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Best Christmas Toys For 5 year Old Boy

To get the right toy, there are a few best Christmas toys for 5 year old boy that you need to look out.

Christmas is a special time of year to spend with family and friends, recreate bonds and just relax for the holidays. It is also a common culture to give and receive gifts during this season, and what better way to end the year than by giving your kids something that they would value and also keep them busy while you attend to other things during the holiday. There is quite a variety of what to pick from when in search of a gift for little kids but one of the best options would be toys. What toys could you get for perhaps a 5-year old boy though?

The 15 Best Christmas Toys For 5 year Old Boy

#1: Dreamingbox Binoculars for Kids

The Christmas season is approaching and everyone wants to catch the best of fun and joy during this festive season. What better way to do that than when the home is feeling the love and joy with numerous gifts and most especially, the kids. As a parent or friend, uncles, and aunties, we always want our lovely kids or probably, our favorite kids to have the best of toys for the season. This is why we have given you one of the best as a very perfect choice Christmas toys for 5 year old. If you are looking for a nice, wonderful gift to match the season, then go for the Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids.


It comes with a very nice, beautiful, attractive and an easy to use design and style. It is designed to perfectly fit the hands of the kids which makes them fully enjoy its use. It is constructed with a swift and easy focus. This means, you can adjust it to both adult and kid eyes and it will be surely suitable. Its rubber coating design and construction material make its shock proof meaning it is sure to withstand any fall should it accidentally drop. It is made to be super safe with a soft rubber eye protection so children do not injure themselves in the process.

Special Feature:

  • The Binoculars possesses a superb magnification which goes up to about 8X
  • It has a lightweight and an ergonomic design.
  • It has a green coated optics system to create optical reflection as well as crisp and colorful images.
  • Soft rubber super safe design for eye protection.

How does it work? / How to play?

The Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for Kids is very easy to use and is sure to give your kid as much fun as wanted. All your kid needs to do is have it placed on the eyes and look through it. View the images and a clear, magnified colorful picture. It has a knob by the side which can be used to regulate the vision and zooming size.

Entertainment Value:

The Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars has a highly recommended entertainment value. If you need a toy or Christmas gift that is surely going to give your kid much fun and make him feel like a real life adventurer. It is sure to keep your kid busy with its fun features and also safe as well during use.


  • These binoculars present you with exceptionally clear and colorful pictures 10 out of 10 times.
  • Works great and perfectly well in the day time and also at night.
  • Suitable for kids of all sexes and gender
  • The price range of this toy is affordable and pocket friendly
  • This toy is perfectly suited for all kinds of activities.
  • Has a superb magnification of as high as 8X
  • It comes in a large variety of attractive colors


  • The lens does need frequent cleaning
  • The rubber eyepiece protection is not as durable

Why you should buy it?

For any nature loving kid, whether male or female, boy or girl, this is the perfect toy for them as it will help them perfectly and closely observe nature. Not only is it a guaranteed fun giver, but it is also a means of personal education as well. It is very suitable for all kids irrespective of their gender and also comes at a very affordable price. You do not have to break the bank or empty the pocket to afford this. Get the Dreamingbox Compact Shock Proof Binoculars for your kids this festive season and watch the fun and joy they would surely get from it.

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#2: Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart

It is the dream of every young kid, boy especially, to be like their favorite superhero. Fighting crime and all in the city and saving lives. What other way to get your kid feeling like he is a caped superhero in a city than giving him an automobile with his favorite superhero logo stamped on it. The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart is suitable for your kid and just about the perfect Christmas gift to make him feel the superhero vibe during this festive season.


Do you need a special gift with a beautiful design then you should definitely go for the Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart. It comes with a very attractive and beautiful black color design as well as the batman logo stamped on it to make your kid feel the Gotham City superhero vibe. It is built and designed with various durable materials that are sure to make this product last for several years as long as it is properly maintained. It can be used and passed to another child if possible. It comes with an adjustable seat which makes it very much suitable to fit kids of different height and sizes.

It possesses a race-style pedal with rubber wheels for a better and more convenient grip coupled with very smooth riding experience. It also has an 8-ball style brake to aid your riding experience. With its beautiful design, the manufacturers also added a sporty 3 point steering to make sure you have a very responsive and quick steering all day, every day. If you need your kid to feel like the boss among other kids then this is surely the best and most suitable Christmas gift you can get him. Its color and design make it suitable for any decoration or dressing and suits perfectly with every environment.

Special Feature:

  1. It comes with an Adjustable bucket type seat.
  2. A very convenient and smooth handbrake to help slow down when going too fast.
  3. This batmobile features a 3 point sporty steering.
  4. Race styled pedals with attractive rubber wheels
  5. 8 ball style brake for a smooth riding
  6. Capable of going in the reverse.

How does it work? / How to Play?

What makes a toy or gift qualify to be regarded amongst the best is how easy and convenient it can be used. It should not be too difficult or cause the owner a lot of trouble just to try making use of it. The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart is very much easy to use and suitable for the kids to makes use of it with just one try. The first try is just enough. It is not as difficult as driving an actual car might seem. All you need do is sit, and adjust the seat to your perfect and most comfortable position.

After which once seated, all that is left is stepping on the pedal and moving it forward or backward if you wish to go further or reverse. It is just as simple. If you feel you are going too fast and need to slow down immediately, you have a brake which is quite as responsive and once pulled, you get an immediate and swift response.

Entertainment Value:

The Hauck Batmobile Pedal Go Kart comes with a vast range of fun and entertainment for your kid. As a matter of fact, if you want to keep your kid regularly occupied and increase his fun rate as well as his develop his social, emotional and imaginative mind and then this is just perfect. Kids love the feel and thrill that comes from riding this toy as well as that feeling like you are the hero of Gotham city. With the batman logo stamp and designed all over it, it gives them the superhero vibe and that cape-like feeling like they are about to save the day. It gives the kid that speed, prowess and special feeling they deeply crave.


  • The 8 ball style brake makes riding and slowing down feel so smooth.
  • Dependable handbrake for speed regulation.
  • It comes with race styles petals that make riding easier and more convenient.
  • It is pretty easy to assemble and can be done within minutes.
  • It is easy to fun and fun to play with.
  • It has an adjustable bucket seat that is comfortable and suitable for kids of different heights.
  • This toy can go in reverse, unlike some others.
  • 3 point steering wheel that creates a quick response and an enjoyable experience.
  • Very attractive and amazing design
  • This toy is constructed to be very durable and last for a really long period.


  • A toy like this should have been assembled before packaging.
  • The price range is not that friendly for some.
  • Suitable for children within the ages of 4 – 8 years.
  • This toy can only take a maximum weight of about 120 pounds.
  • It comes with no safety gear for protection just in case.

Why you should buy it?

All kids love toys and gifts they can always relate with and one that makes them stand out whenever they are playing or catching a little fun with their peers. If you want your kid to feel like his favorite superhero or at least like his sidekick, then this toy is just the perfect choice anytime, any day. Give your child that Gotham city vibe. If you take a look at its price and its durability, it is a very nice deal and one you should definitely consider.

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#3: Instep Pink Lady Christmas Padel Car For 5 year Old

Do you have a baby girl who loves to catch some fun? Or one who loves and has an eye for flashy and nice quality things? Then this Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car is just a perfect pick. Have your kid feeling like the true lady that she is. With its classic, beautiful and attractive design, this ride comes with amazing features which makes it very much enjoyable and good to use. If you want quality as well as a fitting class for your kid, then you have just the perfect option and choice.

Design of Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car:

The Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car is designed and constructed for easy and enjoyable use for your kid. Top fun is guaranteed as well as top notch durability. It is made from durable and solid steel which presents you with a very solid and strong frame capable of withstanding much. It also has quality rubber tires and hub caps. To make it very suitable and not toxic for the kids, its body paint material contains zero lead. It has a weight of about 36 pounds and is capable of taking the weight of about 70 pounds maximum. It is built and designed for the classic little ladies and for kids around the age of 3 and above.

It has an adjustable pedal which makes it comfortable for kids of various heights and ages to drive it comfortably. It is safe to use and provides as much entertainment for your kid. Its durability level means you can pass it from one kid to the next. What a bargain it is.

Special Feature of Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car:

One of the qualities of a good toy is its features. It should have as many fun features capable of keeping your kid busy with much entertainment with you finding the need to go get extra stuff from the market to help. The Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car comes with various addictive and fun features just to your kid’s utmost merriment. As additional features to its usual steering wheel, pedals and the likes, it also comes with stickers, music records, dice, and so many others to bring back old memories along with that classy feeling and vibe all day, every day.

