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15 Best Skateboard for 8 Year Old Kids | Both Beginners and Advanced

Are you looking for the best skateboard for 8 Year old kids? Skating interest starts as early as the child begins walking. They develop interests from you as the parent and other older people around. The attention to skate could be coming from professional skaters who they see on television. Either way, there are many triggers for this fantastic game. The best thing about this game, there are various skateboards which range from amateurs, intermediaries and professionals. Also, they vary in terms of age.

That said, you can get skateboards for all ages from 3 years old going upwards. For toddlers, they come with enormous wheels for safety, and smooth rides, light board, bushings deliver for easy control and brakes. For bigger kids, the skateboards are simple, fast, and easy to maneuver and flex.

15 Best Skateboard for 8 Year Old, Reviews

Confused, What would be best for your lovely kid? No worries. We curated the top 5, and surely you’ll love our short List, take a look.

  1. RIMABLE – Best First Skateboard for 8 Year Old
  2. Powell Golden Dragon Flying – Complete Skatebooard for Both Beginners and Advanced Riders
  3. MINORITY 32 inch Maple – Best Starter Skateboard for 8 Year Old
  4. ENKEEO – Best Skateboard for 8 Year Old Boy
  5. Retrospec Quip Skateboard – For Both Boy’s & Girl’s

Still, confused? You’ll find few more suggestions; keep scrolling.

#1: RIMABLE – Best First Skateboard for 8 Year Old

Do you want to create a new experience for your little starter? RIMABLE is an ideal skateboard for precisely that. It is an excellent gift for birthdays and training toys for little ones on how to skate. It is one of the most popular skateboards for starters in the market today. It is compact and gives a professional experience to its users.

RIMABLE skateboard Designing

It is one of the most stylish skateboards in the market today in terms of appearance. RIMABLE comes with awesome patterns that make it overwhelmingly appealing. It is a plastic and sturdy, cruiser aluminum trucks. The skateboard lies on the educative toys, which allow little ones to learn balance and motion cognition.

Features of RIMABLE skateboard

Appealing with awesome patterns on its board- one thing that stands out on this item is irresistible patterns on the board. It coves with various colors and patterns

It is sturdy and hence durable- the truck is 3 inches solid aluminum, the deck is 100% fresh material, PU wheels, and smooth bearing.


It is outstanding with its compact size yet steady for all your family members. The total weight is four pounds making it easily portable. Just like indicated on its title, it is 22’ It is a mini-cruiser, yes, but this fantastic skateboard holds a maximum weight of 90kgs.


  • It is appealing and beautiful to behold.
  • It is made with quality materials that make it sturdy and durable.
  • It is lightweight and hence highly portable.
  • Its big wheels make it steady.


  • There are complaints that the wheels are not suitable for terrain places.

Why you should buy it

We all have a first time for everything. In that case, why not give your little one unforgettable experience on learning skating for the first time. Apart from its awesome patterns, it is sturdy and compact, making it absolutely amazing for your little ones.

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#2: Powell Golden Dragon Flying – Complete Skatebooard for Both Beginners and Advanced Riders

Well, have you ever looked at something and became sold out to it? That is how you feel when you come across Powell Golden Dragon Skateboard. It has a dragon imprint as the main picture with deep red colors to represent fire. Also, it is a complete skateboard.

Dragon Flying Skateboard Designing

One thing you notice is its great looks. The brand has been around since 1978 hence has mastered the craft of making a skateboard that fits new beginners and experts as well. The materials used are high quality making it durable and beautiful to behold.

Especial Features of Dragon Flying Skateboard

  • It is specifically to fit experts and starters altogether.
  • The skateboard is a complete package.
  • It has a grippy top board which measures 31.625’’ wide
  • The wheels are hand-cast polyurethane, which is equally high-bound and roll and grip easily.
  • It is colorful with a screen-printed bottom

Dragon Flying Skateboard Size

It has a length of 31.625” and a width of 7.625”. It has a nose of 7 inches and a wheelbase of 13.75. The tail is 6.625 inches.

As you can see, it is medium in size and hence easy to ride. The wheels on the other side have a diameter of 54mm, a width of 37mm, and a hardness of 99A. It is super high and rebound, which gives your little riders a smooth ride.


  • It strikes a balance between experts and amateurs
  • It is very appealing with bold and beautiful colors with amazing aesthetics
  • It is durable
  • It has a high maneuverability


  • Over 200 pounds, the wheel feels soft.

