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Best Christmas Gifts for a 7 Year Old Kids

It is another gift-giving season, a perfect season to surprise your Kids. However, the best Christmas gifts for 7 year old boys & girls is saturated, and it is hard to find the ideal gift for them. In this list, we explore some of the best Christmas gifts this season. We also explore why Christmas gifts are ideal. We also explore the advantages and some of the shortcomings of each item. In case an item is intricate, there is a description of how it works.

One of the sweetest ways to express love, more so to the children, is through gifts. It is, however, hard to get the right gift for the young ones. Even their parents find it challenging to decide what to get their little ones for their birthdays, holidays, Christmas day and any special occasions. Research shows that children get used to gifts and may not be important or notable to them. They adapt to them, and after some time, they become as usual as a carpet on the floor and do not excite them anymore.

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The 15 Best Christmas Gifts for 7 Year Old Boys & Girls

Therefore, when getting them a gift, ensure that it triggers their memory, and by that, they will treasure the present for the longest time. For that reason, WhatKidLoves have taken the challenge and researched on the best Christmas gifts for 7 years old, in this festive season.

#1. EzyRoller Classic Ride-on Christmas Gift

This toy is a fantastic Christmas gift for a 7-year-old kid, and your boy will enjoy it for an extended period. It helps the young one sweep across a playground or the pave ways in a fearless machine. It gives the boy a smooth ride, which is both fun and carefree. EzyRoller will leave your child hooked up for long hours as they curve their ways on the outside.

What makes it extremely interesting is the motion. The machine mimics the reptilian movement like a snake or a fish in the water. It is low ground and allows the hands to be free as the feet swindle, pushing the machine back and forth.


The machine is a hands-free design- this product is better than a scooter or a bike; it doesn’t have handlebars. With EzyRoller, your child has their hands free and can participate in other games like catching/throwing a ball.

The motion mimics that of a snake- the seat is low closer to the ground. The child will increase the speed by moving the foot bar back and forth.


The machine comes with two steel extensions to help your child adjust as they grow up. EzyRoller comes with straightforward setup and requires no tools for assembly. The device weighs 12.8lbs for the small size. For four-year-old boys, the machine weighs 150lbs. For durability, the framework is made of steel.

How does it work?

As mentioned above, the machine imitates the smooth reptilian motion. It’s like riding a snake with right and left legs. To regulate the movement, the child pushes the foot bar back and forth to increase the speed. You should know that the wheels leave no mark as they move.

Entertainment value:

The smooth movement raises adrenaline in your kids. They enjoy EzyRoller in the house or outside. The exciting aspect of this toy, it is hands-free, and that means the children can multitask in other games with their free hand.


  • The toy is adjustable, and it grows with your child.
  • It has no handlebars, and therefore, your child can enjoy other games as they ride the toy.
  • It comes with an easy manual setup.
  • It is lightweight.


  • It is a toy for one child.

 Why should you buy it?

The toy is lightweight, and that means that it is easy for the kids to find their way around its operation. It comes in luminous colors and very appealing to the young ones. Lastly, the toy can be used within or outside the house without harming the child.

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 #2. Razor A Kick Scooter for Christmas Gift

Generally, children love ride-on from a scooter to a bike and racing cars. The reason they like them, it’s because those toys satisfy the children’s adventure, and offer autonomous and active games. Before buying your child a toy, it is essential to consider what they like most. A research was carried out recently on seven-year-olds, and they confirmed that their best toy is Razor, a Kick Scooter. This toy comes in various colors like blue, black, pink, red, and green. It’s the Best Christmas Gifts for a 7-Year-Old.


  • Durable aircraft-grade aluminum material and beautified with pink highlights. It comes with an original T-tube.
  • The scooter has urethane wheels which have ABEC five-bearing- the wheels wear less quickly compared to the regular wheels, besides they have 98mm inline style.
  • It has original rear fender brakes, and the US-patented to help your child come to a quick stop in case of danger.

Special Feature:

The scooter is foldable and weighs 6lbs for the younger kids and 143lbs for children above 5yrs. Being a lightweight toy makes it easy to carry along when traveling. This factor makes the toy efficient for long hours of vacation for kids to enjoy themselves.

The scooter is adjustable, which means that the child grows with the bike up to three different heights.

How does it work?

Just like any other scooter, this scooter is made as a mode of transport. It involves standing on a deck which resembles a skateboard-like, then you grip the handlebars, and your legs kick to propel forward motion.

Entertainment value:

Your child will enjoy riding the scooter for long hours and experience motion adventure. It will also help your child learn to balance for other items like bikes.


  • The scooter is sturdy and hence long-lasting
  • It comes with flexible options that help your child to use it as they grow.
  • The wheels come with 5 ABEC, which makes them durable and cannot wear off quickly.
  • The scooter has patented fender brakes that help your child come to a quick stop in case of danger.


  • It is perfect for children from 5 years and above

Why should you buy it as a Christmas gift?

When buying your child’s toy, you should consider durable one, serves you for a long while, and secure. Razor a quick scooter contains all the qualities. The material used in construction makes the scooter long-lasting, and the fender brakes make it safe for your child. Besides this toy appeared the first among the children’s choice as the best Christmas gifts for boy & Girl.

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#3. Wonder Workshop Dash Coding Robot for Kids

When choosing the right Christmas gift for the young ones, consider the kind that will instill new skills in them. Wonder workshop dash, for example, helps your child in learning coding techniques while having fun. The robot allows the kids to give it commands, and it acts on it. What an excellent way to teach the young ones that technology can be easy and accessible. This toy offers children a free learning platform as they explore loops, sequences, conditions, and events. The robot works with free apps from wonder workshop.