How does it work? / How to play?

One of the best qualities of a good toy or product of this kind is how easy to use it is. If a kid’s toy becomes stressful or difficult to use, there is no fun and makes it worthless in regards to the kid. No kid wants to be frustrated while trying to use a toy that ought to give them much fun. The Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car is one product that is just exquisite. Learning how to make use of it does not require a manual or instruction book. All that is required is for your kid to enter inside it, sit perfectly and comfortable and begin pedaling. While she pedals it keeps moving and she has a steering wheel which helps ensure a smooth ride and movement to desired location of choice. Its steering wheel is as comfortable to use as it is efficient and helps provide your kid with wonderful riding experience.

With this toy, your kid has the ability to reverse. This helps give her that standout feeling when playing with her friends. When moving in a direction which in the long run becomes the wrong one, instead of just turning your steering wheel and returning to previous location, she can just reverse. This is done by pedaling backward. Pedaling forward takes your car further while pedaling backward puts you in the reverse.

Entertainment Value:

Entertainment value for any toy is one of the most important things it should give, if not the most important. The Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car provides your kid with top entertainment and fun feeling. It keeps them occupied while they, in turn, receive a large amount of fun. If you want your little lady to have those smiles flowing always, then this is just regarded as the perfect gift got the festive season. Riding like a true car owner while also having fun with your friends is just one wish from every little kid.


  1. It is very safe to use
  2. Provides you with a smooth, enjoyable ride
  3. It is really spacious and comfortable to use.
  4. This car possesses a very sturdy, strong and solid frame.
  5. Constructed and designed to be durable and last really long
  6. It has really nice stickers you can use to adorn the car’s body painting.
  7. The car’s pedal is quite adjustable to fit your kid’s height.
  8. Paint is free of lead which means it is non-toxic
  9. Very functional and smooth steering wheel


  1. The added stickers are not the die-cut type.
  2. Paint job done on the body of the care is nice but could have been better though.
  3. The car uses a one-wheel driving system which can sometimes be an issue for some.
  4. It only carries a maximum weight of about 70 pounds.

Why you should buy the instep pink lady pedal car?

Getting the perfect gift worthy of the Christmas season for your kid can be somewhat of a struggle sometimes especially when you have no idea about what and what not is the best on the market.  No matter what, you need quality, something of good taste, durability, something that is sure to give your kid as much fun as possible and also one you definitely do not have to break the bank to get. Those are just exact qualities and attributes of the Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car and more.

If you want your little girl to feel so much that a classic lady, then this is just perfect. Its construction materials make it strong, sturdy and solid and durable enough to last you a pretty long time as long as it gets good maintenance. You can even pass it from one kid to the next should the previous outgrow this product. You want assured class, the go and purchase the Instep Pink Lady Pedal Car and enjoy great benefits.

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#4: VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn Christmas Toy

It is one thing to buy just the perfect fun toy for your kid this Christmas but what about something that not only gives them the fun and entertainment they need and want but also teaches them in the process. The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn is a superb learning and fun equipment that would make your kid feel cool and like a man with its racing and also help develop his mind at that young age with various educative things. Its amazing features, sounds, and vibrations make it just about the perfect toy for kids from 3 years old and above.


Simple and exquisite is just about the word for this piece.  Not every toy for kids is capable of being both educative and fun giving and at the same time have such outstanding durability with a beautiful and attractive design. These rare qualities make it just about the perfect gift. It comes in three different modes which enable your kid the ability to switch to anyone of his choices from car to motorcycle or to jet. It has a small screen attached to this design which helps in teaching numbers, letters, spelling, shapes and a whole lot more.

It comes with an automatic shut off and a volume control feature for easy parental control. This means you get to have a say in what your kid does and how long he plays with this toy. The design of this piece gives you a comfortable and smooth steering wheel, an LCD screen for better display and a shifting joystick. These help in encouraging role play and to also master multitasking skills. Make your kid have a fun time while learning.

Special Features:

A true kiddie’s toy, especially for the Christmas season, should have enough features to ensure that the fun of your kid is surely guaranteed. The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn comes with amazing features and this makes it very much interesting to use and aids kid’s development and learning. This product comes with an LCD screen that displays letters, numbers, spelling and various things to aid their learning and fun having process. Vtech added a joystick for easy multitasking and easy controls as well as a steering wheel for a smooth riding process. With this amazing piece, you also have nine courses from which to explore.

How does it work? / How to play?

Making use of this product is as easy as you can ever hope for. Just what is exactly required from a very good kiddie’s toy and most especially a 5 year Old’s Christmas present. For a kid to make use of this piece is as simple as ABC and just as simple is its learning it provides as well. When riding and steering, move the gear shifter so you can hear real life racing sounds to give that real vibe and feeling. Make use of the VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn and enjoy real life racing and have your son feeling like a real Formula 1 driver.

Entertainment Value:

The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn comes with a very high level entertainment value. One which is sure to be a standout feature when compared to other gifts you are possible to get for your kid this Christmas. It comes with a real life racing sound to make your son get the true race car vibe and real racing feeling. Its steering wheel is as comfortable as anyone can be and give that smooth ride feeling. Its design is colorful and attractive which makes it quite pleasing to a kid’s eyes at all times. You can always switch from either car, jet, or motorcycle. You also have nine courses from which you can explore any.


  1. This toy gives your 3 different moods from which to switch.
  2. It helps your kid learn spellings, numbers, letters, shape and a whole lot of other things.
  3. It gives real racing sounds for a better and more exquisite experience.
  4. The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn have nine courses you can explore from.
  5. It has a vibrating controller for a better experience.


  1. The screen of this toy is not colorful and neither is it bright.

Why you should buy it?

There are various toys in the market and a large number of them which you can get for the kid during this period but definitely and as always there is always a difference between them. Some would say what you would get in the market are two products, the VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn and others. As a parent, friend or relative or friend and need to get something for your kid, you would want for sure, a toy that would give them as much entertainment and fun as well as a good mental development. VTech has provided you with equipment capable of covering both all in just one small piece and for a small and affordable price.

Give your kid the best of learning and entertainment with the VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn. It is very durable and strong and sure to last as long as it gets enough maintenance. It can also be passed on from one kid to another if you so wish. The VTech 3-in-1 Race and Learn gives you a toy with a real life racing sound and vibe and a steering wheel that just makes it look so much like Formula 1. It has a beautiful and attractive design which your kid is definitely going to love and nine courses from which to explore. It also provides you with various modes meaning you get to have the racing experience from a jet, a car, and a motorcycle depending on your choice. This product comes at a very affordable and pocket friendly price regardless and numerous fun features.

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#5: Learning Resources Puzzle Globe

Learning is always great and so is fun for the little ones. Parents always want their kids to come out on top at all times educationally but don’t forget to note that it all starts and begins from a young and tender age. Giving them a Christmas gift that not only meets their fun requirements but also meets their educational and development needs is the best one can always offer. This can be done with the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe. Geography is always a fun subject and an amazing thing to learn and one that your young boy would definitely enjoy.


The design of the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe is quite exquisite and attractive. It has a beautiful 3D geography puzzles a strong base and exceptional coloring making it very much attractive to the little one as well as entertaining. For a Kiddies toy, this is just perfect pick. The water areas marked on the globe are colored bright blue in color and so also is the base of the globe. Each piece on this globe is designed to be both chunky and large which means it is very much easy to hold even with your kid’s little hands. The largest of its puzzles piece, which is the Asian Continent, measures about 5 ¾ inches in length.

To make the puzzle more fun and also easier for the kids, each piece fits perfectly and precisely into their various spots. The piece for Antarctica which is placed at the bottom is quite stuck and stationary. This means it cannot be moved and therefore not really a puzzle piece. Each continent is well and clearly labeled and also perfectly colored. They all depict their famous landmarks and notable spots and places while also showing their various native animals on each puzzle piece. The globe also spins which for kids can be fun and interesting to play with. It has a diameter of about 8 inches.

Special Feature:

The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe possesses just about the perfect and right features capable of keeping your little one occupied and entertained for quite a long while. It comes with a 3D geography puzzle that is suitable for young and little kids no matter the age but most especially from ages 3 and above. These puzzle pieces are large enough to fit into their small hands just right. It has a spinning globe and a 6 continent puzzle piece. It also comes as a set of 14 pieces, 6 labels for continents and also a sheet of blank label stickers for your use.

