for movement. Your kid gets enough legroom to move his leg as well. you have about two cup holders to help keep your kid’s drinks close and also a strong, durable and reliable steel frame, tested to last for years.

Reasons to Buy:

  1. It can be used or utilized in two different modes thanks to its fuss free harness feature. And It can be placed in both rear facing and front facing positions.
  2. It can take a kid of 45 pounds comfortably.
  3. The presence of the EPS Energy Absorbing foam and the steel reinforced frame provide maximum protection.
  4. A top class level durability and strength is highly guaranteed.
  5. Two cup or bottle holders just in case you need to keep your kid’s drinks close.
  6. Fuss free pockets to keep buckles away.
  7. Extra comfort is ensured.
  8. Easily adjustable for any kid.
  9. Its fabric is machine washable.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. This seat might not fit properly for the smaller babies.
  2. When the headrest is extended, it can tend to block the driver’s rear view.
  3. The cover is pretty hard to remove for washing.
  4. Its harness straps are sometimes difficult to tighten.

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#2: Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Infant to Toddler Car Seat

Every car seat comes with its own specific qualities and features which make them stand out from the crowd and not just every car seat but the best of them. The Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat has always been one of the best-selling and top standard 4Ever car seat you can think of and it doesn’t just have that name for a show off. It has been duly earned. This car seat is one of high class and constructed from durable and high quality materials which makes it capable of serving its user or users for years. With this piece you can be guaranteed of at least 10 year of using experience should it receive the proper maintenance along the way.

It comes with numerous mind blowing features as and also can be used in the rear facing and forward facing style. If you want your kid to feel the optimum comfort during your journey then you should consider purchasing the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat. Although we happen to list this car seat among the best car seats for 2 year olds, Graco too this one a step further. This means you can use it for your kids till they turn 9. When we say it is the most convertible car seat on the market right now, it is no fluke. The seats are pretty safe and very comfortable in addition to its easy installation process.

Special Features:

This is one important part to pay attention to and Graco did not fail in this area. They filled the car seat up with enough features to make it a worthwhile experience for your kids. The primary aim of the car seat is to keep your kid safe and comfortable throughout their stay in the car and throughout the trip.

  1. Weight capacity of about 120 pounds.
  2. It has a 6 position recline.
  3. The seat comes in 4 modes of use.
  4. One second latch installation
  5. Ride rare facing
  6. Forward facing.
  7. Metal construction.
  8. Rubberized fuss free harness storage.
  9. Integrated belt lock-off
  10. Cup of bottle holders.


The functionality of the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat is top class and matches up to its high reputation gained over the years. There is no need to fear for your kids’ safety when traveling from place to place. With the Graco 4Ever DLX 4 in 1 Car Seat well and properly installed into your car and your kid properly placed in it, you can drive with ease and keep your eyes focused on the road throughout your journey. The seat is made with solid metal materials which are durable and strong enough to last years. The metal surfaces are covered with foam which is certified to be the best for young kid. This provides the seat with a nice and elegant look coupled with the right and excellent padding.

Reason to buy:

  1. It is very safe for use.
  2. It comes with a high number of adjustments during use.
  3. Available in 4 in 1 modes
  4. Built and designed to be travel friendly.
  5. String, durable and reliable.
  6. Sure to last for up to 10 years.
  7. Well tested to absorb shock both from the front and the sides.
  8. Properly padded to provide kids with maximum comfort.
  9. It is very easy to wash and clean.
  10. An attractive design.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. With how good it is, its one disadvantage is its price range. It comes at a price range that places it probably above the low income earner’s reach.

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#3: Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat

Safety 1st has always stood out as one of the top manufacturing companies whenever safety is talked about. If you need a product that can keep anyone safe, safety 1st always comes with a high reputation on that front and their car seat is totally no different from the rest. The Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat, Everest Pink is a fashionable and well-designed 3 in 1 car seat constructed and built to keep your kid safe and comfortable throughout your travels and at all times while they remain in the car.

This car seat can be used from all extended ages to cover your entire child’s first’s and beautiful memories as well. It is a nice fit for the newborns and toddlers and comes with 2 grow-with baby pillows to give them the comfortable headrest and a new travel companion. It is designed with durable materials and finished with fine colors that make it suitable for any car interior design.

Special Features:

For a car seat this special, you would expect it to come with enough mind blowing features that would literally leave you astonished anytime you put it to use and Safety 1st did not fail in that area. Its features include;

  1. A 3 in 1 car seat mode.
  2. Suitable of carrying a kid with the maximum weight of 100 pounds.
  3. It comes with 2 integrated cup holders.
  4. Foam and covers are washable, easy to clean and easy to remove.
  5. Harness holders for easy in and out of your kid.
  6. Head and neck support for better comfort.
  7. A guaranteed 10 years life span.
  8. QuickFit harness.
  9. Seat depth of 12.5 inches
  10. Weight of 15.4 pounds.