Why you should buy it

With this fantastic skateboard, you are assured of safety. Also, it is a rare design because of its fantastic aesthetics.

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#3: MINORITY 32 inch Maple – Best Starter Skateboard for 8 Year Old

You can never go wrong with any aesthetic styled item. Whether you are buying it for a kid or family at large, Minority Maple Skateboard is an ideal item for everyone in your homestead. It is fast, smooth, and has a unique style and perfect for an 8 year old kid.


One thing that strikes you when you see this fantastic skateboard is its excellent graphic design. It is an outstanding item with impeccable specs like strength, smoothness, stylish, and very solid. The main components of the structure are 100% aluminum and hard-rock maple wood. Also, it is a smooth ride.


  • It is a sturdy skateboard made with 100% solid maple deck- 7-ply hard-rock maple cold pressed together.
  • It holds a capacity of 220lbs
  • Comfortable deck- It has a 32×8-Inch deck
  • It has a mediate concave, which makes it flexible for any stunt.
  • It is a durable with5-inch trucks aluminum alloy
  • Stable ride- It has high speed-ABEC-9 bearings forged by chrome steel, giving it high speed.
  • Elaborated art- it is appealing with striking graphics from its trendy vintage.


  • The product has a dimension of 32 x 8 x 4 inches.
  • It weighs 5 pounds
  • 78A high rebound


  • It is sturdy and durable
  • The materials used are 100% original and strong
  • It is smart, fast and versatile


  • It carries a capacity of 220lbs and anything above that is hazardous

Why you should buy it

The skateboard is an ideal item that is exemplary in speed, style, robust, and offers a smooth ride. Of course, you want an all-round item for homestead, and this skateboard provides that. With a maximum capacity of 220lbs, everyone can ride it.

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#4: ENKEEO – Best Skateboard for 8 Year Old Boy

Versatility is paramount in any type of toy. When buying for a skateboard, you should consider one which is relevant to everyone in your home. ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser is a great treasure in your homestead, both for you and little ones. It is sturdy and comes with wheels that match your bigger kids. It is an ideal item for beginners.

ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser Designing

The design fits adult kids who are beginners in skating. It has a 22’’ deck with four bright PU wheels. Its outside appearance reflects both technology and a touch of style. With fashionable patterns, the skateboard is real eye candy. It holds a maximum capacity of 80kgs. It is hip, fun, and smooth.

Features of the ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser

  • It moves with ease- it enables riders to maneuver with ease because of its stable platform and mini-deck. Also, its casters are smooth. Bright colors and beautiful patterns make it such an eye candy.
  • Durability- its deck is bendable and sturdily made with polypropylene, which is durable plastic. Its casters are smooth and soft, which offers stability to the riders.
  • It fits all riders despite their prowess-It is iconic to amateurs or professionals. It is easy to maneuver for beginners, and to experts, it offers an enjoyable moment.
  • It has a mixture of style and technology.

Size of the ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser

  • Size of 22″ x 6” / 56 x 14.5 cm
  • Weighs 3.5 pound
  • Carries a capacity of 220 pounds
  • Its bearing is ABEC-7
  • Wheels have 85A

Pros of ENKEEO Complete Mini Cruiser

  • It is iconic for both experts and amateurs
  • It is fashionable with a touch of technology
  • It is sturdy and easily maneuvers even on terrains.

Cons of ENKEEO Mini Cruiser

  • Anyone with more than 220 pounds can destroy it

Why you should buy it

It is a unique item that strikes a balance between amateurs and professional skaters. It has beautiful and unique aesthetic patterns. It has a great size which accommodates all people ie, adults and kids.

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#5: Retrospec Quip Skateboard – For Both Boy’s & Girl’s

Great things are in small packages. Just like Quip, it is a small yet mighty in performance. It looks and feels like a little dream ride. The unique side about Quip is the fact that it does not define your move but fit how you move. Its material is retro plastic with dimensions of 22.5 inches by 27 inches.

Design of the Retrospec Quip Skateboard

It is made of molded original and strong plastic on the structure and ends with soft wheels that soak all the bumps and rocky terrains. It offers a smooth ride. The board is molded waffle patterns that offer a perfect grip on twisted and stiff turns. It has 5 inches of trucks for balance and control and enhances manoeuvrability.