How does it work? / How to play?

Trying to know how the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe works is pretty easy and one that does not need a manual or direction book to figure it out. Once purchased and acquired, all you need do is for your kid to make use of the puzzle pieces, the spinning globe, and its blank label pieces. All these properties and features are part of what makes up this product and what your kid would need to make use of this equipment. When playing or making use of it, like a puzzle, it all entails the placement of each piece in the right placed which shows where each continent and land is and where they ought to be.

The puzzle pieces are large enough to fit properly into their small and little hands so you don’t have an issue about their ability to carry them. Each piece as well fits perfectly well into their various positions which makes using them pretty much easier. Should they belong to a particular spot, it is bound to properly fit in and if it does not, your kid would definitely have problems fitting them together.

Entertainment Value:

The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe comes with an exceptional entertainment value coupled with an educational and development value as well. Although it can be regarded as a toy for the kids, it is also a tool capable of teaching but the toddlers and little kids about the geography of the world, continents and all sorts. Their different puzzle piece shows them where they are and how to place them, their various landmarks and animals as well as every sea and ocean around them.

For more added fun, the globe is one of the spinning kinds which kids would definitely love to play with. If you want your kid to not only be thinking about just catching fun and playing with friends, then you would definitely need to provide them with the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe as it is one toy that is sure to boost and develop their minds educationally. It presents an avenue for simultaneous fun and learning process all in one.


  1. It is a perfect tool to teach your kids landmarks of the world, continents, and oceans.
  2. It is very much challenging and fun but surely at the kids’ level.
  3. Each puzzle piece fits perfectly well into their various spots.
  4. The puzzle pieces were made and designed to be chunky and large to make for an easy grab by the kids.
  5. It has a beautiful and attractive designed and nice coloring.
  6. This piece is made of durable and strong materials and sure to last a pretty long while.


  1. The continent called Antarctica, located at the bottom of the globe is stationary and does not come off.
  2. A number of customers and previous users have complained about a few pieces being somewhat loose.
  3. Only suitable for kids from 3 years and above.

Why you should buy it?

Every parent desires just the best for their kid and everyone who goes to the market to get something definitely does not want to in cure more expenses than they can carry. What a big benefit it would be when you get a product or gift for your kid which can serve both as a fun equipment and a learning tool. It is just like they say “Using a stone to kill two birds”. The Learning Resources Puzzle Globe is a great choice for your kid as it would surely help in improving his skills and developing his mind right from a tender age. It is also of a pocket friendly and comes at an affordable price. One which you surely do not have to break the bank over. Get the Learning Resources Puzzle Globe with its 3D geography puzzle and fine motor and watch your kid develop himself.

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#6: Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter

It is something of a basic dream for almost every kid, if not every kid, to be like their favorite superhero, fight crime and save the day. In times like these, what better way to give them that feeling than a toy that looks exactly like a weapon from one of their favorite movies, Star Wars. With the Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter, you get to give them a toy that is not only fine, appealing to the eye and attractive, but one which is also a sure fun giver. Give them the feeling and vibe of a young Jedi and equip them well enough to save the galaxy and defeat the bad guys.


The Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter has a very fine and pleasing design. A toy that the young ones are always going to love and definitely enjoy using. You want the very best for your kid, then why not give them the best. This product is constructed and designed from the best of solid and durable materials. It is strong and sturdy, durable enough to last a long while and can even be passed from one kid to the next as long as it gets very good and befitting maintenance.

The vehicle has an open wing which is always closed but can be opened just by a push on the top of the vehicle. It comes with 2 projectile launchers to help you face off the bad guys. A Poe Dameron figure which is attached to the Poe X-wing fighter vehicle. This shows it is 100% a character toy and one every kid would love to use. Make your kid stand out with beautiful design and exquisite features and class.

Special Features:

The Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter contains very exceptional features. Its features are just so on-point which makes it the perfect toy for the kids this Christmas season. It comes with a power up figure and a fighter vehicle, a Poe Dameron figure and an additional set of power arms to help the kids fight the first order. About 2 projectile launchers to keep you fully equipped for battle and ready at all times. The Poe Dameron figure has quite removable arms that can be snapped on and off at will. There is the presence of the BB-8 figure available to the kids when you get this toy.

How does it work? / How to play?

One of the best toys of the generation and one which is perfect for the season is definitely the Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter. It is just like giving your kid a means to enact his favorite movie and act it up to the best of his ability and catch a whole lot of fun in the process. This toy does not need no user’s manual or user guide to teach you how to make use of it. It all just depends on how best the kid wishes to use it and the amount of fun he wishes to get in the process. All your kid needs to do is just hold it and fly while he keeps on fighting off the bad guys. Just as easy as ABC is using this toy with its other added feature.

Entertainment Value:

The Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter comes with great entertainment values for your kids. Not only is this piece one of high entertainment value but also adds a high level of physical development to them in the process. With this piece your kid and his friends get to act as Galactic warriors and fighters ready to end the reign of the first order. Trust me; this is so much fun for them. In the process while the get the fun within them, it also helps build up and develop their imaginative mind as well as their social and emotional mind. Nothing a kid loves rather than being the one tasked with the opportunity or role of saving the world and in this case, the galaxy. Watch them bring the galaxy into their own world and build it in their own mind just how they want it.


  1. It is very attractive and has an appealing design.
  2. It is very strong and durable and can last a really long time.
  3. Comes with reasonable features and characters
  4. Needs no assembling
  5. It has no loose parts which would be used to litter the house.


  1. Most parents would have a problem liking this toy because it has a weapon attached to it.

Why you should buy it?

It is the dream of every parent to watch their kid catch fun and also have them being happy at all times. Keep your kid feeling on top of the world and give him that superhero feeling with the Star Wars Galactic Heroes Poe’s Boosted X-Wing Fighter. Just the perfect toy to keep them busy during this Christmas season and not only does it give them something to play with, but also, in turn, helps with their development in various areas.

This toy is solid and strong as you can ever wish and sure to last for a long time. It is durable enough that your kid can outgrow it and pass it on to the younger one. One thing is for sure, your kid can outgrow it, but Star wars is always one of every little kid’s favorite and would definitely be loved by the next. It comes at an affordable price and surely you do not need to break the bank or go bankrupt just to acquire this. Give your child the very best and watch them enjoy this season.

#7: Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele in Red

For parents who are lovers of good music and great sound and want to introduce their kid to an instrument which is not the drums or the keyboard, this is just the right set you might want to try. Give your kid the right starting piece at such a young age and watch them gradually grow into being a pro. This piece is made and constructed from wood gotten from a well-maintained forest and is sure to last a whole lot of time. It is the right place for your kid to start his journey into becoming a professional music instrumentalist.


The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele is made purely of wood and has a perfect design which any kid would love and which also fits into any decoration. Its wooden materials are durable and sure to last for years to come and can also be passed from one kid to the next as long as it is carefully and properly maintained. Its wooden materials also make it safe to use for the kids which means you do not have to worry about your kid’s safety while he plays and learns how to become a great guitar player.

Its painting and finishing contain non-toxic elements that make it safe for the kids and not harmful to their health. It is built and designed like a true and top class guitar to give your kid the actual feeling and sense of playing real equipment on a big stage. The ends of each string on the guitar are all hidden to avoid any form of scratch or anything that can be injurious to the kids. It is built in an optimized and perfect size to enable it to fit the hands of both toddlers and the little children for easy use.

Special Features:

The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele’s design, qualities, and features are top class, making it one of the top equipment any child would definitely want to use when trying to begin musical practice especially with the guitar. The guitar comes with four strings that are carefully fitted and placed with their ends properly hidden to prevent any form of scratching.

How does it work? / How to play?

For a kid, making use of the Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele is never an issue. If anything, they always love the idea of learning a new thing especially something fun and music always tends to fall into that category 10 out of 10 times. It is all about teaching the kid so he or she can become a musical prodigy in no time. The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele possesses knobs connected to the strings which enable it to bring out high-quality sounds when precisely and properly tuned.

Entertainment value:

All kids love music and sound and are also attracted to them no matter their age most especially when it is one of the top quality. This product offers them the chance to become creators of those sounds which makes it a toy or piece of equipment they would always love playing with and always be grateful for. It does not only add to them some entertainment or fun value but also presents them with physical development and educational values. It helps improve and develop their creative thinking skills and also boosts your child’s auditory learning skills which at such a tender age are quite very important and needed. It also helps them develop their rhythm at such a young age which is always needed for little kids.