Some car seat brands do promise a whole lot in terms of safety and comfort but end up not delivering as much when functionality is being tested. The Safety 1st Grow and Go 3-in-1 Car Seat, Everest Pink meets up with the high reputation it has earned and its functionality level is a testament of that fact. They come with inserts which are to be used for toddlers and can be removed later on when they get older and don’t need them anymore. One other fascinating feature about this seat is its back seat. It can be removed to be used as a backless booster should your kid get to the stage where he or she is ready for a booster seat.

Reasons to buy:

  1. It comes with a 10 year life span with the proper maintenance.
  2. It is very durable and strong.
  3. Quickfit 5 position harness.
  4. In rear facing position, it provides more front seat leg room than many other products.
  5. Cover is easy to remove and machine-washable.
  6. It is very stylish with a really cute design.
  7. Available in 3 different modes
  8. Good latch system makes it safe and easy to use.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. Back seat appears to be a bit bulky especially when reclined.
  2. Cup holders are sort of hard to clean and placed at weird and inconvenient spots.

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#4: Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat 

There are no words that can fully describe this specific car seat designed for kids and built to perfection. The Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat is outstanding and stands out as one of the best kiddies car seats in the business and in the market. If you are concerned about your kid’s safety on your travels and also your kid’s comfort, then this should be your pick anytime and any day. It is the number 1 convertible car seat that is well-engineered for your kid’s safety while they go along with you on your trip.

From preschool era and beyond this seat is capable of taking all. Its simple and user-friendly points as well as its easy installation process make it easy to use and simplify your everyday movement. This seat comes with a Super Cinch force tightener and an added LockSure belt tightening system to ensure you get a tight fit with the Latch or the vehicle’s seat belt. For the Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat safety and comfort come first as a priority.

Special Features:

The features of any equipment as we all know are what makes up the product and what also attracts customers and users. But it is more than just the regular features that keep them coming back for more. There has to be something special and different that makes such a product stand out clearly from the competition. Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat does more than just standing out but comes with features that place it high about numerous competitions on the market. No wonder it finds its way up there amongst the best car seats in the market.

Its features include;

  1. It comes with nine different recline positions.
  2. A one of a kind SuperCinch Force multiplying tightener.
  3. The LockSure belt tightening system.
  4. A solid reinforced steel frame.
  5. Easy to clean and washable seat cover and pad.
  6. Duo guard safe side impact protection.
  7. A deep rigid shell
  8. EPS energy absorbing form.
  9. A 9 position headrest.
  10. Removable and dishwasher safe cup holder.


This is just about the main part of a car seat. Having all the solid features in the world would definitely not help if the car seats are not as functional as they are supposed to be. This is about the main area so any car seat. In the Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat, Chicco ensured that they made sure every feature installed in this piece keeps up to the standard. First off, the installation process is one of the easiest you can get.

Because of the convertible nature of the NextFit car seats, it makes it available to be installed in both the rear-facing and forward-facing positions. You have different ways to install the seat perfectly but all depending on which one suits you best for your kid. The Duo Guard side impact protection helps provide you with two layers of side impact protection in case there is a hit.

The Duo Guard is supported by the deep rigid shell and the EPS absorbing foam to keep your kid safe and comfortable. The shell of the seat is constructed from reinforced steel which makes the frame very solid and strong, able to withstand any forceful impact. This Chicco NextFit Sport Convertible Car Seat is capable of carrying your kids from the toddler stage till they grow older. The rear facing mode can accommodate toddlers and infants while the forward facing mode is well suited for the older children.

Reason to Buy:

  1. It is very easy to install
  2. Very durable and strong.
  3. Pretty reliable even in ugly circumstances.
  4. The fabric is easy to clean and machine washable.
  5. Dishwasher safe cup holder.
  6. It is available in about four different colors.
  7. Extra padding makes the seat very comfy.
  8. A nine position recline.

Reason to Avoid:

  1. The padding may actually make the seats a bit sweaty after a while.
  2. Although the seats are wide, their width can come at a disadvantage when compared to other products.

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#5: Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat for Toddlers

Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat for Toddlers

Graco has been associated with numerous numbers of great products and they have earned a reputation amongst buyers as a trustworthy company with very reliable products. Their Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat, Harness Booster and High Back Booster in One is a top car seat in the market and a model to the upcoming manufacturers as one of those car seats to beat. It is known as the 2 in 1 car seat because of the way it allows for the transition from a harness booster to a high back booster thereby giving it users’ two available positions.

The weight capacity of this seat ranges from about twenty two pounds (if you decide to use the harness booster) to about one hundred pounds (if you transit to the high back booster). This specific car seat does not come with a child age recommendation or limit as long as you are in the harness booster position.

According to the American Academy of pediatrics, it recommends that all children and infants should all remain in the rear facing position for the time being up until they are up to the car seat weight and height limits. This might seem as a punishment for the kids who would love to feel the car seats while watching the others do same but it is ultimately for their safety. It has a life span stretching up to about seven year. This Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat is no joke and puts the safety and comfort of your kid first before any other pleasure.

It does not only just meet up with the US safety standards for car seats and crash testing but it also exceeds those standards. The height of this car seat measures about 25 inches to 32 inches depending on the adjustment of the headrest while the seat weights about 16.6 pounds.