The robot is perfect for children from 6yrs and above. The elementary coding skills help the children learn and prepare for further learning in middle and high school. It also enables your child to develop life skills like critical thinking.


The toy is a robot that receives a command from the Wonder Apps. It has a chargeable lithium-ion battery. To recharge, you use the adapter or using a USB. With the command, the robot can sing, draw, and walk around. It makes the children familiarize themselves with coding at a young age.


Dash comes with almost infinitely configurable. It is mind-blowing with the number of pre-defined nodes. You can easily program and add your programming to serve your purpose. It has an enormous ability for different configurations and interactions.

The companion application, i.e., BRILLIANT UX/UI- it is a straightforward app yet so comprehensive and user-friendly. Some of its features are intuitive, responsive, and have an easy interface to teach your young ones. The section of progression/tutoring will convey basic and advanced principles that will help a child not only in execution but in questions/answers.

How does it work?

With the dash robot, the children can create whatever they can imagine. The children give the robot a voice command, and the robot responds. They control the robot using the phone apps, and the robot responds. They can make it sing, draw, or even moving around.

Just as illustrated, the robot uses rechargeable batteries. When the robot is on, then the user connects it to the app to give it commands. Some of the commands are drawing, moving, and singing. The robot responds to the command effectively, giving your child a simplified coding illustration.

Entertainment value:

Your child will have a blast commanding the robot to do what they desire. The robot comes with voice command, which adds entertainment to the young ones as they mimic the robot.


  • The robot is an ultimate discovery of the world of toys. It gives the children a constructive type of entertainment.
  • The robot comes with rechargeable batteries, which give the user a 5hrs service.
  • The app has the friendliest and comprehensive interface, which allows the young ones to make commands with ease.


  • The toy is only appropriate for 6yrs old children and above because it requires brain muscle.

Why should you buy it?

The robot is a wonder to behold. Your kids will enjoy making commands and watching them executed by the robot. This toy will guide your child into a great interest in architecture and other technical careers. It’s like giving elementary coding lessons in the easiest and most exciting ways.

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#4. Bounty Junior Metal Detector Christmas Gift

As a parent, you want to invest in a toy that will trigger interest in your little ones. If you intend to spend a little extra for a treasure hunt, then search no more. Bounty Hunter is a quality machine. It is one of the best metal detectors for kid’s Christmas gift on the market today. The toy allows your kid to collect the coins under the ground. They will have fun hunting treasures that are hidden on the grass as the machine makes a sound when it detects a coin size metallic object. This toy is recommended for children from 6-12 years old.

Bounty Hunter BHJS Junior Metal Detector


Bounty hunter comes as a treasure hunter. It is designed to help your kids detect metallic objects which are below the ground. The machine has a discrimination control which repels iron and other unwanted items on the ground.

The toy is, and a half Closed Weather Resistant. It, therefore, means that it is a great product that is rustproof and will serve your child for an extended period.

Special Feature:

The various parts in the toy work to achieve the purpose of detecting the metallic objects 5 feet deep in the ground. The target indicator meter is used to measure signal strength- signal increase when the target gets closer. Discrimination control- this part plays a role in eliminating iron and all unwanted materials on the ground. Bounty hunter is a lightweight treasure hunt. It is ergonomic, meaning it is perfect for its purpose and comes in a straightforward design and comfortable to handle. It is, therefore, efficient for the young ones to use without complications.

How does it work?/ How to play?

The product is mainly for children. It can detect a coin-sized object on the ground up to 5 inches deep. On the more substantial objects, it recognizes them on a 3 inches deep. The target indicator meter enables the process of hunting by increasing the signal strength once the target is closer.

Entertainment value:

As a parent, you could plant coins on the grass and allow the child to go out to get them with the toy. Children will have fun long hours of finding the treasures on the ground.


  • It is light and hence, perfect for the feeble hands of children.
  • It is rustproof and, therefore, durable.
  • It can eliminate unwanted items on the ground.


  • It is designed for bigger kids from 6-12 years old.

Why should you buy it?

When it comes to games, this item will make the experience a notch higher. Your child will have fun as he enjoys treasure hunting with his friends on the ground. The best part of this toy is its ability to eliminate unwanted items on the ground. It is durable and rustproof.

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#5. Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad For Christmas Gift

Christmas gifts should match with a child’s likes and preferences. To the kids who love artistic stuff, Crayola Light Up Tracing Pad is the perfect gift for a 7-year-old boy. This item will give the confidence to the young one in creating with the included board and other art supplies.

It is an ultra-thin tablet with a bright drawing surface made with LED, which allows the child to trace the images from the tablet with ease. The tablet comes with content inside, and all you need is downloading the 100 pictures that come with the tablet. The child, therefore, traces the images on the LED drawing surfaces and can be transferred into ten sheets that come with the pad.


The item is merely a tracing tablet. It comes with 100 images in which the child will have fun tracing. The tracing is done on the LED drawing surface, and your child can trace pictures on the sheets using a graphite pencil that comes in handy before they add their flair.

The best thing about this item is that you can use it in even closed places like fort or darkness. The LED drawing surface glows in the dark giving the top-notch child entertainment.

Special Feature:

It has all in one set- your child can place ten tracing sheets on top of the tracing pad and use the blank sheets and graphite pencil to trace images on the tab. The kit comes with blank sheets, a drawing pad, one graphite pencils, and 12 coloring pencils to add flair. Your child will not need to draw the original picture but trace them and add color.

