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How humidifier good for baby congestion? Know the Facts!

Baby congestion is a condition that occurs when mucus or fluids excessively accumulate on the pathways in the nostrils. This condition is harmless, but very uncomfortable for babies to stay with. What’s more, the condition gets worse when they breathe dry air. Humidifiers come as a solution to solve this discomfort by increasing the moisture level and providing more clean air.

Factors to consider when choosing a humidifier.

Burn risk:

Cool and warm mist humidifiers both excel in their spheres. A warm mist humidifier is ideal baby’s congestion because of the warm air that unblocks the child’s nostrils. As a result, they enable the child to breathe more comfortably. Additionally, due to the heated water, they do not have bacteria retention. However, these humidifiers pose a lot of burn risk.

On the other hand, cool mist humidifiers are very safe, especially for restless and curious babies. Because they use a fan to evaporate the water, they do not have any burn risk. If you have curious about a baby or pet, a cool modifier would be the best choice for you.

Easy to clean:

It is important to consider how you will be cleaning the humidifier before even buying it. Some humidifiers make it very easy to clean, while others make it an impossibility. Humidifiers that make it impossible to clean often attract bacteria and fungus. As a result, your child will end up attracting another disease on top of congestion.

You should clean the humidifier often and when you do, ensure that you apply disinfectants. Bacteria resulting from uncleanliness may often become hard on the baby’s immune system.

Automatic shut off:

Most people use Humidifiers at night to help your kid get to sleep. Therefore, when buying, go for a machine that has an automatic shut off. Such a machine shuts off when the water drains in the tank.

Automatic shut off protects your kid from the unexpected dangers that would come from a humidifier running without water. Also, it helps in saving the power consumption of the machine.

Size and direction flow:

Space is a paradox nowadays, and possibly, your baby’s room isn’t that big too. Therefore, comparing the space of the room and the size of the humidifier is equally important. Buy a machine that can effectively serve your baby’s room.

Additionally, If you can buy a machine that allows you to influence the mist’s direction is perfect. As a result, you won’t over-moisturize your baby’s room that would, in return, cause mold growth in the room. Molds can be very severe on your child.

In-built features:

Some humidifiers come with inbuilt features to enable you to comfort your baby’s experience with them even more. An example of an inbuilt feature is the diffuser. The diffuser allows you to add oils and scents. This would be perfect because you can add essential oils that are ideal for babies’ health.

Another important built-in feature is the night light and sound. Having this feature on your humidifier would be perfect because it would help you in soothing the baby to sleep.

To sum up, experts recommend a humidity of 30-50 percent. Such humidity is nearly impossible to have under normal conditions. However, using a humidifier would be much possible to achieve. To avoid over-moisturizing, ensure you have a hygrometer, which is the cheapest and available.