Special Features:

The features presented in the Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster car Seat is so much than most parents have even expected and this is why it features with the top car seats on any rating or list. It is well stock with features that would keep your kid comfortable during your trip and also safe no matter the crash that occurs. Of course no one prays to have a crash but still Graco keeps your kid safe just should the unexpected happen. The features available in this car seat include;

  1. It comes with a removable, easy to clean and washable seat pad.
  2. Graco provides dual cup holders.
  3. Two reclines.
  4. It is available in two color options (Glacier & Nyssa).
  5. Provision of five positions of harness height.
  6. A two position crotch strap.
  7. There is no rethread harness that adjusts with its headrest.
  8. 2 in 1 booster (High back Booster & Harness Booster).
  9. A one hand and 5 position adjustable headrest.
  10. Simply safe adjust harness system.


First off, we always know one of the enjoyable features for parents is the fact that this seat has seat pads, buckle covers and harness which are easy to remove and also machine washable. This would ensure that you can always keep your kid’s car seat clean at all times. The car seat is very easy to install and can be installed either with lower anchors or with seat belts. The lower anchors are more suitable for kids who weight about 45 pounds or less while the seat beat installation mode is suitable for kids of any weight as long as they fall into the seat’s allowable weight range.

Although there might be an important tip you would need to know when installing the Graco Atlas 65 2 in 1 Harness Booster Seat. During installation of your favorite car seat, it is important that you ensure the harness is placed in front of the car’s seat belt or the lower anchor webbing during installation process. If you skip doing this then you might later end up with a trapped harness which would lead to a restart of the installation process again.

Reason to Buy:

  1. For a car seat this terrific, it is not expensive especially when compared to others in the market.
  2. It is very easy to install although some important tips should be observed.
  3. With a weight of about 16.6 pounds it is a lightweight car seat and easy to move around.
  4. The Latch can be used even in booster mode.
  5. You can easily transit from harness booster to high back booster.
  6. FAA approved.
  7. Very durable and strong.
  8. 7 years life span or expiration date.
  9. Pretty effortless to adjust.
  10. Comes with dual cup holders.

Reasons to avoid:

  1. It only comes in harness booster and high back booster positions while some other car seats add the backless booster to the mix.

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#6: KidsEmbrace Booster Car Seat for 2 year old kids

Every kid at this stage always has one favorite superhero or the other. In that spare time or little fun time they have, they spend it mostly trying to emulate or imitate their favorite superhero figure. This is one of the reasons KidEmbrace came up with the superhero car seat design. This superhero car seat will definitely not turn your kid into a superhero overnight or during your trip but it will surely present you as one for choosing it to keep them safe throughout the trip. The safety of your kid is paramount and always comes first when you are at the point of choosing the best and suitable car seat for your kid but amongst all things, the style and design of such seats should not be neglected.

Nothing is as sweet as when your kid falls in love with their car seat design, you definitely don’t need to beg him to get in before he does. The regular booster car seats do sometimes look boring for kids with the design most especially when compared to the KidsEmbrace 2 in 1 Harness Booster car seat. This particular car seat can take kids with the weight of up to about 22 to 25 pounds for the forward facing booster or 30 to 100 pounds in the belt position. It takes a height of a minimum of 29 inches to about 59 inches. This car seat comes with the required safety certification and as a plus it not only meets the requirements but it exceeds the Federal Motor vehicle Safety Standards.

Special Features:

This is definitely one part you can never miss out on and always keeps parents and kids all thrilled. Its features are not just there for the fun or for the purpose of just being put; they are solid and one of a kind. The type that proves the sort of solid bargain you seem to be getting with the purchase of the KidsEmbrace 2 in 1 Harness Booster car seat. Some of the car seat’s amazing features include;

  1. There is the presence of a 5 point harness security.
  2. A 2 position crotch belt.
  3. It comes with a 3 position headrest which is accompanied by a side impact protection.
  4. 2 integrated and easy to clean cup holders.
  5. An easy to clean, remove and a machine washable, properly cushioned seat cover.
  6. A full 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.
  7. Life span lasting up to eight years.
  8. Energy absorbing EPS foam.


The use of the KidsEmbrace 2 in 1 Harness Booster car seat can certainly be a dream come true for every young kid especially the boys. It gives them that moment of joy and heroism to feel like they are their favorite movie superhero character. One good thing about this car seat is that it does not just come in one hero type. It has several available options from which your kid gets to see their favorite as well. It has 5 point harness security all put in place for your kid’s safety which shows it is not just only about the design.

These five harness points are placed carefully to enable them meet your needs when called upon. They are distributed with 2 position points placed at the shoulder (One for each shoulder), another two position points are placed around the kids hips (placing it one at each side), and the last position point is found where the harness buckles just right between your child’s legs to ensure he gets the very best protection always. You have two well-placed cup holders which can help hold drinks, little treats and chops and trinkets which your kid would need along the way. These cups are also easy to clean which means you can always keep them neat anytime.