Features of the Retrospec Skateboard

  • It has a 70s style, which is an injection-molded style of retro street cruiser.
  • The bearings are made with lightweight ABEC-7, which is equipped with precision and high-speed carbon.
  • It is compact and weighs 4lbs. It is, therefore, easy to pack it in a backpack.
  • The wheels are made with the polyurethane which makes it durable and comfortable
  • It has bold and beautiful colors which make it exemplary appealing
  • Quip is fully ready for use- it does not require assembly.
  • It is small and mighty- it comes with flexible plastic


  • The board has dimensions of 22.5’’by 6 or 27″ by 6
  • Wheels are 60 by 44 mm
  • Bushing rating is 85A PU
  • It holds a capacity of 220lbs


  • The trucks are sturdy from metallic materials
  • Its manufacturers have a legacy of awesome innovations
  • It is lightweight and hence highly mobile
  • It is superfast


  • It is small-sized and could be too small for some people who love enormous objects

Why you should buy it

It is a small package of wonder. One its lightweight makes it easy to cruise around, whereas its smooth wheels soak all cracks and rocky terrains for a swift ride.

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#6: Flybar Skate Cruiser Boards with High Speed ABEC 9 Bearings

Are you looking for a way around public transportation or traffic? This skateboard is the escape plan. It could be what you need to take you from one place to another swiftly. It is not bumpy, and the size is just perfect for any surfaces. It is strong and beautiful to behold.

Flybar Skate Boards Designing

It is a small skateboard with the ability to take you anywhere. It is lightweight with Canadian maple wood as the main material for board construction. It is quality with a concave-shaped board with a kicktail at the end. Its wheels are milled and are perfect for cruising and carving. Also, it comes with an amazing pattern that depicts a vintage vibe.

Flybar Skate Boards Sizeing

  • Cruiser boards are 27.5 inches
  • Its wheels dimensions are 60mm by 45 mm 78A
  • Its package weight is 4.7 pounds
  • Aztec cruiser length is 27.5.”
  • A zigzag cruiser has a length of 24.”
  • It holds a capacity of 220lbs

Features of Flybar Skate Boards

  • Flybar skate is compact and lightweight. It is constructed with Ply Canadian maple wood, which makes it strong yet light.
  • Grip Tape design- Yes, the skateboard comes with an 80s famous design, which is classic and irresistible with a Flybar logo.
  • The trucks are made with aluminum, which is 4 inches for durability and stable rides. Its bushings are 6mm Riser pads and PU cast.
  • Its wheels are ABEC 9 bearings and Polyurethane 60by 45 mm 78A wheels.
  • The chrome bearing is 60 mm thick.


  • It comes in different sizes and shapes of Aztec and Zigzag
  • It is compact and easily fits in gym lockers
  • It cruises over rocky and high terrains


  • It is wobbly at first but becomes stable ones you get conversant with it
  • You can easily get caught on huge objects on the surface

Why you should buy it

It is one of the most travel-friendly cruisers you can ever get. Its amazing aesthetics give it some vintage vibe and make you feel and look classic as you ride it. It is compact, and that means you can have it everywhere you go.

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#7: Complete 22Inches Cruiser Skateboard for Beginners

Active playing is one of the needs of a child’s physical growth. It allows them to endure hardships and learn other social skills. Skating is one of the best ways to teach little ones skating culture. Nordex is simple yet uniquely designed with wonderful patterns. It gives you a classic cruiser for training, traveling, and training.


One thing you notice when you see Nordmiex Skateboard is its beautiful patterns and LED wheels. It has a colorful deck, and the LED wheels come in different colors. Whether you are an amateur or an expert, this cruiser is designed to fit all. As long as you don’t exceed 330lbs, this skateboard is perfect for you.


  • Wheels’ dimensions are 2.3″ by 1.7.”
  • It is a compact skateboard with 22″ by 6″ by 3.8.”
  • Trucks are 3.25.”
  • It weighs 4lbs
  • It holds a capacity of 330lbs


  • The deck is made with high-quality PP.
  • The wheels are 2.3″ by 1.7″ PU LED wheels- They are soft and large frosted to absorb shock when riding on rocky surfaces.
  • The trucks are heavy-duty aluminum-magnesium alloy making it a sturdy ride.
  • Bearing is ABEC-7 Chromium bearings.
  • The wheels are LED with different colors, which are always lighting- it is a perfect ride, especially in the dark.
  • The main materials used in construction are polypropylene, plastic, and aluminum alloy.
  • It has very beautiful exterior decorations-The board is light blue, and the deck is silver while the LED wheels.