It comes with 100 images- these images will raise artistry in the young ones because the pictures are full of inspiration.

Glows in the dark- LED drawing illuminates the drawing sheets in the darkness and allows the child to enjoy the freedom of tracing the images in the night.


  • The toy is specific for 6yrs and above kids.
  • When it comes to tracing pad, the drawing board is made with LED to allow the illumination of sheets even in the dark to help the young artist to enjoy sessions all day long.
  • The tracing pad is colored blue, a color associated with boys.

How does it work?/ How to play?

Just like its name suggests, the tracing pad helps your child trace images that come with the kit. You download the pictures and then let the young artist trace them. In the package are graphite and 12 colored pencils, which help your child add flair to the image.

Entertainment value:

Your young star will have many hours of tracing the images on the tab. The glowing factor adds entertainment because it enables the child to feel good as they draw in the dark.


  • It raises interest in drawing at a young age.
  • The collection comes with colored pencils, which help the child to add flair in the images.
  • It is ultra-thin and hence light for the children.


  • You will need to outsource the 3AA batteries.

Why should you buy it?

What an excellent way to nurture your child’s artistry with such a comprehensive and efficient toy?. The child will be inspired, engaged, and excited at the same time. The tracing pad is the ultimate gift for your young boy.

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#6. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone

Could you be looking for the nicest Christmas gift for your 7 year old boy? Search no more. This toy resembles a drawn only mini and a toy. It comes with a simple manual and operation for the kids. The toy comes with detachable batteries and allows your child to have double fun. It is equipped with propeller guards that protect the drone all-around when it comes to a collision on the flight.

Every child loves having a gadget. The truth is an insignificant number of toys are better than a drone. Playing with a drone is one of the best ways to pass the time. They allow you to see the universe in a different and a broad perspective. A potensic mini drone is an upgraded version. It is a mini drone, but that doesn’t equate to the fun that comes with this drone. It is perfect for experts and new beginners in flying drones. Some of its features are RC helicopter, headless mode, quadcopter with auto hovering, etc.


The toy is mini-drone, which exquisitely cute. It comes with 2.4G remote control and has two extra batteries for optimum flight time. It is equipped with one key button for flight and landing. It comes with an altitude hold to ensure that altitude does not exceed the one set. It has a headless mode for the flyer to see it even when it is out of sight, and it’s equipped with an emergency stop in case it comes in collision with a foreign object.

It comes with straightforward operation. Take it and have fun playing with your whole family and especially kids.

Just like the name suggests, this item is a mini drone. It has an altitude hold to ensure the stability of the drone in the flight. It has three adjustable levels depending on how the captain desires to control the flight. With the remote controller, you can direct the drone wherever you want, and in the direction you want.

Special Feature:

  • Altitude holder ensures that you don’t put effort to control the height of the drone, only the direction.
  • It has one key for taking off and landing. Having a secure control system, the child will have grasp how to operate the aircraft with ease.
  • It has an emergency stop. The emergency button is paramount when the drone is in danger or goes to the direction, which may cause a collision or hit somebody. It lands immediately when the button is pressed.

How does it work? / How to play?

The toy is a mini drone that imitates the aircraft. The child can control it in the direction of the plane in the direction they want. The drone comes with three different speed levels to accommodate amateurs and advanced captains. When it comes to height, this drone has tamed altitude, but the direction is vast to choose from.

Entertainment value:

The child will have a blast as they control the flight. With the levels of speed, the child will advance in pace with time. It is fast, and therefore the child will enjoy as the adrenaline rise.


  • It has controlled altitude and, therefore, safe.
  • It comes with two detachable batteries, and therefore, your child will enjoy it for a more extended period.
  • The drone has propeller guards that protect it from damage.
  • It is light and easy to carry.


It is perfect for bigger kids from 6 years and above.

Why should you buy it?

The drone is portable, and that means you can carry it wherever you go. It will give the pilot long hours of flight. It comes with straightforward instructions and can come to an emergency stop in case of an accident. The propeller guards make it long-lasting

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 #7. Adventure Kidz – Outdoor Exploration Kit

As a parent, it is essential to spark the interest of science to your little one. With Adventure Kidz exploration kit, your child will be enhanced with STEM learning and love for nature while having fun. It comes with a backpack that allows the child to place the essentials for hunting, nature walk, etc. This gift is the best for outgoing and adventurous boys.

In the collection kit are his toys, flashlights, binoculars, a compass, a whistle, Children’s Toy, Binoculars, and a backpack. It is an excellent set for the little one for camping, educational trips when playing, and during vacations with the family. It is a lightweight toy and, therefore, easy for the child to carry along. It is efficient for bird watching from the backyard or wilderness expeditions.


The toy is simply binoculars and other items for viewing and magnifying objects, which are far for a complete adventurous moment. The complete kit comes with binoculars, a backpack, flashlight, and other items mentioned in the specification below.

It is designed to meet the child’s needs. The item is lightweight to ensure that it is not too heavy for the young adventurer. The magnifying lenses magnify three times to ensure that the child understands the environment they interact with. Security measures are checked to protect your child’s eyes. LED flashlights ensure that the child has fun with friends even at night.

Special Features:


It has a four by 30 magnification for up-close viewing. The binoculars come with rubber eyepieces for eye protection during the adventure. It is nonslip because the shock-resistant and compact grip protects it. For easy carrying, it is equipped with lanyard and comes with a soft case which the child attaches on the belt.