It is important that you connect the LATCH on the car seat and basically not for your kid. It has been proven that the LATCH is not necessarily a safety measure for your kid most especially when used as a belt positioning booster. Since they rely majorly on the keep them safe, it has not really proven to make the boosters any safer than they already are. Although it is still recommended that you connect the LATCH straps for the safety of other passengers as in time of accidents, a non-connected LATCH can become harmful.

Reason to buy:

  1. It is available in several designs and superhero figures.
  2. Amazing coloring and finishing makes it suitable for any car interior
  3. It is very much affordable and pocket friendly.
  4. Comes with removable and washable seat covers.
  5. This seat can easily convert from one mode to the next.
  6. Large, well-positioned and easy to clean cup holders.
  7. Meets and exceeds the USA safety standards.
  8. Comes with a 3 position adjustable height.
  9. 5 point harness security.

Reason to avoid:

  1. The padding has been said to be too thin and can sometimes get uncomfortable during long distance trips.
  2. Seems pretty difficult to install tightly in some vehicles.
  3. Cup holder can’t be removed.
  4. Armrests are rigid and not adjustable.
  5. It seems kind of big.

#7: Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat 

This is a one of a kind type and not just your regular, everyday booster car seat. The Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat is one of those new editions added to the Chicco car seat ware house and one that does not stay among the least but stands up there with the big boys. It is a limited edition showing its class which makes it pretty hard to come by in a way. It is a high back booster car seat which comes with a harness and a weight limit ranging from 25 pounds to about 100 pounds. The safety and comfort of your kid is always considered paramount and that is why this car seat comes with a 5 point harness security feature. When your kid is grown and ready, you can then change it into a belt positioning booster.

It is not just a car seat for the toddlers or infants but also one for the growing kids. Also comes with a backrest that features about 4 reclining position specifically for your kid’s total comfort at all times. It is constructed with steel frame seats to keep your kid safe and secure during rides. Added to the steel frame is energy absorbing EPS foam which all makes up the side impact protection system. There is a lock secure technology added to this booster seat to ensure it fits up perfectly with the vehicle’s seat belt. It is a real life saver anytime and can be used for years with a life span of about 7 – 8 years.

Special Features:

The Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat did not just make the list of the best car seats by having mediocre features. Chicco’s high standard in their products was displayed in this booster car seat and that is why it comes high recommended and does not falter in time of need. Its features include;

  1. A duo guard 2 layer rigid shell
  2. Energy absorbing EPS foam.
  3. Reinforced steel frame.
  4. A 2 zone side impact protection for both the head and the torso.
  5. It comes with a four position true recline.
  6. A 9 position headrest to help support and give and proper posture.
  7. A contoured seat design.
  8. An ergo boost double foam padding.
  9. Lock sure belt tightening system.
  10. Push on LATCH connectors.
  11. Storage spaces for both the LATCH and tether straps.
  12. Super Cinch force multiplying system.
  13.  Easy to clean and Machine washable seat cover.
  14. Two dishwasher-safe, foldable and removable cup holders.
  15. Kid console
  16. Seat belts lock off


In time of need the Chicco MyFit Harness + Booster Car Seat always pops up and never disappoints. Its features are not just put in a list to attract customers but are put in place and also perform well enough to keep your kid safe at all times no matter the circumstances. If you want your kid to enjoy a smooth, safe and comfortable ride, then you should go for this booster seat. Its 9 position headrest help in giving you different positions with which you can adjust the headrest to suit your kid at any time making them feel very comfortable and giving them the right posture. Even when they sleep, it can be adjusted to make them sleep comfortably and peacefully.

Reason to Buy:

  1. There is no rethread harness.
  2. It comes with an 8 year life span.
  3. SuperCinch force-multiplying system.
  4. Made out of a breathable mesh fabric.
  5. A 4 recline position.
  6. It has 9 headrest positions.
  7. Kid console.
  8. Removable and dishwasher-safe cup holders.
  9. Cup holders are also foldable.
  10. Presence of a reinforced steel frame.

Reason to avoid:

  1. It does not come with a backless booster mode.
  2. Kid console sometimes does not stay in place.
  3. Can be pretty hard sometimes to switch to booster mode.

#8: Evenflo Sonus Convertible 2 year old Toddler’s Car Seat

Safety of the child matters most when traveling and that is why it is always advised you put your kid safely and properly fitted in a booster car seat to keep them safe and comfortable should there be any form of accident. Of course, getting a fine and well-designed car seat is always nice but while driving that happens to be on the least of things in a parent’s thought. That still does not make the Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat any less attractive. When driving and an accident occurs, the chances of your kid being safe and unharmed increases by about 99% when he is being kept in a car seat.

The Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat possesses enough safety measures and features capable of keeping your kid safe and comfortable throughout your trip. It isn’t just an attractive and well-designed car seat, it is a functional and top-class one. This car seat is designed to be versatile, capable of protecting rear-facing babies weighing from about 5 to 40 pounds, and also forward-facing toddlers from about 22 to 50 pounds. This is a car seat that can be with your child as he grows. It has a strongly tested manufactured weight of 5 pounds minimum and a manufactured maximum weight of 50 pounds.