  • It is highly portable
  • It is sturdy
  • Its LED wheels make it glitter at night


  • Easily breaks when overloaded with over 330lbs

Why you should buy it

It is a beautiful skateboard that even glitters in darkness. It is compact and, therefore, easy to carry along.

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#8: SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Skateboard

Children love skating. Surprisingly they learn so fast, and it is at this age that you should let them learn and master the art and craft of skating. SkateXS Beginner Panda Street Skateboard is a kid’s skateboard with skate shop quality. It is designed for beginners.


It is a high-quality skateboard designed specifically for little ones. It is a great company when they are clueless about skating up to the time, they do advanced tricks. It comes with beautiful aesthetics of cartoons, which make it appealing. Its size matches that of kids to help them balance.


  • They are small-sized
  • 7.25 by 29 for 8-10 years


  • It is a personalized skateboard with cartoons imprints like a panda, pirate, unicorn, and starboard.
  • Skateboarding parents carefully construct the skateboard – it customary assembled in the US
  • It is a high-quality skateboard for little ones with high performance.
  • It is a small-sized which is a proper size for little ones.
  • Just like the name says, the material used is bamboo.


  • It is compact and hence right size for kids
  • It is carefully designed to fit both beginners and experts
  • It is personalized, which makes it appealing and classic.
  • It is sturdy and doesn’t tear and wear easily


  • It is specifically made for kids

Why you should buy it

It helps little ones deal with obstacles during training on skateparks up to when they learn to maneuver and balance. Also, it comes in different sizes to fit different ages and various sizes. It is beautiful to behold, easy to handle, and fast.

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#9: SkateXS Beginner Pirate Street Skateboard

Skating like learning how to ride is a hard task. Nevertheless, getting a skateboard which helps them train and learn faster is a great thing. SkateXS Pirate Skateboard is specifically made for little beginners, which help them learn to balance and maneuver with ease. Just like its name says, it is personalized with a Pirate cartoon, which makes it look fantastic for little riders.


It is a spectacular small-sized skateboard that is designed for beginners. It is safe and able to advance skating skills to higher levels. The deck offers lightweight and durability. It exceeds normal skateboards in the skateparks in terms of design and functionality. It is customarily designed and polished for little ones.


  • It is compact to fit the size of babies
  • Bearings have dimensions of 53mm 90A
  • It has an overall dimension of 7.25″ by 29″ for 8-10 years old


  • It is appropriately sized which makes it safe, easy and fun to maneuver
  • It is personalized with a pirate imprint, which makes it unique and very beautiful for little ones.
  • It is black grip tape in color and comes with black wheels.
  • It emulates a real skateboard, and so it steers and rolls effortlessly.
  • The main material used is bamboo.


  • It is a personalized pirate skateboard
  • It is sturdy and safe for little ones
  • It is highly portable
  • It rolls and steers easily


  • Specific for children

Why you should buy it

The skateboard will participate in helping your little one learn to balance and skating easily. It is sturdy and specifically designed for beginners and experts altogether. Also, it is quite a masterpiece in design.

#10: Anfan 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard for Beginner

Buying a skateboard, which is both useful to adults and children, could be the best thing you can do in your household. It allows you and your little one to bond and plays together as you skate on alleys. Better even, a skateboard that is perfect for indoor and outdoor surfaces could be ideal for your family. Anfan 31″ Pro Complete Skateboard gives you exactly that and more.


  • Wheel diameter-2.1″
  • Net weight of 2.1kgs
  • Holds a capacity of 100kgs
  • Deck size of 30.6″ by 7.6″ by 3.7″ (LWH)
  • Its package size is 31.6″ by 8.6″ by 5.1″ (LWH)


  • The skateboard has super smooth PU wheels and high-performance trucks.
  • Its bushings are soft and tender
  • The board has non-slip and frosting surfaces, which create a firm grip when skating.
  • The main materials for construction are maple wood, alloy bearing, and PU wheels.
  • The board has nine layers of Canadian maple and double kicks side for heavyweights. It is therefore perfect for kids and adults
  • Its PU wheels are 5 inches and double rows for smooth rides and absorb shock on rocky surfaces.
  • It is user-friendly- First, it is compact, and hence you can easily pack it in your backpack. Second, it is safe to ride, and its design allows you to take quick and tight turns without falling.
  • Also, it does not require to assemble; it comes complete and ready for use.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is perfect for adults and kids
  • It comes in beautiful aesthetics


  • It is too weak for people above 100kgs.