For light provision in camps, nighttime in the backyard, and sleepover, the kit comes with LED flashlights. It is a compact and straightforward sized for the little hands of the child. The batteries do not require charging since they are simple hand-cranked.

Lensatic compass

For the child to locate where they are and where they are going, the kit comes with a simple handheld compass. It is small enough to fit in the pocket. The compass teaches and gives the child a practical aspect NSEW.

It comes with a Fox whistle, which makes hunting and adventure top-notch.

Magnifying glass- the magnifying glass magnifies the object up to 3 times. They make the child fascinated with their environment. Magnification helps the child to have a better view of the plants or whatever they are viewing. It gives children a better understanding of their environment.

How does it work? / How to play?

The primary purpose of this item was viewing afar objects in a close-up and exaggerated with magnifying lenses.

Entertainment value:

The child will have fun during the adventurous walk as they watch birds from afar of place. The magnified objects are fascinating to the young minds and allow them to interact with the environment closely.


  • It has a non slip grip, which ensures its safety hence durability.
  • It comes with a plastic material which protects a child’s eyes.
  • The flashlight adds flavor to the adventure with the lighting at night.


  • It is best for bigger kids from age six.

Why should you buy it?

The item will enable your child to interact with the environment in up close. It will allow your child to have a better understanding of STEM, especially on magnification and ecosystem.

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#8. WisToyz Hover Soccer Ball for 7 Year olds

Do you have a hard time keeping your children busy? Well, this toy is a great time killer. The toy is a hover soccer ball that is filled with super foam bumper to protect the furniture within the house from bang and bumps and at the same time creating good rebounds for a perfect soccer game. It is an ideal toy for indoors activities, especially in bad weather. The ball has multicolored LED lights that make the ball attractive to the kids. Besides, the bright colors break the limit of games for the whole family.


You should know that this version is new and upgraded. It has come in time to replace the previous ones, which were of low quality. The toy comes with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It has proven itself as the best version with a powerful built-in motor, which makes it crawl on a flat surface when hit. It is built with a soft pad bumper which protects your furniture from breakage when hit by the hover ball. The multicolored LED sparkling lights make the hover ball colorful and fascinating, stealing the children’s attention hence long hours of playing. The lights make the night soccer to be such a bliss. It comes with lithium-ion rechargeable batteries. It means that you will not be worried about buying batteries or replacing them frequently.

Special Feature:

  • As said earlier, the soccer ball has a very soft foam bumper.
  • It comes with multicolored LED lights for sparkling light during the game.
  • The inbuilt motor makes the soccer ball glide on a flat surface, which makes it efficient for indoors and the basement, as long as the ground is flat and smooth.
  • The toy comes with rechargeable batteries.

How does it work? / How to play?

Just like the name says, it is a soccer ball in which the children hit each other. The ball glides to the side; it has been directed. The children enjoy trying to catch it in small goalposts they have set.

Entertainment value:

Your children will have fun running after the ball for long hours. The gliding movement is fascinating to the kids. The LED lights which give a sparkling light are attractive to the kids and will maximize the entertainment.


  • It comes with rechargeable batteries, which will save you money for a replacement.
  • It is the recent version of hover soccer balls.
  • The toy comes with a simple manual which makes assembly a pure bliss.
  • Super soft bumper protects your furniture from destruction when hit by the hover ball.


  • The hover ball can only be played on a flat surface like a floor or basement.

Why should you buy it?

The toy will give your boys a great time playing. It is best for indoors, and that means you will have a chance to monitor your little ones as they play. You won’t incur any other cost of buying batteries because lithium-ion batteries in the ball are rechargeable. In any case, this toy is a guarantee of a blast.

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#9. Doinkit Darts Kids Magnetic Dart Board for Christmas Gift

Children’s toys range in shapes and designs. There is no better toy like the one you get to play with your young star; Doinkit Darts is an excellent example of such a Christmas gifts. It is engaging and allows you to bond with your children. The toy is an example of perfect design for traditional dart games.


From the name, we know that the item is a dart designed for the young ones. It emulates the original darts which have the board hanged on the wall, and the darts are thrown to the faux. The aim is targeting the bull’s eye. The toy gives the children fun without doing any harm on the wall or the people around them. The arrows have strong magnets to ensure that they stick on the board every time the child throws. Your child will have fun learning how to coordinate with safe darts without parents worrying about their safety. They offer accuracy in flights. How? You may ask. With strong magnets, the flights are indestructible. The chances of falling where they are thrown are certain. It is a durable item that will offer your child long years of playing darts. The darts come in different colors.

Special Feature:

  • Doinkit Darts comes in a traditional design. It is a magnetic toy- it comes with strong magnets on the arrow to increase the accuracy in the flights.
  • It comes in the traditional design in terms of size, target, and style, and faux cracks on the board. The board looks the same and is hanging on the wall.
  • Arrows come in different colors.

How does it work? / How to play?

The board is hanged on the wall, and your children throw the magnetic arrows towards the board.

Entertainment value:

Children will have fun throwing darts on the board. The fact that the arrows are magnetic, it assures your child’s accuracy.


  • The arrows are magnetized and hence, accuracy when throwing darts.
  • It is colorful and, therefore, attractive to the children.
  • The darts are safe, and that means your children cannot harm the furniture or themselves.


  • It has an age limit of 6 years and above.

Why should you buy it?

This toy will give your children long hours of fun. It will help your kids learn coordination without worrying about their security. They can play with it from the outside or inside, depending on their choice.