Special Features:

The features of the Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat are just as mind-blowing as the product they consist of and they are exactly what makes it so. One of the most important things when designing or creating a product for customers is to attract them but its features and keep them happy with it. Evenflo made this to perfection with their Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat with the addition of features like;

  1. Rear-facing mode for infants.
  2. Forward-facing mode for toddlers.
  3. USA safety certification
  4. It has about 5 shoulder strap positions for a proper and firmer fitting.
  5. Revolutionary airflow vent system.
  6. Removable and machine washable pad.
  7. 2 well-positioned cup holders.
  8. Head pillow for neck and head support.
  9. Upfront Adjustment to help with easy access to Harness.
  10. Designed from plastic and reinforced metal.
  11. It comes available in various colors for more options.
  12. FAA approved.


The Evenflo Sonus Convertible Car Seat is a real game-changer when you talk about convertible car seats for kids. If you need one that comes with enough security and comfort plus a low price to help cut down cost then you have just found it. This car seat comes with a revolutionary airflow ventilation system which are channels that provide enough ventilation your kid’s skin needs to keep them comfortable and at ease all through the journey. As a way of ensuring your kid stays put and properly fitted into the car seat, it is designed with 5 should strap positions.

Due to its exceptionality, it does not just stop at being a car seat. It can also be used for planes as well and that is why it is also approved by the FAA as it does more than meeting their standards but exceeds them. This is a very versatile car seat which makes it suited for more than one mode. It can be used in both rear-facing and forward-facing mode. It can be used in a rear-facing position preferably for babies weighing from around 5 pounds to 40 pounds. In forward-facing mode, it is best suited for toddlers with a weight ranging from 22 pounds to 50 pounds.

It has a long life span but still needs you maintaining it once in a while. But while trying to clean ensure you refrain from using abrasives but stick to mild soaps.

Reason to Buy:

  1. It is very easy to install.
  2. Guaranteed to be your 100 percent comfortable and safe car seat.
  3. Presence of a revolutionary airflow vent system.
  4. It provides all-season comfort.
  5. It comes with adjustable straps.
  6. 5 should strap positions.
  7. Head pillow for more comfort.
  8. It comes with free video support.
  9. FAA approved making it suitable for airplane travels.

Reason to Avoid:

  1. It has just one recline angle in its rear-facing position.
  2. It can take up quite a lot of passenger’s foot and leg space in the rear-facing position.
  3. The cup holder can’t be used when the seat is in the rear-facing position.
  4. The full package does not come with an infant insert pillow.

#9: Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat

It should not be a surprise that this happens to be the third Chicco car seat on our list of the best car seats for two-year-olds. This is due to their outstanding class and the absolute grand performance each of their car seats are known to produce. The producers of NextFit, MyFit, KeyFit, comes another exceptional car seat. The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat is not just a new name on the block but has proven to stand up against the top competitors in the market. The name KidFit fits it perfectly well as it does not just serve as space for your kid to sit on during your trips but the best of comfort and safety your kid can get while staying properly fitted to his seat.

Just like the thought of any parent when driving or on a family trip which is to get there safely, Chicco always has that in mind for you and that is why they have gone to great lengths to ensure that this booster car seat does exceed every expectations and standard necessary. It is designed with about 10 Duo Zone side impact protection to help keep your kids safe and match their every height as they grow. It has height adjustments positioned at the waist region and not at the neck as some others do.

This is what makes it capable of being useful and protective to your kids at every stage. The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat is stocked up with the best premium LATCH connectors coupled with a Super Cinch one-pull tightener to help keep the seat firmly fitted and stabilized for an easy in and out and also to help it stay secured when the seat is not occupied.

Special Features:

Being one of the high and top-rated car seats does not just happen from mere hype. The car seat has to be worth it and nothing shows that more than the features it possesses. With their years of experience in the game, Chicco has been able to pull off the production of one of the best car seat and infusing it with several mind-blowing and attractive features that would not only serve the purpose of your kid’s safety and comfort but also go way more than that. The features include;

  1. It comes with a Duo Zone head and shoulder side-impact protection with about 10 positions.
  2. Top premium LATCH connectors.
  3. The Super Cinch one-pull tightener.
  4. A very easy to use a vehicle seat belt guide attached to it.
  5. A Removable backrest to create a proper backless booster for the older kids.
  6. 2 removable, easy to clean, and dishwasher safe cup holders. It can also be hidden or removed to save up some space.
  7. An EPS energy-absorbing foam on the side wing for improved impact protection.
  8. ErgoBoost contoured seat design with a double foam padding.
  9. Backrest adjustment that comes in 2 positions to emulate the vehicle’s seat.


Just about the same as the other products from Chicco ranging from the NextFit, MyFit, KeyFit, which are well known for their high functionality rate whenever called upon, the Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat is no way behind in that list. Using this booster car seat on your family trips gives your kid a higher chance of being unhurt and safe in times of an accident. A rate that increases to about 99 percent. Now it goes way more than just design but what it can do. The Chicco KidFit 2-in-1 Belt-Positioning Booster Car Seat is embedded with 10 positions of Duo Zone head and shoulders side impact protection which is to help the kids while they grow. It has its height adjustment placed at the waist instead of the neck as many other car seats.