Why you should buy it

It has nine layers of Canadian maple wood, which make it very sturdy. It is designed for smooth rides, even on the rocky surfaces. Also, it is flexible and perfect for both adults and kids.

#11: SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard

The girls are amazing. They look beyond the functionality and specs of any item. In other words, they could love something just because they look beautiful. However, how cute is it to get something which is both adorable and great in terms of functionality? Yes, SkateXS Beginner Unicorn Girls Skateboard is all-round awesome.


It is a girls’ skateboard from SkateXS. The first thing you notice with this skateboard is the beautiful unicorn imprint on the board. It is sturdy, superfast, and smooth for easy cruising.


  • ABEC-7 bearings which are 53mm 90A
  • Its overall dimensions are 7.25″ by 29.”
  • Small and medium-sized boards are 31″ by 8″ by 5.”


  • It is personalized with a unicorn imprint, which makes it so classic and appealing to your little girl.
  • It is a high quality designed with real skate quality.
  • They specifically designed for little ones in size and style.
  • It is easy to control, moves fast, and easy to maneuver.
  • The deck is lightweight and made with bamboo- it makes it easy to move it around.
  • It is unique and above the traditional designs- It will create an awesome feeling to your little ones as they skate with a beautiful piece.
  • Its brand has a great name in producing skateboards and other sporting equipment
  • It is purple grip tape in color and black wheels, making it the most beautiful skateboard for girls.


  • It’s appropriate size make it safe and easy to maneuver.
  • Its aesthetics prints make it very unique and beautiful.
  • Its wheels are shock absorbers and hence keep little ones safe on rough surfaces.


  • It is girly in design and will only impress them

Why you should buy it

Let your little girl learn how to skate with such a beautiful skateboard. It is lightweight, and hence they can easily maneuver it. Also, it is a great inspiration for little ones who aspire to be professional skaters.

#12: Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard for kids

Are you looking for a skateboard that you can move around with it without compromising basic skating features? Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard is a perfect skateboard for you. The company is synonymous with innovations, and this skateboard is a continuation of the company’s legacy in this unique market.


Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard is one of the best-designed skateboards in the market. Some of the key design areas that are worth noting include;

First, the skateboard is designed for people that are concerned about portability. Therefore, it is 27.5 and 7.5 inches. Although it is a relatively small skateboard, the primary material is durable and can withstand daily scratches and pressures.

Second, the skateboard also comes with beautiful graphics. Most skateboarders want to make a statement with their boards. Magneto, as a company, understands that, and that is the main reason why the skateboard comes with different styles for different skaters.


Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard has some pro features. They include

Double kick tails

Speed is vital for any skating enthusiast. The mini cruiser skateboard enables you to practice all fancy tricks such as flips and all other popular skating flips.

60 mm wheels

Wheels are essential to any skating enthusiast. If you are specific on improved wheels, this skateboard is ideal for you. The wheels reflect the best technology in the world of skateboards.


Skateboards sizes signify different things. For example, smaller skateboards for users keen on mobility and, more importantly, minimal design. As the name suggests, Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard is a shorter but efficient skateboard.

The skateboard is 27.5 inches by 7.5 inches. The measurement from one pair of wheels to the other is 18 inches. These measurements make this skateboard one of the most solid pieces in the market.


Some of the advantages for Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard include;

  • The skateboard is portable
  • Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard is stable
  • The skateboard has a beautiful design
  • The price for Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard is reasonable
  • The wheels are of high quality


Investing in the Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard has only one drawback. The skateboard is not ideal for starters due to the surface area.

Why should you buy a Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard?

Like mentioned earlier, the skateboard is one of the best Magneto products. Therefore, you should buy it based on these reasons:

  • The skateboard is portable, and you can use it on your daily movements.
  • Magneto (Mini) cruiser skateboard has a beautiful design, and it is ideal if you love making a statement with your skateboard.
  • The skateboard has a reasonable price tag.

#13: Cal 7 Complete Skateboard 7.75, 8.0 Inch

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is one of the best skateboards as far as to build quality and value for money are concerned. It has some of the standard features of a good skateboard in terms of materials used, and more importantly, the measurements match the classic skateboard.


When it comes to design, Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is a brilliantly designed piece without eliminating the standard features that make a skateboard a mobility toy. Some of the key design features on Cal 7 Complete Skateboard include the following.

