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Electric Motorcycle for Kids: What You Need to Know Before Buying

Electric motorcycle for kids have been with us for almost a decade now. Over that time, they have evolved, and with them, many children want a piece of that pie. These motorcycles are now popular than ever, and perhaps your kid has been pressuring you to get one for them. Or, you are considering surprising them with a motorcycle during their birthday. You perhaps don’t know what to look out for.

This article takes you through the commas and the full-stops of what you should consider when buying a motorcycle for your kids. Just a hint, the best motorcycle for your kids should focus on child safety as the primary priority. It should have features that ensure your kid is safe without compromising optimal performance. Let’s check the factors to look out for when buying your kid’s motorcycle.

Things to consider before buying an electric motorcycle for your kids

Below are factors to give you an insight on which motorcycle to buy and for what reasons. These factors will help you buy the right motorcycle for the right kid.

Let’s start!

Age of the child

Age is a great determiner of size. Younger kids tend to have a small size, while older kids are bigger. An eight-year-old kid and a fifteen-year-old kid cannot ride on the same bike size.  If you buy a bike for the latter and use it with the former, the eight-year-old is likely to have problems controlling the motorcycle.

When buying, ensure your kid’s legs can touch and step on the ground comfortably. Assuming that kids grow uniformly with age; therefore, when checking your child’s age, remember to check and compare the size too. Be cautious because, at times, some children are too big for their age while others are too small. The trick here is to match their body size and age with the motorcycle.

The motor-power

Knowing the motor power of the motorcycle, you intend to buy is very important. Power is expressed in terms of watts, although most motorcycle manufactures express motor power in horsepower. One horsepower is 745 watts. Motorcycles with higher horsepower tend to produce higher thrust and eventually higher acceleration.

Before buying the motorcycle for your kid, ensure you check the amount of power its motor can produce. Then, match that power with your kid’s age and size. Older kids would control an electric motorcycle with a higher motor power better than young ones. Also, remember that motor power has some influence on the cost of a motorcycle. Motorcycles with less motor power are cheap.

Battery life

Gifting your son or daughter with an electric motorcycle sounds awesome, and it is indeed. However, all that fun will be short-lived if you won’t be keen on the motorcycle’s battery life. Most new motorcycles come with a standard battery that is likely to last longer. However, if it doesn’t, you can always replace it with a compatible one from battery manufacturers.  When you have just bought your motorcycle, ensure you charge it fully first before using it.

Checking the quality of the battery and how long it can last might be tricky sometimes. However, with a dozen rechargeable batteries in the market, you can always check the battery with the best reputation. Also, remember that batteries that last longer take a lot of time to charge. A battery that has a continuous runtime of one hour is perfect for your child to enjoy fully.

Safety measures

Your child’s safety must always be a priority. The most important safety feature is the braking system. You should enhance the braking system such that when a kid wants to stop abruptly, they can. Motorcycles that come with handbrakes would be perfect because they ensure that if your kid wants to slow down or stop, they can. Additionally, check how easily your child can access the brakes. The brakes should be in a position within reach and should be super-responsive. Leg brakes are also ideal for kids with weak hands.

You can check these measures by asking for a test. The kid can do a road test and try all the safety measures. If the brakes aren’t perfect for your kid, you can ask a mechanic to tighten them or go for a different choice. However, avoid tightening the brakes too much because tightened brakes’ abrupt application would cause an accident.


When they are in a group, kids will always want to race as they see on the television. Therefore, you might want to be sure that your kid will be safe when they speed up.  Motorcycles with a higher speed limit would be perfect for older kids who can control them comfortably. The maximum speed in a kid’s motorcycle kid greatly depends on motor power.

If your kid is relatively new to motorcycles, you should opt to start their journey with motorcycles that have a low top speed. Then, with time, you can keep on increasing their bike’s top speeds. Also, you can buy a motorcycle that gives your child variable speed limiters. 

Motorcycle weight limit

Just like motor vehicles, motorcycles also have a weight limit. The worst thing you would wish for yourself is buying your kid a motorcycle whose weight limit they exceed. Exceeding will often cause mechanical problems and low speed and overall performance. Poor performance occurs because the motor cannot produce enough power to handle the weight of the child. Human weight is known to increase with age, and therefore, this means that the higher the age, the higher the expected weight.

When buying a motorcycle for your kid, ensure you are conscious of their weight. Also, be sure that your kid’s weight will probably continue increasing even after buying the bike. Matching your kid’s aspect with the motorcycle’s requirement is necessary for optimal performance.

Ability and confidence

Some kids have more ability and confidence to learn quickly, thank others. This factor separates what type of motorcycle you can buy for kids and which you can’t. Children who can learn how to ride and control the motorcycle with greater ease should have more enhancements. It is that ability and confidence that the kid needs on the road.

There is no formula as to how you can check your kids’ ability and level of confidence. Children with higher ability and confidence to learn demand higher motor power bikes with a higher speed limit. However, be keen to curb over-confidence in the kid. Overconfidence eventually leads to fatal accidents as the kid ends up trying the unthought.


Can a 12-year-old ride a motorcycle?

Some motorcycle priorities focus on the safety of these kids. Nevertheless, initial training is key, especially if your child has never ridden a motorcycle or bicycle. The initial training should focus on balance and control of the motorcycle.  Additionally, to enhance safety, you might want to buy some protective gear for your child. To some motorcycles with higher speed, a helmet is essential, while others don’t need either. It is important to note that they can achieve proficiency through repetitive training.

When is the right age to ride a motorcycle?

There is no specific age at which you or your kid can start riding a motorcycle. Some kids started as early as 5 or 6 years, while others started at 16 years or even 18 years. If you’re an adult, you can always start when you want to. Adults who started riding motorcycles when they were still young often have a lot of skills and confidence when riding. If you’re thinking about your kids, proper training is the essence.

Is an electric motorcycle safe for kids?

Yes. Electric motorcycles have been in use for years now, with manufacturers making thousands of them every year. Unlike other types, electric motorcycles are environment and human friendly because they do not emit gases.

Can a motorcycle battery explode?

Yes, a motorcycle battery can explode. However, you can prevent this by regularly maintain your kid’s motorcycle and checking the battery’s water levels. Higher demands for electric current when your kid is riding may also be a contributing factor. An explosion occurs due to the production of hydrogen, which is easily ignited by sparks.

After what period should you charge the battery?

Charging time depends on the amount of power that the battery can store. Most batteries in the kid’s motorcycle run for one hour before they die. However, that depends on the type of battery in the motorcycle and the amount of power the motor needs. Motorcycles with higher motor power often consume much power.


Motorcycles give your kids the ability to explore the environment for proper development. Therefore, whether your kid is asking for it or you’re considering gifting them with it, the motorcycle is a worthwhile investment in your child. Armed with these factors, you can make an informed decision of which motorcycle to buy and why.