Thus placement helps in making it the best seat that can offer your kid that much-needed head and torso protection throughout their various ages. It comes with belt guides whose functions are to help make it easy for you to position the vehicle’s seat belts. This car seat is suited for kids beginning from the age of 2. It can take kids with a height of 38 inches minimum to a maximum height if about 57 inches tall. In high back mode, this terrific car seat can take a weight of 30 pounds to about 100 pounds while in the backless mode it can take from about 40 pounds to 110 pounds comfortably. When properly connected and installed this seat can stay still all through the trip.

Reason to buy:

  1. The price range of this car seat is reasonable and pretty friendly.
  2. It is very easy to install and fit in properly.
  3. Cup holders can be folded for better convenience and are easy to clean.
  4. A real lightweight seat for easier mobility.
  5. The seat has a good depth making it highly recommended for taller kids.
  6. One of the best cushions amongst Car seats.
  7. Easy to convert from backless to high back booster or vice versa.
  8. It has an 8-year life span & Expiration date.

Reason to avoid:

  1. It seems to push kids forward in some vehicles.
  2. The child might find it uncomfortable to lay head backward. Mostly sides end up being the preferred choice.
  3. Seat belts sometimes do slip off the guide.
  4. The belts have to be buckled when the seat is not in use.

#10: Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Toddlers Car Seat

No matter the age, no matter the size, there is always going to be that particular car seat that gives you so many benefits and also capable of taking kids from babies, infants, and as they grow older. From being a baby to the stage of a big kid, the Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat is always there to keep your kid feeling comfortable throughout your trip and also keep them safe should any form of accident occur. Of course, you would be told no one bothers about the design of the car seat while they are on the road or what it actually looks like while they driving but that still does not mean it should not look nice and attractive.

The Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat is available in several colors and designed to be very simple most especially the chili pepper type. It is constructed with plastic and reinforced steel frame to ensure that it helps keep your kid safe should there be any form of unwanted disaster. It can take a kid weight a minimum of 5 pounds or kids weight a maximum of 80 pounds. This Continuum is quite easy to clean especially with its machine washable and dryer safe foam covers that allow stains off easily allowing for a clean car seat anytime.

Special Features:

It is not every day you see a supposedly new car seat having to compete with the older ones in the market. Although some will say it might be because of its price range of the hype behind it but that can only come from a good performance. in this case, nothing brings out a better performance than a well-equipped product with the right features. That is the case of the Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat. It has a whole lot of amazing and terrific features that will leave you astonished and wowed at their various performances when called upon. These features include;

  1. An extended 3 in 1 mode consisting of the rear-facing mode, forward-facing mode, and the belt-positioning mode.
  2. It comes with side impaction protection.
  3. Quick fit harness for easy adjustment.
  4. A 3 position recline.
  5. Dryer safe and machine-washable seat pad.
  6. One removable, dishwasher safe cup holder.
  7. It has a grow-with-baby pillow for better comfort.
  8. Harness holders.
  9. USA safety certifications.


Keeping your kids safe in time of accidents and also keep them feeling comfortable while you travel is the major function of a great car seat but not all car seats function properly to the last. This, therefore, makes them not worthy of being placed amongst the best. The Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat does a whole lot to ensure that your kid is safe at all times and every time. It gives you 3 different modes with which you can place your kid and the seat in the car. The rear-facing mode can be adapted on your ride but can only take a kid’s weight from about 5 pounds to 40 pounds. It also has a grow-with-baby pillow which can give the little one a good snug fit all trip. The pillow can be removed easily if it is no longer needed.

You can decide to switch over to the forward-facing mode which can take a kid weight up to about 50 pounds. Should your child then become ready ad grown enough to make use of the vehicle seats, you can then remove the harness to use your favorite Safety 1st Continuum 3-in-1 Car Seat in the belt-positioning mode thereby giving it the ability to take kids with up to 80 pounds of weight. It is not only designed to give your kid comfort but also the passengers of the vehicle. Most times when traveling with family, nothing is sweeter than having your kids take a nap and giving you that quiet time while you drive. Then cushion of this car seat is structured to make your kid feel at ease and also free up about 7 inches more of legroom space for other passengers of the vehicle.

Reason to Buy:

  1. The seat exceeds all the federal safety standards.
  2. It is durable and strong.
  3. This seat fits in tight and securely when installed right.
  4. Built to be lightweight for easy mobility.
  5. A really good choice for parents.
  6. It can be used in rear-facing mode, forward-facing mode, and belt-positioning.
  7. Available in various color options.

Reasons to Avoid:

  1. When compared to some other car seats, it does not have as much padding and most especially around the headrest area.
  2. A few users have complained it seems difficult to install majorly while trying to get the straps tightened.