  1. It is constructed perfectly to fit into the hands of toddlers and also the little children.
  2. It helps inspire and develop creative thinking in kids.
  3. It comes with a beautiful and exceptional design.
  4. The painting and finishing done on the body of this toy are non-toxic making it harmless to kids.
  5. The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele has a very sturdy body and made from durable and long-lasting materials.
  6. It comes at a suitable, affordable and pocket-friendly price.
  7. Easy to use and easy to learn.


  1. The strings can sometimes be difficult to tune
  2. Strings are usually hard to replace should anyone get bad.
  3. Most suitable for kids from 3 – 6 years of age.

Why you should buy it?

There are several toys in the market today suitable for use by kids and toddlers of various ages and many which are suited for this Christmas season. It is always best for the toys you get for your kids to be the type that would not only give them a good entertainment value but also develop them in various ways. These are qualities of a good and proper toy for kids and one that any child would surely cherish especially if such a toy is quite easy to use. The Hape Kid’s Wooden Toy Ukulele is quite simple to use for the kids and lovely mostly in terms of its qualities, design and construction materials.

In addition, what it offers shows great value for money. That is money well spent. It comes at an affordable price, something which every parent would surely want to consider and also its durability level is high enough to last a number of years which means, you can pass it from one kid to the next and it is sure to function pretty well. Kid’s safety was surely put into consideration with this piece to make sure that your kids remain safe.

Its coloring is simple and non-toxic which means it is harmless. The end of each string is hidden to make sure it does not scratch or injure the kids. This toy is also suitable for use for kids from the ages of 3 to 6 and is also easy to use. It produces high quality sounds and is one of the best ways for your kid to begin the journey of being an instrumentalist.

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#8: Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot Toy for Boys

All kids, most especially boys, are robot fans and one way to win their heart is to get them a robot toy that they can play with at any time. What makes it more interesting is when the toy functions as an interactive type just like the Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot RC Robot Toy, then you have surely made their day and as a matter of fact, you have made their Christmas celebration one to be remembered for a really long time. This robot is named COCO. It is an intelligent humanoid which comes with numerous features and capable of taking on a few numbers of activities which the kids would surely find very much interesting. It is recommended for kids from about 3 years of age and above.


This Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot RC Robot Toy called COCO comes with high quality and high tech design which makes it a very good choice for kids and definitely a good bargain once acquired. It has a simple and attractive black and white color design. Its coloring is non-toxic which means it ends up being safe for the kids. It has no sharp edges so that your kid gets to play without the fear of sustaining any injury of any kind.

It is programmable and moveable and can sing and dance depending on the master’s command. It is constructed from durable and solid materials that are safe for kids and also last a long period of time. although with its durability level, its battery life is not as strong which means if you wish to have another kid make use of this piece, you would need to find a way to have the battery changed.

Special Features:

This robot toy comes with numerous amazing features. This is why it is regarded as an intelligent toy and its mind blowing features are a testament to that. It comes with three different control modes to make using this toy pretty easy for your kid. The control modes are the remote control mode, the newest sound control mode and the touch control mode all of which are quite easy to use. it has a record and plays feature which means you can use it to record your voice and play it at will and at your convenience. COCO is equipped with about 5 different songs straight from the manufacturer’s hands which are sure to keep your kid entertained.

It is rechargeable and comes with a low voltage alarm which means if you have a low voltage with regards to your power supply, it will notify you. Its ears come with a multicolor feature which means it can change colors when you press down the ear button. It is also programmable which is a very essential feature of any good and quality robot. When packed, it comes with a tray, one USB charging cable, an instruction manual, remote control and a rechargeable battery which is added to the robot itself.

How does it work? / How to play?

Trying to make use of this toy is actually a walk in the park regardless of its instruction manual which is added to its packaging right from the manufacturer. As a proper kiddies toy especially one that was designed to be suitable for 3 year old kids and above, it should be built to be pretty easy. Take for instance trying to make COCO  bring a gift or something to you, all you need do is place the content on the tray and control/command COCO to bring it to you. Like its master, it is sure to oblige. The remote control serves as a very nice way to command your robot toy to come and go as you please or whether to sing or to dance any song of your choice.

Entertainment Value:

The entertainment value posed by a kiddies toy is very important and one of the things to be considered before you purchase a toy for your kid. If a toy has no entertainment value it can be considered as a pretty bad one but one question is, what toy does not have entertainment value?

The design of the Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot RC Robot Toy is enough entertainment value on its own with its pleasing appearance coupled with its amazing features ranging from its music to its 3 different control modes are sure enough to keep your child fully entertained for as long as possible. Not only is it a mean of entertainment but also a tool in child development and can surely improve your kid’s creative thinking skills to a whole different level.


  1. This piece is very much durable and strong.
  2. It is rechargeable.
  3. It can help improve and develop kid’s creative thinking skills.
  4. You get to control the volume if it is too loud or too low.
  5. It comes with three different modes with which to enjoy.
  6. Its price range is quite low and affordable especially when considering its numerous features.
  7. It has a low voltage alarm.


  1. Its battery life is not strong and as a result of this, does not last long.
  2. For such a weak battery, it takes a pretty long time to be fully charged.

Why you should buy it?

Irrespective of its cons and what might be said to be wrong with this product, it still stands out as one of the best and most innovative toys for kids and comes highly recommended for kids. It is suitable for kids from the age of 3 to 6. It not only offers them a proper chance at having fun but also something that can offer an improvement to your kid’s creative and imaginative mind.

For parents who always tend to take price range into consideration first before anything else, the Hi-Tech Wireless Interactive Robot RC Robot Toy for Boys comes at an affordable and pocket friendly price especially if take a look at its numerous and mind blowing features. It is surely a very good bargain and one toy your son would definitely be grateful to you for. Get your kid COCO for this Christmas season and watch them feel the love and joy.

#9: Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike

If there is something in kids that everyone loves which is also pretty much unstoppable, it is their love for exploring things and also for learning. That in-born curiosity and hunger is one trait that is always loved in them. Even though a kid can not cover as many miles with a tricycle as a teenage would with a bicycle or even a car, surely getting that first set of wheels is always something special especially when such wheels are something of class and top quality.

Instead of being pushed around or carried, they get to have that little feeling of independence to an extent which is something for a little kid. Their only limitation to their independence is the fact that the parents might want to watch over them once in a while. The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is just a very perfect and great choice for your kid any time any day and comes highly recommended.


The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike comes with a weight measurement of about 8.5 pounds. This tricycle has to be assembled before your little one can be able to take it for a ride. It comes with a nice and exceptional design that is suitable for any environment and meets any décor. It comes with 3 wheels giving it the name “Tricycle”. Its two back wheels make it pretty much safe for your kid for him to ride comfortably without any fear of falling. It has a comfortable seat suitable for your kid to enjoy his ride.

Underneath that seat is a secret storage compartment that you kid can use to hide or keep things while riding. Your kid has an easy-grip handlebar which can be used to give him firm and comfortable handling while he has a smooth ride. Big foot pedals located at the front wheel of the tricycle. It is big enough for your little riding to easily get the rolling going. This Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is designed from durable materials as well as sturdy rugged tires which are sure to take your kid anywhere he wants to go without any fear of it wearing out easily.

Special Features:

The Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike comes with exceptional features that are definitely going to suit your kid no matter his style and taste. With this tricycle, you have a secret storage spot where your kid can hide his favorite toys and stuff, a big foot pedal which makes riding seem so easy, 3 wheels properly positioned with two behind and one in front to give your kid nice stability when riding. It also has an easy-grip handle for a better handle, comfortable grip and easier control of the tricycle.

How does it work? / How to play?

Making use of the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is pretty simple and easy and does not require the use of any instruction manual or user guide to perfect it. Learning how to use this tricycle is as simple as you can ever think of. All that is required is for your kid to be perfectly placed on the seat of the tricycle with his hands well placed on the handlebars and his legs on the pedals. Once he begins pedaling forward, it automatically takes the tricycle further and pedaling backward takes it in the reverse. Even though it probably might not be capable of gathering as much speed capable of putting your child in danger, sometimes you still need to take some safety precautions into consideration.

