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Best Outdoor Toys for 1-2 Year Olds Kids / Toddlers

On this page, we review the top 20 best outdoor toys for 1-2 year olds Kids. When it’s summertime, then you know it is time to enjoy outdoor games. It is even more fun for your little toddlers. It is more fun than indoors games during the previous winter season. At 1-2 years old, your little one has a better option than sitting and playing with a foam ball.

So are there toys for the age bracket? Yes. There are unlimited types of toys in the market, especially if you have a very adventurous little one. Whether you are seeking for a toy that will keep them active or promotes water play, then you are flattered for options.

When children grow a little older, it becomes hard for you to make them play outside, but with a toddler, they yearn for outside games. Besides, at this age, they are old enough to enjoy outdoor toys.

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Top 20 Best Outdoor Toys for 1-2 Year Olds Toddlers 2022

First off, here’s our top 5 Outdoor Toys list for 1-2 Year Old’s among our best 20 toddler’s outdoor toys.

  1. Walker, Ride On Scooter Wagon Toy – Best Outdoor Toys for 2 Year Old
  2. XJD Baby Balance Bike – Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls
  3. Simplay3 Adventure Climber – Best Outdoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers
  4. KAQINU Kids Camping Set – Most Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids
  5. TOP BRIGHT Fishing Toys – Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

#1: Walker, Ride On Scooter Wagon Toy – Best Outdoor Toys for 2 Year Old

Every parent wants to invest in a toy which is relevant, fun and adds development value. With the Skip Hop Kids toys, you can never go wrong. It is a toy designed to encourage the little ones on motor skills, Balance, and coordinating when playing. It comes in three different stages, and that means that the little one will have the toy for a long time.

Design of the Skip Hop Kids toys

It is a toddlers scooter designed for 1,2,3-year-olds. One of its outstanding design is the three-stage structure which makes it adjustable as the baby grows. It is a set of colourful ride-on toys with the intention of encouraging motor skill development at a young age. Also, it contains a button which light headlight, melodies and other fun sound effects.

Physical Development in Baby Activity Walker

It has an adjustable handle to keep kids comfortable as they stand. On the handle is a button which is meant for headlight, fun sound, and melodies to entertain the kiddos.

It comes in three stages. Stage one it is a baby walker, and it captivates kiddos who are learning how to walk. It is also a carrier which allows them to carry their favourite toys, as they push and pull it.

In stage two the wagon is now converted into a seat for ride-on. It is perfect for babies who are currently learning foot-to-floor movement.

The last stage is the child has grown and therefore converts the ride to a lovely scooter.

The entertainment value of the Walker

The toy is versatile in terms of which stage the child is at. They will have unending fun when they are babies, toddlers and three years old. They can convert the scooter into anything they want; either as a toy carrier, a ride on a scooter, all in one toy. You can check also Unique Birthday Gifts for 1 Year Old Boy

  • It is an adjustable toy.
  • The toy saves you money because it is adjustable and fits three stages.
  • It is sturdy and long-lasting
  • It helps your child develop balancing at a young age
  • It is a toddler’s toy and irrelevant to bigger kids.

Why you should buy it?

The toy will serve your child in three different stages. It naturally grows with your baby. Also, it is lovely and sturdy, which is a plus for kid’s toys. Why not add this fantastic toy in your child’s toy arsenal?

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#2: XJD Baby Balance Bike – Best Outdoor Toys for 1 Year Old Boys Girls

Kids love bikes. If at all you are stuck at what you should get them for birthdays, or during holidays then XID Baby Balance Bikes is perfect. Whether it’s a scooter or a standard bike, they are thrilled by them. Why not train them balancing at the toddler stage?

Design of the XJD Baby Balance Bikes

It is a no-pedal bicycle for babies. It is designed for 10-24 months toddlers. It is four-wheeled to keep the baby from falling. Toddlers use their feet to keep the bike in motion and alight using their feet. The bike teaches your child how to ride bikes and tests their feet’ strength.

Physical Development in XJD Baby Balance Bikes

It is designed to develop Balance- the bike helps your child learn to ride, and going forward and backwards is a perfect way to practice leg force. It also builds confidence in a child that they can ride regular bikes.