How to choose the best Car Seat for 2-Year-Old Toddlers

Trying to purchase a new car seat for your kid is something of a big deal I must tell you because of the type of work it does. When traveling with family, the car seat, no matter the size, plays a huge role in the safety of your kid and that is why when you are about to go purchase or buy one, you ought to be careful and pay attention even to the smallest of details as they might prove important in the long run. Buying and installing the car seat can be something of an issue to some and can drive a whole lot of people out of it when it is not going their way. Here is a list of things you should consider before purchasing a car seat.

Check out the car properly before buying:

Before you purchase a car seat, you need to check up on the car you wish to use it in. Some cars work perfectly with some car seats while some others don’t. It is very important that you carry out some form of measurement in your car as well. You ought to measure your back seat to know if you have enough space or room for a car seat. If you own a small car then it is very much likely that a car seat with a large base would not fit. Then you would have to go for one with a narrow base instead.

Choose a convertible car seat your child can grow up with:

It is so much of a blessing when you do not have to buy another car seat every two years or less just because your kid tends to outgrow the first one you got. This is why we always advise that you buy a car seat that would grow with your kid. One that you can be rest assured he or she will use for years to come.

Life span or Expiration date:

The life span or expiration date of a car seat matters a lot. Yes, you can get a car seat that you are sure would grow with your kid, but what happens when it does not last? Or if it has a life span of 4 or 5 years at most? This is why we urge readers to go for the car seat with about 8 to 10 years of life span and an assured and guaranteed top durability level.

What is your Child’s weight and height?

One very important question you should never miss asking yourself. What are the height and weight of my child? Every car seat has a maximum and minimum weight capacity as well as height capacity. You should check your kid’s weight and height and see if the car seat would be capable enough to handle it. One thing you should note is, if you want your kid to grow with it, then it would be preferable for you to go with a car seat with a higher maximum weight and height capacity as you would tend to use it for a longer period.

Does the car seat meet with all safety standards?

For a car seat to be considered as being good for use, then it should meet with the Federal Safety requirements. Always go for car seats that exceed those standards because they have been tested and trusted to keep your kid safe and comfortable and all times.


This is always another important thing we should not overlook. No matter how good a car seat is, or how big, small, spacious or tight your car might be, if the price of your preferred car seat is beyond your budget then it should not be the one you pick. Always tend to go for the one that fits well within your budget’s reach so you do not happen to fall into a bit of financial crisis later on.

Car Seat Installation Tips

A good installation is always important. A car seat not properly installed would not serve its purpose in terms of protection and comfort for your kid. It can also become a source of injury for both the kid and other passengers of the vehicle. It is said by most manufacturers that car seat installation is always a walk in the park but sometimes it might not really be the case for some.

This is because while some brands and models might be easy on some vehicles, others might not and this might cause a little problem when you try to install the car seat. As a result of this, we have compiled a few installation tips that are sure to help you through any installation difficulty you might be witnessing. Follow these tips thoroughly and you would become very good and confident when the installation of a car seat is required.

You have to choose using either the seat belts or the lower anchors:

When trying to install the car seat into your vehicle, it is a very bad idea to try using both the lower anchors and seat belts at the same time. Most parents do think their kids would be safer when they use both of them keeping in mind that a double lock means an extra safety measure. That is so many types of wrong if I put it that way. Most product manuals would explain to you that since this measure has not been tested, then it should not be used.

Always Begin with the rear center position:

In most cases and in several ways, it has always been relayed to parents several that the best possible safe spot is the center of the back seat of your car. This although has a little fault due to the fact that some cars only have LATCH connectors for their side seats and none at the center. This has sometimes made parents whose kids are rear facers make use of the seat belt for the center-back seat which is also safe but not as easy to connect as compared to the LATCH connectors.

There is an alternative to this problem although only some cars might accept this as well. You can put the seat in the middle while borrowing Latch anchors, one from each side. The only disadvantage to this process is that if you are a parent with more than one kid, then you would not be able to install or fix in another restraint in that same seat row.

The seat should be positioned at the spot with the tightest fit:

As always said the middle of the car’s back seat is always the most preferred place to you and can offer the best ad tightest fit. But in cases where the middle seat does not have the needed tools, you would have to make use of either end of the car but the place that offers you the tightest fit. Just as they say, “A good fit at the corner is way better than a bad fit in the center”. A tight fit, in this case, means no matter the hurdle the car gets into, the seat should not move an inch forward or back or an inch sideways.

Always make sure you lock the seat belt into its position:

This particular tip actually goes for those who make use of the car’s seat belt and not the LATCH Connectors. If you are one of those making use of the car’s seat belt then you have to ensure that whenever you have the seat installed you always lock the belt properly. Make sure the seat belt is properly pulled away and fully switched into lock mode. In this way, the belt can be guaranteed to stay locked in when you install the car seat. You can always consult the car user’s instruction manual for some help just in case.

Never forget to position your kid properly.