3mm riser pads

One of the main problems with buying most skateboards in the market is the lack of features to eliminate the wheel bite. Fortunately, Cal 7 Complete Skateboard has a good design of 3mm riser pads.

5-inch aluminum trucks

Most skateboard enthusiasts love riding rough without extreme worries about the board. In order to eliminate the consequence of bumpy rides, the skateboard has this feature.

Pre-applied grip tape

In most cases, the next step after buying a new skateboard is applying a tape grip board.  Fortunately, with the pre-applied tap, you do not need to worry about this extra step. You can ride immediately after unboxing.


Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is the most customized in the market. The designer and manufacturer understand the importance of creating a piece that different people can use differently. Some of the critical features with Cal 7 Complete Skateboard include

A comfortable feel

The skateboard from the best aluminum in terms of weight and stability. Unlike in other skateboards, the 96A bushings are incredible — softer and have shock absorption features.

The board has an all-terrain set-up

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard has one of the best grips in the market without forfeiting the skateboard slide. Therefore, you can pick the skateboard and start speeding without risking your safety.


When it comes to size, the Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is one of the most balanced skateboards in the market. Some of the critical elements in terms of scale include the following.

Multiple sized for different riders

Cal 7 Complete Skateboard comes in three separate dimensions. As a rider, you have the option of choosing the 7.5 inches or 7.75 or 8.0 inches board. All these variants have the full Cal 7 Complete Skateboard set-up, and you do not compromise anything as a rider.

The board weighs 4.85 pounds

When it comes to weight, Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is a perfect illustration that it is possible to have a well-rounded board without making it heavy. Therefore, you can move around with the board at ease.


Some of the advantages that come with Cal 7 Complete Skateboard include:

  • Different sizes for different riders
  • The skateboard is light and therefore easy to carry around
  • Cal 7 Complete Skateboard has customizations for different types of riders in terms of designs and topography
  • The skateboard is durable


The only disadvantage with this skateboard is its grip tape. In some cases, the tap comes out, even with less usage.

Why should you buy Cal 7 Complete Skateboard?

Some of the reasons include:

  1. The skateboard price is reasonable, especially in a market where skateboards are quickly becoming expensive without added features.
  2. The customization that comes with Cal 7 Complete Skateboard is unmatched
  3. Finally, the one-year warranty is unbelievable, especially if you are interested in a durable skateboard.

#14: Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard

Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is a rugged but one of the best looking skateboards in the market. The skateboard represents innovations as far as design is concerned.


Some of the critical features on Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard include:

  • The skateboard has pro-wheels, which are ideal for skating professionals.
  • The skateboard also has scratch-resistant materials and, therefore, a perfect board for rough skating.
  • The skateboard also has soft cushions and, therefore, a comfortable skating gear.


The size for Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is ideal for both pro-skaters and newbies. Some of the key specs as far as volume is concerned to include the following:

  • The skateboard is 27 inches long
  • The space between pro-wheels is 15.25 inches
  • The product weight is 4.41 pounds


Some of the critical design features for this skateboard include:

  • Abec 7 Z-Speed bearing
  • 14 mm risers
  • Cut Grip Tape

These three design features make the skateboard one of the best pieces in the market. Also, using the Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is phenomenal, both for newbies and experienced skaters. You should understand that taking care of the skateboard is paramount in taking care of the piece.


Some of the benefits Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard include:

  1. The skateboard comes with beautiful graphics
  2. It has features that reduce tear and wear, and therefore Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is durable.
  3. The skateboard is light
  4. The primary material used for making the skateboard is maple and, therefore, ideal for fast speed skating.


The only disadvantage with Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is its price. However, considering that Canadian maple is the primary material used to make the piece, it is worth its cost.

Why should you buy a Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard?

Some of the reasons why Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is a perfect buy for your skating routines include:

  1. The skateboard has pro-wheels and, therefore, one of the best choices for experienced skaters.
  2. It can endure harsh skating conditions. Therefore, Z-Flex 27” Cruiser Complete Skateboard is a perfect piece for rough riders.
  3. The skateboard has beautiful and sporty graphics, which are important if you want a skateboard that makes a statement.
  4. Finally, the skateboard is ideal for both newbies and experienced skaters.

#15: Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard

Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards is part of skateboards that have unique designs and illustrations. The skateboard is, however, for flat-footed skaters and newbies.


Some of the features that come with Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboards include:

The skateboard has double kick tails

Speed is vital for any young skating enthusiast, especially after skating for some time. The skateboard enables you to practice all fancy tricks.


