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Ultimate Guide on Kids Motorcycle Sizing

Determining the best motorcycle’s size for your kid may be challenging at times. One, there aren’t many details out there explaining the best way to choose the right motorcycle size for your kids. However, this article has come to your cry to ensure that you will be very knowledgeable on the topic by reading the conclusion.

Without much more beating to the bush, let’s start!

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Factors to consider when choosing the motorcycle size for your kid

The chart below is supposed to guide you on what motorcycle size is best for your kid, depending on the child’s height.

Kids motorcycle size charts:

10-12 years old kids14326-31110/125
8-9 years old kids13324-26110
9-10 years old kids14024-26110
6 foot18237.5450
3-6 years old kids90-11023-2450
5-8 years old kids120cm23-2550

Below are some of the factors to guide you when choosing the right motorcycle size for your kid.

Measure your kid’s height

Your kid’s height is significant when riding a Motorcycle and must correspond to that of the motorcycle. The height determines the level of comfort your kid will feel when riding on the motorcycle. Small kids will have to ride small Motorcycles, or otherwise, they’ll have some problems operating the machine.

To begin with, the worst mistake you can make here is guessing the height of the child. However, If you do, please be ready to visit the motorcycle shop several times. The ideal motorcycle for your kid should not be too high or too low; it should just be perfect.

You can use the above chart to determine the right Motorcycle size for your kid. Please do not make the mistake of choosing a higher Motorcycle because it may cause overstretching of your child’s body muscles.

The engine capacity

It would be best if you bought motorcycles with powerful engines for older kids. Choosing the engine capacity is an issue of the child’s intelligence and how well they can control the motorcycle’s thrust.

It is possible at five years that your child doesn’t know the dangers that come with riding a Motorcycle. You, therefore, need to make some decisions for the kid and choose a lesser capacity Motorcycle. However, with time, their intelligence and experience will determine what capacity Motorcycles they can ride.

High-capacity engines are bigger, and therefore, they will make a wider motorcycle. You can check the capacity of the motorcycle’s engine on the details before buying. Match the engine’s capacity in the chart with your kid’s age or height. The higher the capacity, the wider the motorcycle.

The wheel sizes

The size of the wheel determines the size of the kid’s motorcycle. That is, the smaller the wheel, the smaller the motorcycle. Therefore, among the best ways to narrow down from the exhaustive list you have at the moment is to start with the wheel size.

For example, if you’re buying a dirt Motorcycle for your kid, you should know the benefit of having either a smaller or a bigger wheel.

To start with, bigger wheels are reputable in absorbing shock and being soft even on the worst of bumps. However, that means that, on the other hand, they increase the size of the motorcycle.

On the other hand, smaller wheels are lighter, and they allow you to make quick turns. On the other hand, they are likely to bend more easily when they encounter rough surfaces.

How bigger or smaller the wheel is will determine the motorcycle’s height—the bigger the wheel size, the bigger the motorcycle’s size. Also, the wheel size determines the size of the tires.

Amount of cushioning

Kids are very fragile, and therefore the seat should be very comfortable. To ensure the seats remain comfortable, check for seats with shock absorbers and cushions. The best cushioning seats should be made of foam, making it comfortable when children ride on uneven surfaces.

Another key factor to make sure that the cushioning materials can handle the weight of the kid. You can check this by pressing the seat to determine the pressure. Also, you can make sure the shock absorbers are enhanced to match the weight of the child. Increasing the amount of cushioning on the motorcycle’s seat raises it, affecting the motorcycle’s size. The higher the amount of cushion, the higher the size.


To sum up, using the above factors above, you can determine the best size of motorcycle for your kid. The most important factors are the motorcycle’s height, the type of engine, the amount of cushioning, and the wheel size. Together, these factors determine the size of your motorcycle’s horizontally and vertically.