Unless you are very certain your kid would not leave the confinement of your compound, you should never leave them playing or riding unsupervised especially if you tend to live in a non-fenced compound. There might be the issue of traffic but that aside, there are also other hazards and perils which your kid is definitely not prepared to handle or deal with. Your child might tend to go down a sloppy plain without taking into consideration the amount of speed he might develop in the process; this is because he is too young to note that. Issues like these are why we always recommend that parents ensure their children ride under proper supervision.

Entertainment Value:

The entertainment brought out by the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike is pretty top class. Every kid always loves to ride and loves to be the owner of a set of wheels no matter how small. Most especially when it is the kind they do not need to be pushed around with. This tricycle gives them a bit of comfort while they ride and feel comfortable doing it.


  1. It is sure to give your kids hours of excitement.
  2. This tricycle is a great form of exercise for your kid to keep them fit always.
  3. It helps with the improvement and development of your kids’ balance, perception and motor skills.
  4. The use of this product improves their social skills with their peers.
  5. It is sure to last a long time due to its level of durability.
  6. It is suitable for all floors no matter the ruggedness.
  7. It is strong, sturdy and stable.


  1. Not advisable for kids under the age of 3 years.
  2. Kids below 38 inches in height would find using the piece very much difficult.

Why you should buy it?

Buying the best product of the market is never a regrettable thing and so is buying the Fisher-Price Harley-Davidson Tough Trike. It is suitable for kids above 3 years of age and also suitable for use on all terrains and floor types without fear of it slipping or stumbling off. It is stable and strong and sure to last for a pretty long time all depending on the level of maintenance it gets. Getting your kid their first set of wheels is not the same as buying them any toy especially when those wheels are classy. To top things off it comes at a very affordable price which considering all its features and what it offers is a great bargain and one any parent would definitely not want to miss. Get your child this piece of beauty and watch them grow, catch fun and develop their various skills.

#10: WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy

The WolVol Transport Car Carrier Truck Toy is a unisex car carrier produced under Hot wheels. It is unisex in nature makes for wide versatility, more engaging play and even allows it to be used by multiple children because of its wide containment range of 28 slots. It is one of those toys that do not really get old because your child may change car sets over time and the car carrier can be used for the large range of ages 3-12.

Cars have always been a win-win in the life of kids and what better way to help your child be more orderly and keep him or her safe than to get a carrier that easily keeps up to 28 cars safe and secure and also accessible. The WolVol Transport Car Carrier is one of the most ideal Christmas gifts you can get for your son or daughter or just generally both. It even comes with six semi-metallic cars, cones and construction signs.


This toy is made out of quality plastic and has just the necessary amount of parts. No unnecessary bobs and bits floating around making it high maintenance. The cab of this vehicle is detachable and can turn which is a world of fun on its own. The carrier has 28 vehicle slots and a lower compartment where the cones and construction signs can be kept. The carrier compartment has a snap close lid which provides optimum security for whatsoever is kept within.

Special Features:

When you purchase this carrier, you get six semi-metallic cars along with it as well as a set of cones and construction signs. The carrier has a well-secured plastic handle on the top and this allows for easier transportation when in play and perhaps your little angel needs to change sites. The plastic with which the carrier is made of makes it lighter for your kids and less exasperating. It measures “20” L x 6” H x 3.5” W” in size and is 20” long.

The carrier opens up on both sides which gives it a multi-player advantage and gives an all-together more riveting experience. Its design is intricate yet very durable and attractive, the creators really put a lot of thought into its design, and it fits Matchbox and Hot Wheels cars perfectly. It does not take up too much space because the compartments have been made in a way to give your child easy access and therefore, the ultimate experience.

How does it work? \ How to play?

The carrier is just one part of the fun. This set is one of the best ways to improve your child’s creativity level and help him work his brain differently because this is basically a whole other world on wheels. As stated before, the carrier comes with six cars and your child can begin to build his collection all the way up to 28 different cars of different colors and or specifications. It also comes with a set of cones and constructions so, in play, he can be a car racer at a site, a car specialist or enthusiast or even incorporate his other toys and creating a city where he has to circumvent through traffic, road accidents or even be a law enforcer, either a policeman or road safety agent.

The point is, there are several ideas he can explore and really let his mind go on, all the way time working him mentally and physically. This gives the carrier the qualities that make this toy worth it. And its wide range of age acceptance, that being, 3-12, it makes it so the toy can be used for a long time, they are not going to easily grow out of it. It also makes it available to different children of different age grades at about the same time, so if you have been looking for something to get your older kids and younger ones to play together then here is your answer.

Entertainment Value:

The WolVol Transport Car Carrier is a full work out for kids. It engages them mentally, physically and even emotionally. In a situation where more than one child is using it at the same time, it not only makes sure they communicate it also makes for teamwork because even they are opponents in a race, they will have to make certain arrangements together for the game to work out. This toy is guaranteed to keep your kids engaged for hours on end and will help you limit their play space so they don’t mess up everywhere.

Your child could explore a variety of experiences, make absolutely vital life choices and experience some of their biggest dreams in one session, then come the next day to do it all over again. This toy is also educating because your child is going to come and ask the meaning of construction signs and some things about cars and road usage rules etc. So even though he is on holiday, he will be getting an informal education.


  1. Comes with six toy cars
  2. Is made of a durable material that is also child friendly
  3. Has a handle on top for easy and comfortable for transportation
  4. Large storage capacity
  5. Encourages your child to play with others


  1. Can only house cars of a specific size
  2. Cannot carry a child on top

Why you should buy it?

The WolVol Transport Car Carrier is an excellent gift choice because it is more than one gift in one, along with the carrier you receive 6 semi-metallic cars, cones and construction signs giving the basis for all-round engagement for your child. This toy develops your child mentally, physically and also encourages interaction with anyone in the vicinity but can still give a world of fun when played alone. It develops your child’s creativity and helps him/her learn to think out of the box

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#11: LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet

In the world as well as the eye of a kid, fun is very much important. As a matter of fact, all kids hate being bored or not having something to play with. For the kids, it is always more than just about having something to play with but having one of the best, if not the best classy toy, that can make them stand out from the crowd. The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet is regarded as one of the best and a highly recommended toy for your 5 year old kid. It not only serves as a means of fun and entertainment but also helps in their learning, development and building process as well. It is the perfect choice of toy for the 21st-century kid.

The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet was designed with the modern-day tech and filled with enough features to give your child just the very best. If you want your child to be quickly vast in this 21st-century world, then this is just the right fit. It is built with a quad-core processor that runs at a speed of up to about 1.O GHz. About the equivalent of some phones. It is designed and constructed to be very solid and strong. This makes it kid-tough. With this, your kid can enjoy the use of this pad without any form of fear should it drop.

It is durable and lasts pretty long, thereby making it a good bargain considering its features, qualities and durability. It has a sleek beautiful design and can be carried around to just about anywhere and have your kid looking like the boss he is. It has a shatter safe display screen which is a 5” capacitive touchscreen. It is very responsive and suitable for your kid’s hands and responsive to your kid’s little touch. Its size makes it compactable to be held by kids with small hands.

Special Features:

The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet is infused with top notch and high-class features that are sure to make it enjoyable and so much fun for the user. It is equipped with about 4GB of internal space for your kid’s use and storage. Should your kid need to store some books, videos or music, it is just about capable. It’s quad-core processor and 1.0GHz speed is high enough to take on the pad’s capabilities and workload with ease. It has a Wi-Fi connection which would definitely cause your child some ease for some peer-to-peer playing time.

Due to its ability to access the internet, the LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet carries a parental control feature. This means as a parent you get to be able to control what your child does with the pad and where he visits when connected to the net. You can change or edit the controls later on as your kid grows and becomes vaster with the use of the pad. With the battery life and strength, your kid is sure to get a minimum of 6 hours playing time on a full charge.

How does it work? / How to play?

Having your child learn how to make use of the LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet is pretty much a walk in the park actually. Even though it has some advanced tech features with the Wi-Fi and internet connection, the books, storage, videos, and others, it is pretty much easy to use although mostly not for a small kid. Due to the fact that this toy is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 to 9 years old, it is best advised for the parents to control and set it up for them when they are younger as they are not really that careful with the tablet not to talk having control of it or its features.

This is why the pad also comes with a parental control feature which means you also have the ability to restrict your kid’s usage of the pad to how you want it. With this tablet, you can also opt to receive a frequent update so you get to know your kid’s progress so far while making use of the pad.