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#10. Transformers: (Knight Armor Turbo Changer Megatron)

Technology is a friend that satisfies our world of imagination in ways unimaginable. Through it, filmmakers have been able to create superheroes. Children identify themselves with their favorite superheroes. With these transformers, armors allow the child to choose either mighty auto bots or the destructive deceptions. These armors come with cool weapons and fantastic conversion features. Your boy will have fun playing with the Christmas toy.


The quick conversion-The toy comes in four turbo steps. The gadget on the big screen is Megatron, and it faces the enemies as a robot. In the second conversion, Megatron transforms into an ultra-powerful jet and continues attacking from the sky. In the third conversion, the plane changes into knight armor. Your child will have fun participating in all these conversions.

It has a turbo changer line up- In that, the armor has a lineup of conversion from the Megatron to a jet, etc. it comes with fascinating and fast change, which leaves the child fascinated. If, for example, the child wants the robot to play the knight, the armor flips over to a helmet in robot form.

Special Feature:

The toy comes in fast changes of the characters into different conversion. The toy has a size of eight inches tall by 5 inches wide.

How does it work? / How to play?

The robot works in conversion, from one superhero to another in four different forms. The process of transformation is through a robotic movement.

Entertainment value:

Your child will have fun playing with the robot. In any case, if he desires to play the night or the villain, he has the liberty of conversion.


  • It is a durable piece.
  • It comes in four different forms during the conversion.
  • It fulfills the child’s fantasy of playing as a superhero.


  • The toy is suitable for children over five years. For the younger ones, they will need help in the transformation process.

Why should you buy it?

The toy will give your child a blast playing the four different conversions of the transformers. The change is fast and exciting. It is solidly built for its purpose, which is action. Your child will play limitless games with the toy.

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#11. Holy Stone HS370 FPV Drone with Camera

In today’s world, drones are common as a source of entertainment not only to adults but to children as well. The manufacturers are particular in ensuring that the products are of good quality and efficient for the purpose. Holy Stone HS370 Drone, is one of the ideal drones for children’s Christmas photography in the market. It comes with a camera with 720P HD, RC Quadcopter with Altitude holder for Beginner, WIFI transmission, one key for starting and landing the drone, a Draw path, and two modular batteries. This drone is an ideal gift for your family this Christmas.


The drone is friendly for new beginners. Camera design- the drone comes with an inbuilt camera which has resolutions of 720P HD. It has a lens that is wide-angled to ensure that you see and capture images and videos in range and then saved automatically on the phone. You can as well use Gesture Control to take a selfie. Durable plastic construction- the whole structure of the Holy Stone Drone is worth every penny. 6-axis gyro technology to ensure the drone has stability- the drone needs stability for quality pictures and mainly because it operates from an altitude. The set time for a flight is 10 minutes, but with optimized batteries, the flight can take up to 24 minutes of pure bliss.

Special Feature:

  • Headless mode- this mode ensures that the flyer can control the drone even when it is out of sight. Its maximum distance is up to 100 meters away.
  • Modular batteries- with these optimized batteries, the child with enjoy up to 24 minutes of flight.
  • Far distance control- you can control the flight up to 100 meters even when it is out of sight.
  • The drone comes with a stable altitude- hold. This spec allows the drone to remain in the exact altitude you set throughout the flight.
  • One key mode- the drone uses one key to start and to stop/ land the flight. This aspect makes the drone easy to operate for both kids and new beginners.

How does it work? / How to play?

You connect the phone to the drone and set it to fly for aerial shots. With this drone, you join the smartphone, which will take shots for a maximum of 24 minutes. The pictures and videos taken are automatically stored in the phone memory.

Entertainment value:

You will have fun as a family as you fly the drone and take shots. The Gesture control allows you to take selfies in the process.


  • It is a durable toy and perfect for kids and adults.
  • It comes with an HD camera, which makes it take quality pictures.
  • Gesture Control allows you to take selfies
  • It comes with an altitude-hold, which enables the drone to stick to the altitude you set.


  • The toy is perfect for older kids.

Why should you buy it?

Is there any other excellent way to enjoy the kids’ and adults’ games?. Although it’s designed as a toy, the drone is high quality and comes with high camera resolutions. You will be able to take selfies even as the drone is in flight mode.

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#12: Dynasty Christmas Gift Laser Tag Set for 7-Year-Olds

Are you looking for a playset for your children that they can have endless hours playing with? Well, with the laser tag set, you are sorted. The playset is favorable for all the family members despite their age. The laser tag comes with four different blasters in a single set, making four teams for the game. In these toys, the blaster is the target with sensors, and that means you don’t need to wear vests. They come with a carrying case which acts as the arsenal for blasters.


To ensure the flexibility of the toy, the model comes in different sizes to include people of different sizes and ages. In this game, the higher the number of players, the more fun it gets.

The blasters come in different colors of white, green, blue, and red, which in turn help in creating the teams.

To spice the game, each blaster comes with its own set of weaknesses in terms of reloading time, range, and damage. The uniqueness makes one team superior to the other in one area and weak in another.

Special Feature:

One thing that is outstanding in this set is the inbuilt sensors that detect hit. In this game, the blaster is the target, and therefore there is no need for vests.

They have infrared lights that are non-visible, making it safe for all people despite their age. Apart from safety, the infrared lights make the gaming fun at night.

The blaster comes with an in-built speaker-To reload the blaster, you tap the butt, and the speaker will notify you it’s reloaded.


Gone are the days when you needed vests to play with blasters. With this set of laser blaster, the blasters themselves are the target with internal sensors that detect hits. Each blaster comes with its in-built infrared sensor.