Wheels are essential to any skating enthusiast, especially if you are young and ambitious. If you are specific on improved wheels, this skateboard is ideal for you. The wheels reflect the best technology in the world of skateboards.


Some of the benefits that come with the skateboard include:

  • The skateboard comes with beautiful graphics
  • It has features that reduce tear and wear, and therefore, Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard is durable.
  • The skateboard is light and, therefore, ideal for movements.
  • The materials used to create this skateboard are light and therefore making the skateboard ideal for younger skaters.


The only disadvantage of this skateboard is that it is only ideal for younger skaters and not skating enthusiasts with bigger feet.

Why should you buy Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard?

Some of the reasons that make Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard one of the best skateboards to buy include:

  1. The wheel is well placed and, therefore, ideal for young skaters.
  2. The Yocaher Punked Complete Skateboard can endure harsh skating conditions.
  3. The overall look of the skateboard is unmatched.

Skateboards Buying Guide for 8 year old Boys & Girls

Flip trick skateboards

The flip trick is a name borrowed from skateboard gaming. It is a vocabulary that is used when a skater takes a vertical flip when skating. What inspires any little one is the flipping trick. When a skater takes a flip skill in a high place, it is very satisfying to watch. It is the highest point of training, and it shows professionalism.

The reason why the title is relevant and unique is the fact that any skateboard can flip on the hands of a professional. Yes, apart from those skateboards which are made explicitly for training little ones and amateur, any regular skateboard can flip.

Again, the title shows how professional-oriented the skateboards are. Any professional skater will be interested in checking products described on such a title as “Flip Trick Skateboards.” It is relatable and still sounds authentic.

Thrill-seekers skateboards

Let’s be honest; the reason why people get interested in skating is solely for a thrill. Riding a skateboard without holding anywhere is fun. It was like when you learned to balance a bike for the first time. Fun huh? It offers thrill and adventure, guiding the direction of a skateboard with feet. Every skateboard is featured to provide stimulation and experience. The game is fantastic for all adrenaline junkies.

Although all skateboards offer a certain level of thrill, some take it to another level; with variety comes different levels. Some manufacturers tighten bearing steel metal harder than the rest to eliminate friction when riding for a smooth and fast performance. Also controlling the amount of plastic in construction, a manufacturer is at liberty to keep track tightly on skate board’s flex, which is a perfect dub for the smoothest cruising. Reducing friction on wheels is another hack for smooth riders.

Therefore, inasmuch as all skateboards offer a certain amount of thrill, their unique features enhance the experience and performance thereof.

All skaters want something that will give them a different experience. All skaters are thrill-seekers. Therefore such a heading is unique and direct to what they are all looking for.

Coolest skateboards for

Skateboards are simple items with a board and wheels as the main components. Uniqueness comes in when manufacturers come up with different sizes of boards, the material used for construction, wheel sizes, wheel positioning, and other features. With all touches on skateboards, they come up with unique and cool skateboards.

Honestly, we all have different tastes and preferences, and saying a skateboard is ‘’cool’’ could be relative. In any way, when items are selected as the coolest, they are the most preferred and probably those that have unique structures.

Some of the coolest structures are as follows:
  • Skatro flex technology- this technique offers perfect deck’s flex.
  • ABEC-7 bearings- Any skateboard with these bearings offer a lot of fun because they make skateboards easy to maneuver.
  • Extra grip surface- They keep feet well planted on the board. It is a perfect feature for beginners.
  • Diversity of colors and unique aesthetics- Yes, you get attracted to any item because of its appearance if a skateboard comes with unique patterns and aesthetics they are preferred as the coolest.
  • When a skateboard comes with different colored wheels, they are cool, and children would prefer them over plain colored ones.

Skate with ambush

When getting a skateboard, every skater wants one which is bold, durable, and ambushes the surfaces they ride on. Skateboards can be referred to as “ambush” when their look is appealing and bright, firm structure, easy to flex and flip and fast. The following features allow your kids to skate with ambush:

Sturdiness- When a skateboard is durable, it will enable the rider to move with boldness without fear of falling or breaking. Considering the material used for construction allows your little rider to enjoy and approach any surface with an ambush. Canadian and maple deck woods make durable boards that cannot easily break.

Speed- Yes, gear is essential for any professional skater. You can quickly be slowed down by the structure of the skateboard despite your prowess in the game. Get a skateboard that compliments your pace and even make it better. Stiff wheels, for example, allow you to skate faster.