Entertainment Value:

This piece is one of class and quality. Not only is it an entertaining and enjoyable tool for your kid, but it is also learning and development equipment which makes it pretty much catchy. Do you want your kid to feel so on top of his peers whenever they meet or want to play? Then you should definitely get him this toy.

The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet keeps your kid very much occupied and the best part is, he is also learning as well. as much as it can be used as a piece of gaming equipment, it is also a nice piece of learning equipment and can store books, videos and lots more which your kid would definitely. Its use of Wi-Fi, internet connection, a speedy processor and lots more makes it very appropriate for your kid. It enables his fast learning and advancement into the world of science and technology.


  1. It has a very beautiful and attractive design.
  2. It is durable and lasts for a long time when carefully and properly taken care of.
  3. Its battery life is strong enough with a minimum of 6 hours playing time on a full charge.
  4. Your child can easily enjoy internet use and connection with this toy.
  5. It is built to be kid-tough so you don’t have to fear when it falls.
  6. It makes use of shock absorber tech.
  7. It features a quite speedy processor.


  1. The screen of this pad uses a poor resolution.
  2. The 4GB space allocated might not be enough.

Why you should buy it?

There are various toys in the market which are just good enough to suit your kid this festive period and so much of them come at a very nice price. One thing you should consider is not just the price alone but its functionality. Always try to consider how good this product is and what purpose it will serve for your kid. The LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet is not a regular toy like other usual playthings occupying the market daily.

Purchasing this pad gives your kid a sense and feeling of class amongst his peers and not only are his boring days over, but it is the begin of fun and learning all at once. Some might say the price rate is a bit too much for a kid’s toy, but when you consider its features, it is just the perfect fit and a great bargain. It is suitable for kids between the ages of 3 to 9 years old. Get the LeapFrog LeapPad3 Kids’ Learning Tablet for your kid and witness the beginning of greatness.

#12:  Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set

It is every parent’s dream for their kid to have a very nice and exceptional imaginative mind. Most especially one which can be mind-blowing. To be honest, it does not start in a day and definitely needs something to help build and develop that side. Many times as parents you really do wish to take your kids on some kind of adventure but one hindrance sometimes can be that they are just too small for that or too small to catch the expected fun.

All you need do is build that mind and develop it. It can all begin from home. As a parent who most likely finds much fun going fishing and wish to share that joy with your little one, you can always get them the Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set. It is not only suited for parents who are more into fishing but also for any kind. Give your kids high-class equipment and encourage more fun, as well and boost their creative and imaginative mind all at the same time.

The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set is one of the best child toy set on the market. If you need something reliable for your kid, it can surely stand out as one of the best and one of those recommended any time any day. This fishing set comes with nice coloring and design which makes your kid look smart like a veteran fisherman. It is suitable for kids from the ages of 3 years old and above. Its construction materials are durable and can last for a very long while as long as it gets its required maintenance and it is kept properly. The tackle box measures about 13 inches in length, 7 inches in width and 6 inches in height. It is just the right and perfect size suitable for your kid to use and lift.

Special Features:

The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set is well and truly stacked with enough features to give your kid the true and proper fishing vibe. It has enough equipment to make him feel like he is actually in the process. This 11 piece set of fishing equipment is properly stacked with a tackle box, a vest, a fishing pole, fishing net, 3 fish, an activity guide and 3 worms. It also has a magnet embedded in it with which kids can play all day.

How does it work? / How to play?

Playing with a fishing tool can be hard for one making use of the actual equipment and having to do the real life fishing. For the kids, the only thing required as a parent or elder one is to show them how it is done. Trust kids to take it up from there and show you how it is done. This fishing set is safe to use for the kids so you need not bother about them getting injured with one piece or the other. It is made thoroughly of safe and non-injurious materials.

Entertainment Value:

The main reason for buying a toy for a kid is definitely to give them the best way possible they can catch fun but also something which they can also develop with. A toy that has both these two working together, is quite superb and accurately amongst the best. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set comes with a high level of entertainment of fun. With this fishing set, you get to watch your kids act and play as fishermen and create all the fun possible while also developing their imaginative mind and building up their creative thinking. This is perfectly the best way for your kid to grow.


  1. The jacket added to this set is quite adjustable and can be adjusted to fit kids of different ages and sizes.
  2. It has good quality materials and equipment which are also durable.
  3. The magnets added in the packs are all embedded for children’s safety.
  4. There is the presence of an activity guide to give your kid more things to explore and also show them how it is done.
  5. It is a perfect tool to help develop and improve the kid’s hand-eye coordination skills.
  6. The price range of the set is quite very affordable.


  1. It is not to be considered or ideal for kids below the age of 3.

Why you should buy it?

If you want to get your kid something which is more than just an ordinary toy or something more than a usual plaything, this is a good fit and a great choice. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set has amazing features and it is stacked with great equipment and pieces that would make sure your kid has the best of fun available all day, every day. If you are looking for something that will also help improve them, then you have just gotten the right one. The Learning Resources Pretend & Play Fishing Set comes at a really good price and it is also durable. It is safe and easy for your kid to use and sure to cause zero problems. Purchase this product today and join others in their good stories of recommendation.

#13: Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc

Are you looking for a loveable toy and one which is definitely going to be a kid’s favorite? It is always nice to give your kid a toy that is sure to make him feel like a hero especially one which comes from his favorite TV show or cartoon. The Toy Story movie is always fun for every kid hence making the Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc a perfect choice for your kid. Give them that gear that is sure to place your kids on a separate gear and level from all others, giving them that hero feeling and vibe. Make your kid become Buzz light-year and give him the ability to act our scenes with his great dis launcher. It is suitable for a kid from the age of 4 years and above.

The Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc is every kid’s dream toy and a perfect way to entertain them and make them happy this festive season. The toy not only tops for the fact that it is a hero figure from their favorite motion picture, but because it comes with a sweet and exceptional design. It comprises very attractive coloring making it pleasing to the eyes and fitting for any place, environment, and outfit. It comes with white, green and purple coloring.

It is constructed from durable materials which are sure to last for a long time as long as it gets a good amount of maintenance. Its materials make it safe to use and cause zero concerns. Its finishing work is lead-free making it non-toxic to kids. Its handle is made of easy grip materials and also possesses an adjustable strap to present you with a comfortable and perfect fit.

Special Features:

The Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc has very nice amazing features which makes it just about the perfect fun tool for any kid from the age of 4. It has an easy grip handle with an adjustable strap for better fitting. This toy has a small round disk which keeps it loaded and ready for firing to give you an accurate Buzz light-year vibe. This toy comes with laser beam lights for extra fun and easier focus. It also produces nice and great sounds to make playing more enjoyable.

How does it work? / How to play?

Trying to make use of this piece is actually a walk in the park. For any kid no matter how small they might seem, it is pretty easy to use. Put on this authentic disc launcher on your wrist, adjust the strap and you are just about ready to go. It is safe to use which means you don’t really need to be supervising them and you are free to get on with your business while they catch their fun. Load the 5 available discs into the front chamber and fire them either one at a time or all at once depending on your choice. Press on the red button and have control of the light and sound while your blast off the threat of the evil Emperor Zurg and protect the galaxy from the bad guys.

Entertainment Value:

The Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc gives a very high level of fun to any kid at all times. if you are looking for just the right equipment to make your kid feel the love and fun of the season, then this is just perfect. The fact that it is easier to use makes it more fun. Not only is this piece an entertainment tool, but also a toy that develops and boost your kid’s creative thinking skills and also their imaginative mind. The acting and role-playing plays a huge role in their development and is one of the perk and advantages of using this toy.


  1. This toy is very durable and with the right maintenance can last a really long time.
  2. It comes with attractive coloring and design.
  3. It possesses an easy grip as well as an adjustable strap for better comfort and nice fitting.
  4. It is pretty affordable and pocket-friendly.
  5. Easy to use.
  6. Boost the kid’s imaginative mind and develops creative thinking skills.


  1. The disks can be somewhat difficult to replace should they get missing or destroyed.
  2. Some parents might not fancy it because it can seem like a fighting toy.

Why you should buy it?