 Entertainment value

You will have countless hours shooting your opponent teams. The best thing about laser blaster is the infrared lights, which make it possible to play even at night. This game is enjoyable with a big team of players on Christmas day.


  • The toys come in all sizes and hence allow all the family members to participate in the game.
  • Each blaster comes with in-built infrared sensors that detect hits.
  • The infrared light in each blaster is non-visible, making it safe for people with eye problems.
  • The set comes with four different blasters, which allow the players to have multiple teams.
  • The set is a complete playset and requires only the 4 AA batteries for a blast gaming session.


  • You will need to outsource 4AA batteries for each blaster.

 Why should you buy it?

The playset is convenient for all the members of the family. They range in sizes, and therefore each person can have their preferred sizes. The laser blasters are 100 percent tested and approved by a third party and they are safe for your 7-Year-old child. In conclusion, the infrared lights make the gaming fun, especially at night, and hence the item is flexible for any time of the Christmas day.

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#13: Rimila Remote Control Electric 4WD RC Stunt Car

With a car that is off road-friendly, your children will have tons of fun driving them smoothly on the grassland, carpet, backyard, or sand. These stunt cars are amazing with their flexibility, i.e., 360°Rotation able to somersault and dual-Side running. Besides that, the car is fast, with a speed of 7.5 meters per hour.


The toy is a fast car with amazing stunts which managed by remote control. Some of its enabled tricks are 360°Rotation, running from two sides, smooth movement either forward or backward, and left or right turns. The stunt car has incredible stability regardless of the land and terrain. It is an exquisitely made toy with a speed of 7.5mph.

Special Feature:

The stunt car is made with friendly and long-lasting materials- the whole structure of the vehicle is made with environmentally friendly ABS plastic, which is non-toxic and has no odor. It is a durable toy despite its fearless stunts and speed.

It is enabled with extended playing time- the stunt car has very efficient and long-lasting batteries that allow your kids to have a straight 20 minutes of playtime. It works with 4*1.5V “AAA” for the car and 2*1.5V “AA” for the remote control. Note that you outsource these batteries because they are not included in the package.

The stunt car comes with an anti-interference and smooth control- to control the vehicle, you will need a remote control, which is easy to hold and comfortable. The remote control is made of sleek and perfectly fit on the hands of kids and adults. Also, the car features a 2.4GHz transmitter. It has a robust anti-interference feature for smooth rides on the terrains or any rough places.

For perfect riding experience with this car, it is shockproof and super off-road features. The vehicle has anti-skid durable tires that offer the car resistance from shock and sturdiness for indoor and outdoor rides. Also, the car is equipped with flexible wheels. For high speed either in the house or outside without hiccups.

 How does it work? / How to play?

The toy, as its name suggests, is a car enabled with stunts for absolute fun. It comes with its remote control for the child to drive it wherever they want. It is a modern car that is not limited to the indoor and smooth roads but is empowered for rough roads as well.


  • The stunt car has sturdy and flexible wheels that act as shock absorbers and allow the child to drive the vehicle on rough places without strains.
  • It is made with durable and friendly ABS plastics, which is both durable and odorless.
  • It has a long-lasting driving time of 20 minutes straight, which is enabled by high-quality batteries.
  • The car is enabled with amazing stunts that allow your child to have multiple fun moments.


  • The batteries for the car and the remote control are not part of the package.

 Why should you buy it?

The 4WD stunt car can take limitless amazing stunts. It is stable despite its speed and ability to take rough roads and terrains. It is sturdy and allows the driver to make a high speed of 7.5 mph without breaking. In conclusion, with this toy, your young ones will enjoy tons of fun! It is a new, amazing, and a good friend.

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#14: Stomp Jr. Glow Rocket Toy Launcher

Unlike the old days, today, there is a range of toys from rockets to robots and scrapers. With Stomp Rocket, your child is hooked for long hours as an astronomer with the glowing rocket. The rocket will stand out in the darkness because of its glow. The best thing about this outdoor toy is its enhanced features, which make it unique and perfect Christmas Gift for the young ones.


It is a simple foam-rocket which is 100% kid enabled. It is made for children from the age of three, and it is favorable for both boys and girls. It is a simple toy and has an effortless assembly. You should know that this fantastic solo toy requires no battery to stomp above the ground.

Special Feature:

Uses a vintage kind of stomping power- no fuel or battery used to make the rocket airborne. You connect the vinyl air hose (38-inch-long) together with a blast pad, put 9-inch yellow form, and alas! The rocket is off the ground.

It is 100% kid-powered- the toy is simple to use with a run, jump, and stomp steps. The rocket goes off the ground for up to 100 feet.

It glows in the dark- well, this Christmas toy is enabled with glowing features after dusk. It is fantastic. It feels natural to launch a rocket at night, and with this rocket, it makes it possible by glowing, and even during the gloomy weather, it remains unbeaten and functions correctly.

The toy is durable and ridiculously sturdy- it is perfect for outdoor play, and especially open ground for ideal launching.

 How does it work? / How to play?

The toy mimics rockets used by astronomers for space exploration and other planets. The fun in this rocket is the stomping, which is usually fast and furious. Children love this kind of fun and will be very much appealing to your boys.

 Entertainment value:

Just like real rockets, the toy will soar from the ground to a maximum of 100 feet. Its glowing features make it stand out at night and allow the child to play even at night. Your children will have countless hours stomping the rocket.


  • The rocket does not use fuel or batteries, and that factor breaks the limit of time.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting
  • The rocket glows in the dark and hence adds the entertainment value to the toy.
  • It is all seasoned toy and not limited to certain weather conditions.