The bike comes with a steering limit of 135 degrees, which prevents child from side falling.

It is designed for children and has no pedals- It has wide wheels and has no vibration, and noise free. You child can have fun the whole day without worrying that they may fall.

It is 100% Safe- XLD Baby Balance Bike has been tested in the lab and passed all the standards. It has been approved by CPSC.

Entertainment Value of the Bicycle Baby Toys

Your child will have fun riding the bike around the house and in the yard. . It will give little one a good time as they push it around with their feet.

Pros of the Balance Bikes
  • The bike will strengthen little ones feet as they move forward and backward.
  • It has a steering angle of 135 degrees which prevent side falling.
  • It is approved and safe for your child.
Cons of the Balance Bikes
  • It is designed for 1-2 year olds and bigger kids may find it irrelevant.

Why you should buy the bicycle  for 1-2 Year Old?

Train your child how to balance at a young age with this fantastic bike. Also it will strengthen their little feet. The bike is tested and approved by CPSC and hence safe for kids. XLD bike is sturdy and very appealing to the little ones. Get this bike and train your little ones for big bikes and scooters.

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#3: Simplay3 Adventure Climber – Best Outdoor Climbing Toys for Toddlers

One of the best ways to boost your child’s development is by creating a space which allows them to interact with their agemates and older children. By doing so, you help them build up character and social development. Why not do that in your backyard with Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber?

It is an indoor and outdoor playset for children. They will crawl, drive, slide and invent more games in the climber.

Design of the Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber

It is a beautiful and elaborated playset, which has various features for multiple games. In it are the “basements” for crawling, a sliding board on the side and a climber on the upper storey for adventurous exploration. It emulates jeep cars style on doors and wheels. Kiddos can, therefore, pretend to drive them to their spaces where they can have fun. It is a perfect hideout for kids with steering and dashboard.

Physical Development in Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber

Baby proof- The playset has round edges all around to keep the baby safe from sharp edges which can harm or cut their delicate hands.

It has children ladders which make climbing easy.

Super durable construction- To ensure longevity, this playset comes with double walls, which beats all weather conditions and UV resistant. It, therefore, serves your household for years.

It emulates a jeep design- In terms of doors and wheels; the playset gets its inspiration from “jeep cars”. Your children can convert it into a fort or just a private space to interact with their mates.

It is designed for all ages- it is safe with fancy features. With side rail grips, comfortable sliding angle and other full design, your children are safe.

The entertainment value of the Simplay3 Young Explorers Adventure Climber

Having older kids in the adventure climber, toddlers will have their guide in launching new games in the playset. Besides that, this item comes in three main features like crawling, exploration and sliding. Nothing can beat such fun.

  • It has elaborated features for ultimate gaming time.
  • It has a double wall and hence sturdy and durable.
  • It is an award-winning toy.
  • Some customers said it was a bit difficult to put up this playset.

Why you should buy it

What could be more than toddlers having a perfect space with their older siblings playing and being taught two or three things? Well, this playset accommodates children of all ages. Get this playset for incredible playtime in your homestead.

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#4: KAQINU Kids Camping Set – Most Fun Outdoor Toys for Kids

Who said that toddlers don’t have little camping fantasies? Well, they do that is why they envy their older siblings who make forts in their bedrooms. With these Fun Little Toys, you can meet their imaginations. It is a high-quality play tent that contains 33 pieces that make camping a success.

Design of the Kids Play Tent

It is an outdoor camping tent, made for three-year-olds. It comes with a pop-up design which makes setting up easy. The Playset contains 18 survival accessories which the little campers may need. It is a new and fantastic fabric that your little one will have endless games and invent even more.


The Playset contains 18 different items to make playing adventurous. The following are some of the accessories:

  • A 4 in 1 multi-functional emergency whistle for survival with flashlights
  • A compass
  • A thermometer
  • Lantern
  • A pretend gas stove
  • An oil lamp
  • Binoculars
  • Utility knife

Physical Development in outdoor toy

For more realistic gaming, the Playset comes with detailed accessories. The lantern and light-up stove contain batteries which light up making the playdate more realistic. The oil lamp is right to life which lights their dark tent, and the gas cooker allows them to prepare gourmet food.