Looking for the perfect toy for your kid to enjoy the Christmas celebrations? There is no other toy that would rather be listed amongst the best if this toy does not make the cut. The Disney Pixar Toy Story 4 Buzz Light-year Rapid Disc is everything like a highly recommended toy and one your kid would definitely be grateful to you for. It is easy to use and very attaching. Trust me, you might doubt yourself before purchasing it, but your kid is surely going to get fully attached to this one. Its price range is quite affordable and when compared to the amount for fun it brings and its features, it is definitely a huge bargain. Give your kid a toy worth their time and one that will surely give then that Buzz light-year, hero vibe.

#14: RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike With Training Wheels 

Every kid loves a new set of wheels. It might not be a car but that feeling of having your first wheels and something you can always ride is always lovely. If you want your kids to get that nice ride and great riding performance then you have no other choice but to get them the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike with training wheels suitable for both Boys and Girls. It is just the perfect choice of gift for your kid. It was built and designed to suit kids from about 3 years and above. No matter the gender, no matter the age, no one gets to miss out on the fun.

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike with training wheels is special and very well designed which makes it a suitable choice of toy. It is strong, sturdy and stable. The construction material makes it very durable and it could last you for years to come. The tires are made of durable rubber are designed to be wide and air-filled which makes it suitable for use on most terrains and provides the rider with a comfortable and smooth riding experience. While learning, this bike comes with a hand bar behind the seat to help your kid stay well balanced and stable.

It also comes with two training wheels attached to the rear tires for more stability. The bike has a chain guard which means your kid can never soil or get stuck in the chainring. The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike has a fast release seat post which can be adjusted to make it suitable for kids of different height and comfortable enough for use. it has a big foot pedal.

Special Features:

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike comes with exceptional amazing features to give your child the best feeling whenever he or she begins riding. It comes with training wheels to give your kid more stability when learning coupled with a hand bar behind the seat to keep your kid steady on the bike. It has a 2.4 inches wide knobby pneumatic rubber tires with a custom royal baby thread. It also has a water bottle for storing water while riding should your kid get thirsty in the process.

It comes with a cage for keeping and keeping a few stuff. The heavy-duty training wheels to aid your kid’s learning process. The bike comes with a place for a kickstand even though it does not come with any and some assembling tools to help you with an easy assembling of the bike. Just like a car comes with a horn, there is the presence of a bell with this bike to help you notify someone or get attention.

How does it work? / How to play?

Riding the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike is simple and easy. It is built and designed to make the learning process for starters. With the hand bar behind its comfortable seat and the heavy-duty training wheels, it makes learning easier, swift and a quick process. It is important sometimes to watch your kids while they ride or play so they don’t get to hurt themselves. It is important that you get your kid a helmet as part of safety precautions to keep them from harm.

The younger kids might not be as cautious as the older ones and might need strong supervision when riding especially when they are learning. It is necessary for the younger ones to be watched so they don’t gather too much momentum while riding especially on a sloppy terrain and hurt themselves in the process. Teach your kid to ride with the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike and watch them race away.

Entertainment Value:

This bike has high entertainment value and is one product that is sure to give your kid as much fun as expected. If you want your kid to be seen as one of the happiest during this Christmas season, you would definitely want to get them this bike. Your kids get to have one of the best fun times with their friends on this bike.

The bike helps improve your kid’s locomotive skills and also develop their creative thinking skills. It also serves as a great form of exercise for your kids making it very nice and helpful for their growth and sporting activities.


  1. The bike is very easy to assemble and takes time in the process.
  2. To aid your assembling process, it comes with assembling tools to aid you.
  3. It is stable, sturdy and strong.
  4. The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike is very durable and can last for years.
  5. The tires are suitable for all terrains.
  6. It is designed with amazing and mind-blowing features to meet your kid’s various needs.
  7. It is the perfect training and learning bike with its multiple safety features.
  8. It is very much affordable and cheap.


  1. It does not come with a kickstand but has a place for it meaning you would have to buy it separately should you need one.
  2. Pedals are not really of top quality and might need replacements.
  3. So many stickers might be a cause for concern for you kid although they are pretty easy to remove.

Why you should buy it?

Getting the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike is one of the best toys you can get for your kid and it is pretty much affordable. It comes at the best price and for what it is worth, with its features and design; it is quite a very good bargain. Your kid is surely going to love the thought of his first set of wheels and every kid would definitely love to ride one. It is designed with your kid’s safety although with the exception of a helmet, which you would have to get for yourself as further safety precaution equipment.

The RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike does not only serve as a means of fun or entertainment for your kids but does so much more. It is also a means of personal exercise and daily fitness. It helps develop their locomotive skills and also boosts your kid’s creative thinking skills. It is designed perfectly for kids with a lightweight of about 18 pounds for 12 inches. Its seat is adjustable making it well suited for kids of various heights. A comfortable seat and hand bar to give your kid more stability while riding. It is the perfect learning bike with its heavy-duty training wheels. Get your kid the RoyalBaby Freestyle Kid’s Bike as a gift for this Christmas and watch them ride away to so much fun during this season of love and celebrations.

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#15: Prextex Fireman Water Shooter & Blaster

Every parent wants their kid to grow into something of a nice and good citizen. A trustworthy person and one who could be said to have morals. Watch them grow with the conduct, code, and feeling of a hero. Give them the right equipment and toy which is sure to set them on the path to greatness. For this, you would need something that would help them represent someone of the sort and the Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster with Fire Hat- Water Gun is just the right toy to set the mood and make them feel like classy and heroic firemen ready to save the day.

The Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster comes with one of the most reliable and durable materials you can think of. Its body is constructed with strong and solid plastic which is sure to last for a long time. It is safe to use making it cool for your kids to play without any need for actual supervision. It’s finishing and body paint is done with lead-free components which means it is toxic-free. It is strong enough to last you for a really long time and if possible for years.

This toy comes with a tank designed in a backpack form which means your kid can easily hang it and make use of it easily without stress. The backpack hand is soft to make carrying very much comfortable for the kid. The tank comes with a 3 water compartment. That means your kid can fill as much water in and play as much as he likes with enough water to last him.

Special Features:

One of the qualities of a good toy is that it should have enough features needed to make using it feel worthwhile. Some might say, the more the features the better, but what matters most is not the number of features it has but how important they are to the kid. The Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster consists majorly of two main parts which are the gun and the tank. The tank comes as a backpack with 3 compartments for more water storage supply and the gun which is the actual water shooter. There is also the presence of a fireman hat for safety. It might seem unimportant to some but it is as important to a fireman as every other tool because a true fireman is never without his hat.

How does it work? / How to play?

Learning how to make use of this toy is just like a middle-aged man asking to be taught how to walk that is because it is something he should have gotten to know easily by now. For this piece, it is pretty easy and requires no user manual or instruction guide to teach the kids. Although with this toy there are some important things that should be pointed out.

Firstly, with its three compartments, the tank of the Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster can carry enough water to allow your kid to run and play for a long period of time without having to disturb you to help them fill it up. Although it is important to note that so much water can make it heavy for young kids and can cause some back pains for them.

Secondly, the gun of this piece comes is designed with a double shooting mode. These are the long-distance blast for shooting the enemy from afar and the spraying mode for a close encounter.

The last but not least about this is that the gun can work separately without the tanks. All you need do is place the hose of the gun inside the water and you can begin firing directly from the hose but be warned, once removed, it stops.

Entertainment Value:

Catching some fun and getting the best possible entertainment necessary is always what is at stake for the kids. They always need time to feel at ease, run around, and catch some fun which would help them feel good. The little ones always love running around and feeling comfortable with a friend while they play. This toy gives them that chance to get into the role-playing act and not only do they get entertained, they also get to develop their creative and social skills. This means that the Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster does more than just bring fun and entertainment, but it also brings about the child’s development as well.


  1. It has high water storage due to its three tank compartments.
  2. It is quite a large piece of toy.
  3. It is durable, strong and can last for a pretty long time.
  4. Its design gives the kids two firing modes, both the long-distance and close distance mode.
  5. This toy comes with a fireman helmet included.
  6. It comes at just the right price and pretty cheap as well.


  1. A few kids have complained about it being too heavy due to the weight of the tank when filled.

Why you should buy it?

In the market today there are various goods in the market, and many that are sure to probably catch your fancy but you should always consider its development rate on your kid as well as its entertain, features and price range. The Prextex Fireman Backpack Water Shooter & Blaster is one of the best toys around and one you can use in this season of love and friendship to extend a heroic helping hand. It comes at a cheap price making it quite the bargain and just the perfect gift. It has a range of about 20 feet on shooting. Give your kid the very best and watch them enjoy themselves all day, every day.