  • It is perfect for younger kids.

 Why should you buy it?

Well, from the features and design, it is correct to conclude that this rocket is bliss to your young ones. It comes with four all Foam Glow in the dark missiles with a stomp launcher in the package. Besides, Stomp Rockets have won various awards from the industry experts, making it number one in the market today. Some of the awards include iParenting Media, Creative Child Magazine, and Doctor Toy’s awards.

#15: Marvel Guardians of The Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster

Comic’s movies have affected children’s imagination and built a culture for superheroes either in gaming or any other activities that imitate the superheroes. Having that in mind, Star-Lord Quad blasters mimic the marvel guardians of the galaxy. Just like its name tells, it’s a quad barrel blaster with a weapon structure of the star-lord.


In simple terms, the Galaxy Star-Lord Quad Blaster uses an advanced tech of blasters by the Nerf. It comes with two surprise extra barrels and darts, which are launched when you press a particular trigger and viola! The fast and furious foams fly to your enemy unexpectedly. It could be a perfect addition to your costume in Cosplay.

Special Features:

  • It is the best and high-quality toy for children of all ages.
  • To ensure the safety of your young ones, this toy crafted with safe materials for such a daring game.
  • The toy is tested by a third party and is approved as high quality and sturdy.
  • For a high and appealing design, the blasters mimic star-lords weapon in structure.
  • It is featured with two surprise barrels and darts- sometimes when the firing intensifies, and you have already shot twice, surprise your enemy with two extra darts. The toy has four barrels, and then load darts are into each of them
  • The game is perfect for close-quarters because it has a shooting distance of It has 25 feet.

How does it work? / How to play

It works primarily like any other blaster only that it has advanced technology of surprise attacks from an added pair of barrels and darts. It fires foam darts which you could be aiming at a foe; you could be having imaginative ones for fantastic gaming.


  • It is an appealing set of toys.
  • It is best for children of all ages.
  • It has two extra barrels and darts which create a backup when faced with a tight battlefield.
  • It has a special trigger that launches the surprise darts during the battle.
  • It holds up to 4 darts per time, which is two extra compared to regular blasters.


  • It is only perfect at close quarters because they shoot up to a distance of 25 feet.

 Why should you buy it?

The toy is a perfect compliment for a costume, for instance, during Halloween, when your boy decides to be Star-Lord. The toy has a light and durable plastic and hence will serve your young one for a long time. Also, this blaster is tested for safety by a third party, making it safe for your children.

Selecting The Best Christmas gift for a 7 year old kids

Unique Christmas gifts for 7 year olds

When thinking about what to get for your little one during Christmas, you can never go wrong when you go for a unique gift. Uniqueness is relative and that is why the market is full of uncommon toys. Uniqueness ranges from design, features, entertainment value and functionality.

EzyRoller Classic Ride-on, for instance, it is a toy which derives its design from a scooter but not a scooter. Its movement is smooth and imitates that of reptilians like snake or fish. It is easy to play with because children relate it to a mere scooter. With its unique design and smooth movement, your child will have a great experience altogether.

Some of the toys in the market are informative in a very fun way. Wonder Workshop Dash, for example, is a robot. This robot requires simple commands which introduce your little one to the world of coding. The simple commands can be equated to elementary coding which may inspire them to choose a career path in the same. With this era of technology, it could be wise to get your children techie toys.

With uniqueness in toys, some manufacturers have come up with the most adventurous toys. Bounty hunter metal detector, for example, is a very adventurous and unique toy. The children spend most of their playtime looking for the metallic elements previously hidden on the grass.

Uniqueness is paramount in any toy because it keeps your children interested in the toy for a long while. Also, you don’t want a toy that resembles any other toy in the neighborhood.

Approved Christmas gifts for kids

Approval is another important aspect when selecting a toy. Sometimes the manufacturer could use dangerous materials when creating toys and that is harmful to the fragile little ones. With the possibility of harmful toys the third part like – has come in to approve the material, construction, safety measures are put into place.

Some of the toys use melted plastic and fumes could be harmful to the little ones. With that in mind, you ought to consider the harmless materials used in toys. Most of the toys are made with plastic because of durability; plastics’ safety depends on their chemical compounds. Therefore, as a parent consider toys that have been approved as harmless.

Apart from approval in terms of construction, some other agents have categorized toys in terms of children’s preferences. Having an approved toy, it narrows the choices and assures you of the relevance of the toy to the children.

Practical Christmas gifts for kids

When selecting a toy, it should be practical and relevant to your child in terms of design, usability, and relevance, etc. because the toys are made for the little ones, their sizes should match with the size and age of your child. It should not be too heavy in terms of weight for your child to carry it. A scooter, for instance, should not be too heavy or too long in that your child will have trouble mounting.

It is a child’s gadget and therefore should be easy and safe to operate. Potensic Upgraded A20 Mini Drone, for example, comes with a single button to take-off and landing. It comes with an emergency landing button in case the drone comes in collision with a wall or an object. Also, flexibility in terms of folding after a play date or the setup process

Practically speaking, the toy should be convenient for both inside and outside the house. Children are playful and they enjoy playing from inside and out. The Princess Tent, for example, is made with durable material that can stand outside the weather and still convenient inside the house.

Children have different likes and preferences. Most girls love colorful toys and boys love technical toys. In this era, there are so many different toys which will meet each child’s needs. Therefore, toys’ relevance when it comes to what boys and girls alike is important.