After installing the seat properly, the last step is always to ensure your kid is properly placed in the seat. When placing your kid in, always ensure the harness straps that should hold your kid in place are snug. The harness straps should always be threaded straight from the right slots most especially for the rear facers. These slots are located either at the shoulder or below the shoulder depending on the car seat. You should always make sure the chest clip provided by the seat is at your kid’s armpit level to make sure at no point in time they do not slip off. This chest clip is very important most especially for your rear facers because if the chest clips are not properly placed there would be nothing to hold your kids down and they can be easily ejected from the seat.

Frequently Asked Questions

What particular car seat is the best option for toddlers?

Ans: What makes a car seat worthy of being called the best is its ability to carry out its job or purpose to the fullest when called upon as well as its durability levels and some other factors. You necessarily can’t say what car seat is the best for toddlers because even though there are lists of the best car seats or the best 10, it all still falls to the kid’s size, the car, and car space, and some other factors. It can also de so much dependent on the parent’s choice or preference.

You can often go for a seat which in the long run would not be suitable for your car. Mind you, that does not make the car seat any less good. It just happens to not be compatible with your car and in such cases, it would not be advisable to get. This is why we also gave you a list of how you would be able to identify a good or rather, a great car seat.

How will I be able to ensure my kid is comfortable in his car seat?

Ans: We all know one of the primary aims of the car seat is to ensure its occupant remains safe at all times but it does not end there as it ought to provide comfort for your kid. No matter what, there are always certain ways you can ensure your kid would always be comfortable in his car seat but most of all are the materials of the car seat. You have to ensure you buy car seats that have their materials well and properly emphasized.

The softness or soothing nature of the materials from the foam to the padding, the seat space, and the foot area will tell you if that car seat would be comfortable or not. In order words, it really does not depend on what you do or how you install the car seat or even how you place your kid in it. It mainly depends on what car seat you get.

In what way can I ensure the safety of my child on his car seat?

Ans: Just as it is well known that the purpose of getting a car seat is to ensure that the kid placed in it remains safe, there are still some other things that must be done properly first. You can’t place a kid in the car seat and just expect him or her to be safe no matter the circumstances. For a start, making sure your kid’s car seat is properly installed and rightly fitted in can help increase his chance of being safe should an unfortunate event take place. Always make sure his chest clips are rightly fitted as well as his harness straps. Some car seats do come with about 5 harness points. If these 5 point harness is securely buckled as well as the car’s seat belt then you are good to go.

How do I keep the car seat clean and properly disinfected?

Ans: Keeping the car seat clean can be a hard task when you purchase the wrong car seat. By wrong, in this case, I mean a car seat which is hard to clean but why would you want that? Cleaning and disinfecting a car seat is pretty easy and if you follow the guidelines given by the Centre for Disease Control on how to remove the dirt, germs, and impurities as well as the killing of those germs on the surfaces with chemicals then it would be so much easier for you in the end. The guidelines include;

  1. Remove or detach the car seat from the vehicle.
  2. Shake the car seat upside down and endeavor to vacuum it properly to remove all the crumbs.
  3. If you are cleaning it for the very first time, ensure that you check the user’s instruction manual to know which parts are removable and also which part are safe to be washed with a machine. No matter the circumstances, always make sure you do not use a machine to wash the harness.
  4. If the machine washing procedure is off the table for your car seat then make sure you scrub all the cloth surfaces with soap or detergent and warm water. Do not soak the car seat materials to avoid them from developing rust or mold.
  5. Do not use bleach on any part of the car seat.
  6. Make use of disinfecting wipes to clean off all plastic and metal surfaces of your car seat.
  7. When cleaning the straps and buckles of the car seat you should make use of warm water and a bar of mild or gentle soap.
  8. Try not to use harsh chemicals or indulge in some aggressive or strenuous scrubbing as both measures can tamper with and compromise the strength of the straps.
  9. Make sure you air dry or the cleaned and washed parts of the car seat before reinstalling it.

How can I be sure if I have correctly installed the car seat?

Ans: Various car seats install or attach to a car differently. This is not necessarily due to the car seat but most times it might be because of the car itself. This is why it is essential you check your car seat user’s manual as well as your vehicle’s user guide. The use of both the manual and the guide can go a long way in helping you readjust the car seat to make things easier for you and safer for the kid.

Inside the car seat manual, you might see things like its compatibility with airplane seats, its safety specs, and whole other things. If you might be in need of further help or need a confirmation from an expert to know if the seat is properly installed, you can always call your local police department or fire department and you can be sure to get help from a certified and experienced Child Passenger Safety personnel.

Bottom Line:

Parents all around the globe are now experiencing how difficult it is to choose a car seat for their kids most especially for their 2 year olds. You can take comfort when I tell you that you are not the only one in this. At this age, your kid would then begin a transition from one seat type to another and this can be a problem for some parents as well.

The most important thing which matters most above all is the safety of your kid. Nothing beats that feeling when you know your kid is safely tucked in at the back seat while you take them places in your car.

It is always very necessary and highly important to purchase a car seat that has a very high crash test result, breathable and comfortable material, and also a LATCH system. When you have recognized all the necessary and most needed elements, then you would be able to narrow down and figure out what car seat would be suitable for your kid.