The Playset contains all the survival needs for the little hiker or camper. They emulate all the must-haves during the camp such as stove, a lantern, whistle etc. They make camping fun and exciting and allow them to invent new games.

The 4 in 1 whistle is specially designed and has multiple functions. It is a compact size with parts like a Celsius thermometer, flashlights, and compass for the little ones not to lose their way in the camp. The little one should be informed about how each part functions.

Entertainment Value of  the Play Tent

Beyond instilling excellent life skills such as taking risks, loving nature and being active, this camping set gives your little one endless fun. They enjoy fresh air outside and other fun activities that they may invent.

  • It is compact and hence simple for little ones.
  • It contains 18 different accessories.
  • It is durable
  • It could be irrelevant set for babies below three years.

Why you should buy it

Meet your child’s fantasy with this fantastic camping set. They will learn valuable life skills such as endurance as they survive in the campsite. Also, it is perfect for many children and therefore instills social skills to your young one.

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#5: TOP BRIGHT Fishing Toys – Best Outdoor Toys for Toddlers

Are you looking for a birthday or other special occasion gift for your 1-2 year-old? Look no farther. It is an ideal toy for boys or even a little princess who loves fishing. It is a complete set which makes the fishing game exciting. It comes with two poles and six fish.

Design of the fishing game toy

It is a richly detailed fishing playset. It contains emulation rod which on it you hang the bait and plastic fish. The retractable strings are in a perfect size for the little hands and easy for kids to control and fish on their own. The fish are in 3D, making them look very realistic.

Accessories of the Toy Set

You should note that the fittings are highly detailed to make playing more realistic. They portray a real fishing environment. The fish contains three layers which make them functional and look like real fish. ‘Fish’ contain strong magnets to catch fish and on the top is a smooth plastic surface which makes them look real.

Physical Development in the fishing game

The items of fishing portray a real fishing experience. The 3D fish look so real and are designed to open and close when a magnet attracts. They dangle when they bite the toddlers hook. There is a wood between the fish structure which make fishing stereoscopic.

The fishing rod is emulational to fit the purpose and the size of little ones. They imitate real fishing rod in structure and function. It is not too heavy and hence makes it possible for the little one to swing it for a catch.

The structure of a fish contains three layers which are a wooden layer, a plastic (the top and smooth layer) and a strong magnet. All the layers make the fishing more realistic and function correctly.

The entertainment value of the fishing toy set

Your little man or princess will have countless hours fishing. Having a magnet makes it possible for the little ones to catch fish. We all know that babies don’t love overwhelming and unyielding games. Therefore the structure makes fishing interesting.

  • The fishes look realistic.
  • The magnet on the fish makes it possible for them to make a catch.
  • The rod is in compact size design which makes it possible for babies to hold.
  • It is designed for two years old and could be irrelevant for older kids.

Why you should buy it?

The structure is very appealing and sturdy. It portrays a real kind of fishing because of its close to practical features. Also, the rod is light which makes it possible for the little ones to fish on the own.

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#6: Baby Delight Outdoor Chair for 1 or 2 year olds

It is a delight for a parent, having a versatile toy for their little ones; Versatility in terms of functionality and its ability to “grow” with their child. Baby Delight Go with Me Chair is a dream come true for your little one. It is a perfect toy for indoor and outdoor activities.

The item comes with convertibles to accommodate your child in three different growth stages; sitting, standing and bigger kids. It is a high-quality portable chair which comes with a sun canopy for shade. It is a perfect seat for toddlers during outdoor activities such as camping, at the beach, etc.

Design of the Outdoor Chair

It is a convertible seat for kids from one year to 3-year-olds. It is exquisitely beautiful in terms of structure and sturdy to accommodate up to 75lbs. On top of it is a sun canopy which provides shade for outdoor activities. Its pink polyester fabric materials make it beautiful and durable since it does not stain or fade with time.

Accessories of the Outdoor Chair

  • A removable snack tray
  • A sun canopy
  • A carry bag
  • A cushioned seat

Physical Development in Outdoor Chair

The item has portable chairs for babies. The chairs are strong enough to accommodate the weight of up to 75lbs. Seats can be unvelcro to reveal holes for your little one to let legs out when they are in standing stage. Also, It comes with the most simple set up.