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How To Choose The Best Christmas Toys For 5 Year Old?


At such a young age, their attention is easily captured by bright and colorful things. 5 year old boys don’t need masterpieces or expensive murals to grasp their attention and they can’t appreciate intricate brush strokes but present them with bright colors and big drawings and you’ve got their attention, the next thing is how to keep it. When buying a toy for a 5-year old, you should go for strong bright colors like red, blue, yellow, orange. Block colors preferably because when there are watered down or hard to pinpoint color shades.

Another thing is if there are drawings on the toy, they should be simple and labeled if possible. Basic drawings like people, shapes,and animals are eye-catching and educative. A toy should not be in only one color though, because the child may easily lose interest in it but too many colors will make it considerably ugly and hurtful to the eyes. Boys have a tendency to like things that emanate an aura of power, so strong bright colors and principled designs are an absolute go for when searching for a Christmas toy for your 5-year old.

Child-friendly Or Rather, Baby-proofed

Now in as much as toys are meant for children, they are not always safe for children. The best material to look for when buying a toy should be plastic. A child’s toy should not be heavy; it should have sharp edges, avoid anything that has thin pieces of metal that stick out. Avoid little objects or toys with pieces small enough to swallow, avoid things with rough surfaces that can hurt a child, bruise him or cause blisters. Also, avoid electronic toys for children so young, avoid toys that contain chemical substances within to avoid swallowing and or contact with the eye.

Air-filled plastic tends to be light enough so as to not cause serious harm if an accident occurs and it falls or hits the child. Look for something with rounded edges, that aren’t big enough to enclose or trap a child with. Avoid wooden toys because though they are durable, they usually have sharp edges and they are heavy. Throwing a toy shaped like a cube made of wood would cause more harm than throwing a toy shaped like a cube made of plastic would, though there shod not be any throwing in the first place.

Ensuring that the toy you buy for your child brings him more harm is just as important as getting him a toy is.

Develops Physically And Mentally for 5 year old boy

Even though you are getting your child this gift for leisure and entertainment purposes, at that age, children are still very impressionable so you need to take advantage of any opportunity you get to develop them physically and mentally. Look for things that will heighten their senses and improve their reflexes, get them to think more. A person’s creativity level most times is as a result of what they did in their childhood, the kind of games they engaged in, the kind of people they interacted with and generally the type of energy they are surrounded with.

Keep your child’s mind active and his body moving to avoid him becoming sluggish and or slow to learn. Kids love adventures and hate staying at a place for long stretches of time, so its best to find something that keeps them moving but don’t let them wander off. Get your kid something that will let him use his imagination and explore various ideas in their heads. Let them create, explore and conquer with their minds through their toys, this helps them develop mentally.  If you find something that lets him crawl, climb, slide and generally move around, then please get it for him.

Educational Value

Even though he is on holiday, he doesn’t have to let his brain go to waste. We learn new things every day, so utilize his use of the toy you buy as an opportunity to learn something new. Join him to play with the toy and use it to educate him, create stories, add to his vocabulary when telling the story, teach moral lessons through play, this would also help your relationship with your child. As a parent to a child at such a young age, you need to take advantage of every chance you get to teach something new, even when you are not around, develop their reading skills, reflexes and insight through the toys your children use.

This is where you begin to look for items with drawings and labels, an easy way to let imagination run free, it would help him learn to read, learn new things like the name of an animal, place or thing. Point out the various colors on the toy, the number of certain items or features and shape names. Engage in conversations about the toy; if it is an animal tell him more about the animal and other animals.


A Christmas toy for 5 year olds isn’t for Christmas time alone, so definitely you will need to buy something that will last. Try and look for something that doesn’t need to be carried around because that will create wear and tear and an avenue for misplacement, rather find something that can be played around or within. Find something made out of an easy to clean material, something you can easily wipe down if it gets dirty because if it is supposedly washable, the contact with water and cleaning agents may just reduce lifespan.

Then try to find companies that are reputed with selling good quality items and if possible items with a warranty. Avoid toys that have too many bobs and bits because they get lost one after another. Then, of course, try to monitor your child playing with the toy and be sure he is using it the right way.

Questions About Christmas Toys For 5-year-Old

Q1: How Will I Know If My Child Will Like A Particular Toy?

Answer: To be honest, you never really can know if your child will like a particular toy. You can know that his favorite color is blue or red and that he likes cars or action figures but does that mean that that is what his toy collection is going to comprise of? No. You inevitably have to create variety. His favorite color is blue and he already has 3 toys the color blue, then get him one that green.

As good as it to give kids what they like to keep them happy, you also need to make sure that he doesn’t end up with a narrow-minded view of things. Parents and guardians tend to neglect little things that would make an impact in the future. No pressure though. Just check out things that your kid normally likes, but if he has too many of a particular toy, then step out of the box.

Q2: Why Should I Even Get Him A Christmas Toy?

Answer: Why should you get him a  Christmas toy? You can just get him a book or clothes, well yes you can and those are all good things but look at it this way. He spends 9-10 months out of 12 in school reading books and studying, and will do so till he is about 25-years old. You get him clothes at the beginning of the school session and every once in awhile in between. A good toy helps your child develop physically, mentally and emotionally.

A good toy keeps your ward or child active physically, engages them mentally and can even develop them emotionally. Don’t let me talk about how a Christmas toy can keep your hyperactive 5-year old busy for hours on end, thereby giving you time to get the chores done, entertain guests and have a little me-time. Most importantly, a toy is a vital part of everyone’s childhood and I bet you would not want your lids childhood to be any different.

Q3: How Do I Choose The Best Christmas Toy For My 5-year Old?

Answer: Is there really such thing as the “best Christmas” toy?  You just need to look out for a toy that will positively affect him all-round, physically, mentally and emotionally while keeping him safe. Something child-friendly, low-maintenance and educational. There are a million different toys out there and most of them are really great, you just need to narrow it down to your budget, your child’s interests and whether or not said item is necessary. Does your child have any disorders, allergies or need special help in any area? Is he introverted or does he need help with his social skills? You need to put all of this into consideration when selecting a toy for your kid.

Q4: What Is The Best Price Range For A 5-year Olds Christmas Toy?

Answer: That is absolutely up to you. What is your income and what have you budgeted for the holidays?   Any Christmas bonuses? What you decide to spend on your child’s toy is totally up to you but you also have to put some things into consideration. There’s probably going to be some new-fangled toy in the market that has absolutely captivating ads and is making kids go insane. Its price is also going to be pretty absurd. If you are well-to-do then go ahead, get three if you want but if your budget is pretty tight then you should probably avoid it.

Remember that you don’t have to break your back because you want to get a toy for your kid for Christmas. You can even check stores that are cutting costs on certain items, lookout for giveaways and black-Friday promotions. There is absolutely nothing wrong with that. And if your kids are bothering for the new-fangled toys, explain to them, they’re human too. So before you go Christmas shopping, create a budget.  You can even shop online to make sure you stick to budget because let’s face it, not only kids get influenced. You may have your budget in mind but by the time you see other people buying getting a particular thing for your kids then you may just get pushed to do likewise.

Q5: Will It Keep My Kid Engaged?  Will It Hold His Interest?

Answer: That is another question that does not have a definite answer. It is just one of those things left to probability and speculation. Kids change like the weather, today he may be into animals, tomorrow he’ll be into race cars. So you just have to evaluate a particular toy and ask all the ways it could keep him busy and retain his attention. Sometimes you join him and play with it so that you can help him look at it from a different angle. All we can say is good luck.


5-year olds are usually very impressionable and always hyperactive. So when you are looking for a toy for them you have to hold on to a checklist and ask yourself a few questions. Does it develop him physically? Does he learn anything from this toy? Is this toy fun? Then you check out your child’s abilities and capabilities. Does he in any way need help? Does he have any disorders?  Does he need any aid or does he need to develop any skills, socially, mentally? Then you look at your budget, the amount of space in your home, because there are some toys that take up a lot of space or need open space to be used.

You can’t get your kid a bicycle and expect him to ride it indoors if you don’t have a yard. Look out for something colorful, avoid toys that have too many pieces to put together. Look for things that are pretty low maintenance. Remember that 5-year olds are mostly hyperactive and have the tendency to hit things, break them and so you will need to find something pretty strong. Avoid anything with harmful or chemical substances inside them. Avoid glass things. A toy is meant to be fun so remember to get something fun.