Multitasking value with hand free your child can be doing other activities. Unlike scooters or bikes, the EzyRoller smooth ride comes with open hands and the child could be doing something else.

Durable Christmas gifts

You should consider the toys’ durability. Children are reckless, at least most of them. They try inventing new games with the same toy and could include, pressing it down, throwing, dissecting it, etc. that is why durability in terms of materials used is paramount. You don’t want to keep on going to a toy shop to buy the same toy frequently.

Luckily, most manufacturers use durable materials when creating toys. for durable and safe materials, plastic is commonly used, i.e. safe plastic like—and LED lights which are both durable and safe. Lithium-ion batteries and materials like polyester taffeta are some of the common materials used because they are safe and long-lasting

Practicality, on the other hand, can be looking for weather-resistant toys. a toy should beat all weathers for longevity and hence the materials used in making them should be considered. Wooden toys tend to grow mold in rainy seasons and that is why plastic is the most preferred material for toys.

Mind-blowing Christmas gifts

When going for toys, avoid the ordinary and common ones in the market. When you look further, you will come across awesome toys that are out of this world. They range from superhero robots, rockets, drones, hover soccer balls, darts for kids, star lord blasters, stunt cars, beautiful play tents, karaoke microphones for kids, etc.

Some toys like MeDoozy 3D Pen set is pure bliss. The multi-colored filament is melted in the pen and comes out through a nozzle and the child is enabled to draw anything they want into a sculpture when the plastic solidifies.

The Waterproof Camera toys are amazing in the fact that they allow the child to take high-resolution pictures under the water.

Interactive Talking World Map for Kids is another mind-blowing toy for kids. it is informative, colorful and features over a thousand facts of our universe. It features audibly interactive learning nodes. When the child is done with learning, they can switch to quizzes.

Christmas gift FAQs for 7 year old

Q1: What is the best Christmas gift for my 7 year old children?

Answer: Unlike the old days, today there are many gifts to choose from for your child during the festive season. The choices are so vast and you will be spoilt for choices. Although it is hard to say which is the best gift for your child, their likes and preferences should guide you on what to get for them during Christmas. If your children love drawing, role-playing, riding scooters or bikes, marble racing, adventurous walks, etc, then there are gifts for each depending on what they like. Research and compare what you know your child will like.

Q2: What is the best toy for my seven years old boy?

Answer: Research shows that children get used to toys so fast and after some time, they don’t interest them anymore. It is therefore advisable to look for a toy which is very unique and mind-blowing to your little man. Boys are known to love techie stuff and adventurers toys. There are so many products in the market perfect for boys such as scooters, robots, rockets, darts, blasters, stunt cars, etc. you can never go wrong with such gifts.

Q3: What are some of the factors to consider when buying a toy for my seven-year-old?

Answer: Research is paramount when getting a gift for your child.  some of the factors to consider are the recommended age for the toy, your child’s interests, the durability of the toy, entertainment factor, design and features, their pros and cons. also, you should research on their approval by a third party to ensure that the product is safe for your little ones.

Q4: What are the best gifts for girls at the age of seven?

Answer: Girls at a younger age like toys that they can easily play with. At 6 years old and above, however, the choice takes a different route and they love them that complement their interests. At this age, they love experimenting and trying to quench their curiosity.

It is therefore wise to get them toys that interest them from robots, to karaoke microphones, drawing iPad, camera for children, etc.  At all ages, however, all girls love colorful toys and you can never go wrong with pink or dazzling toys.

Q5: Are there customizable gifts for children?

Answer: Yes. There is always a need to personalize a gift, especially during Christmas. Having that in mind, many manufacturers have many customizable gifts. Some are ‘do it yourself’ type of gifts. MeDoozy 3D Pen Set, for instance, helps your child to draw their own designed image. DIY Bottle Coloring Craft Kit is another example of customizable gifts, where you design the bottle how you love it. It is therefore important to research the product and to ensure that it is customizable.

 Q6: Can I get an educative Christmas gift for my children?

Answer: Yes. The list is endless. Most products instill interest and educate the little ones a lot. Despite that, some of the toys are specifically designed as learning materials. Awesome Jokes for 7 years old is a series of books with pun jokes and Christmas Books which tell the tales for Christmas.

Q7: Can toys help my child learn some hard concepts like mathematics and similar subjects?

Answer: Yes.  There is a category for instructive toys that help your child learn even as they play. Their primary purpose is to help your child learn a specific concept with ease. Generally, children are curious and it could be hard to make a toy for a specific purpose without having them distracted. Therefore, the manufacturers have to know how to keep the child interested for long and learn at the same time. It is therefore up to you to do your research and find the best toy for learning purposes because they are there.

Q8: Where can I get toys for my seven years old child?

Answer: The easy and convenient ones are from the shop directly. However, with advanced technology, you can get a toy easily from any state through online shopping. Sites like Amazon are convenient or from the manufacturers directly. Do your research and get the best toy for your child and then look for ways to have them shipped to you. It is easy and very possible to get them from anywhere.


The list is endless but with the highlight, it should help you narrow down to what is the best Christmas gift for your 7-year-old child. With the review, you have a clue on what to expect in each toy in terms of features, design, entertainment value, pros, and cons.

Some of the Christmas toys are preferred for both girls and boys despite their category depending on what your child likes. With the review, you should find your way around the best gift for your child during the festive season.

In conclusion, children in this category of seven years are very innovative and choosy in terms of what to play with. You can’t buy stuffed animals at this age and assume they are happy. Therefore, to impress them put a little effort and invest in practical, relevant and educational toys and they will love you for it.