Flexible- Flexibility allows you to skate with ambush type of vibe. When a skateboard enables you to do your flip trick and vex or even maneuver with ease, they enhance your skating tricks. Maneuverable wheels, for instance, allow you to speed in any rough surfaces with an ambush.

Bold colors- We can’t overlook this aspect. Have you ever seen how people walk when they have an attractive item? They look confident, right. A skateboard with beautiful pictures and colors gives the rider the same vibe. Boldly looking skateboards make the owners skate with an ambush.

Unique skateboards

Every buyer wants an item that is beyond average in terms of appearance, structure, and functionality. Everyone wants something that will give them new and experience with whatever they buy. Children are inclusive in the category. In fact, children get bored with ordinary toys and crave for mind-blowing ones.

Technology has made life more comfortable and allowed the creation of unique skateboards in the market. Also, there are many skateboard manufactures that are committed to creating unique items in the market. It is, therefore, up to you to do your research and consider many options. You will be spoiled for choices.

Specified features make skateboards unique. For 8&9-year-olds, the following features are specific for their type of skateboards:

Quality deck and other components to clast more extended width should range between 7.5 inches to 7.75. It is the most crucial criterion for kids. Length, on the other hand, depends on the width and deck shape.

The bearings should be decent but not too efficient to prevent the board from shooting out.

Choose between standard Popsicle shape and mini-cruiser. Whether your little ones are skating at the skatepark or any other ground, these skateboards will keep them safe.

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Skateboards for 8 year olds FAQs

What are the best skateboards for my little man? He is eight years old.

There is no direct answer to the question; neither can it get a single response. The reason being, there are thousands of skateboards in the market. In fact, they come in different designs, sizes, colors, and structures. The only way to help you narrow down to what might be mind-blowing to your son is by directing you to what to look for in the market.

One, you should consider what your little likes and interest him the most. If he is a fashionable boy, get a skateboard with unique aesthetics. They could be pictures on the board or bold-colored wheels. Then, consider unique features for 8 &9-year-olds’ skateboards.

Would you categorize skating as an art or craft?

Again, it is hard to separate one from the other. Reason being that the game is both an art and craft. The craft side of it is a training process that starts from balancing, and as you continue, you learn different surfaces for skating and other areas like flip tricks. You consider a lot of physiology and body training to master the art side of it. Also, you consider a lot of natural laws like gravity and physics.

The art part of it comes in when we are making decisions on the kind of stunts to take when skating. It also includes challenging yourself into taking harsh surfaces and winding around hard surfaces.

What is the right age to introduce my children to skating?

There is no specific age to start skating. As early as the child learns how to walk, you can introduce them to skating. The game is recommended for toddlers from the age of three upwards. There are skaters designed explicitly for a younger age with big wheels and firmer grips to keep little ones safe and in place. To bigger kids who are still amateurs, there are many skateboards to choose from. Some are specific for enthusiasts, middles, and professionals.

Therefore, any age is best when introducing little ones into skating.

Is skating game a crime?

There has been a discussion on whether skating is safe or not. With that came the question of whether it is a crime or not. The answer to the question is no. Skating is not a crime but a game like no other. Of course is a risky game to engage in, with falling as the order of the day, but it definitely isn’t illegal. There are specific places designed for skating like skateparks or other deserted streets with minimal commotion.

Anyway, skating is a well-recognized game in the world, and many countries participate in their Olympics in the whole world.

What places are safe for skating?

Skating is a dangerous yet fun game. It involves riding a skateboard with your feet and directing its direction. Sometimes for amateurs, they quickly hit on posts on the road and other items. It is, therefore, sober to consider where you want to take skating activities.

Today, some skate parks are specifically deserted for skating. Amateurs are advised to consider such places. For professionals, they can ride anywhere, even at the roof, because they have mastered the art.

Some who have taken skating as a profession should challenge themselves with wounded places for practice but not in crowded areas.

The Bottom line

In conclusion, you should consider the most appropriate skateboard for your little ones. Consider their age, experience, and taste. For toddlers, get big-wheeled ones for support, training, and comfort in the process. Note that skateboards come in different shapes, features, designs, and sizes to fit various categories.

When it comes to the best skateboards in the market, consider the most unique, safe, and classic ones. They have few components and, therefore, find their unique features before making your purchase. Different positioning of wheels, bearings, and shapes can change your whole skating experience.

Prepare your little ones for extreme training if at all, they desire to take this hobby into high heights of professionalism.

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