The seat has five removable harnesses which keep your child secure and comfortable. Also, it comes with a sun canopy for shade and a removable snack tray.

The item has polyester fabric as its material which is cute, durable, all-weather and easy to clean. Also, it does not stain.

It has metallic legs which make the seat sturdy for bigger kids. They work well with a cushioned seat keeping children safe and comfy.

The carrier bag makes travelling easy. When you set to leave just fold the seat and put it in its beautiful carrier bag.

Entertainment Value  of Baby Delight Outdoor Chair

The whole structure is appealing to behold. It has all the required items to keep baby steady and comfy when relaxing outside. With removable snack tray, your baby can invent games and playhouse around the area.

  • It is a study seat; from the legs to the material.
  • The polyester material is not prone to stains.
  • It is convertible and serves little ones in three different age stages.
  • Bigger kids might find it irrelevant.

Why you should buy it?

It is a beautiful seat which is perfect for outdoor activities. It is highly mobile and has an easy setup. Having such a toy will serve you for three stages of sitting, standing up to 3 years. It is also safe with baby proof structures.

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#7: VATOS Toddler Car Toys 6 Pack for 1 – 2 Years Old

The best thing you can do to your toddler is getting a toy for them with developmental value. You can never go wrong with car toys because they will learn motion and learn coordination and cognitive senses. With VATOS Car toys, your child will have endless hours of fun driving them inside or outside.

The set contains six-packs of cars in different colours. The multiple cars make it possible for them to host their little buddies for a perfect playdate. It is an ideal toy for toddlers from 1-2 years old. The set comes with an extra freewheel.

VATOS Toddler Car Toys Design

They are beautiful cars for toddlers. They are designed as new educational toys because they teach little ones on coordinating hands and eyes. Kiddos move vehicles by pushing them with their hands which train them cognition and eye coordination. The cars come in different colours, sizes and shapes. In fact, the set contents are regular cars, aeroplanes, fire engines and trucks.

Accessories of the VATOS Toddler Car Toys

The set contains six different educational toys which are:

  • A regular car
  • A truck
  • A fire engine
  • A train
  • A racing car
  • A traffic vehicle

VATOS Toddler Car Toys Physical Development

Each item comes in its unique features. For trucks, they have a structure which emulates a real truck and has a different speed. Aeroplanes come with subtle, smooth and streamlined bodies. They have different colours which help child cognitive senses.

These cars are first-hand made and durable toys. ABC plastic is used in construction. Also, It is 100% safe and environmentally friendly. They have round edges to prevent a child from harming themselves on sharp edges. They are compact and hence easy for toddlers to grasp in their little hands.

The toys are colourful but not bright enough to harm their eyes. They are a combination of a train, aeroplane, racing car, engine fire and a truck. Their aim is making toddler learn how to recognize different objects in terms of shape, size and colour.

The entertainment value of VATOS Toddler Car Toys

Your little one will have endless hours driving cars around the house. Also, their different shapes and speeds are entertaining to little ones.

  • The set comes with six different vehicles
  • It improves a child’s development in terms of cognitive senses
  • They are 100% safe
  • They are irrelevant to bigger children

Why you should buy it

It is a beautiful educational set.

#8: YGJT Baby Balance Bicycle Toys Rides for 1 – 2 Year old

Are you looking for a perfect birthday gift for your 1-2-year-olds? Well, you can never go wrong with bikes. They play a significant role in helping your little ones learn to balance and instil confidence in them. Also, these balancing bikes allow your little ones in developing strength on their little feet.

Y GJT Baby Balance Bikes is one of the best toys in the market. It is in the category of baby walker toys and bikes as well. Also, it is a perfect ride for 1-2-year-old boys and girls.

Design of the YGJT Baby Balance Bicycle

Y GJT Baby Balance Bikes is a fantastic toy designed for 1-2-year-olds. The complete structure has a child in mind in terms of safety. It has four wheels which prevent your child from falling. The steering handle moves up to a certain degree to avoid falling side. Also, it has an original orange colour making it very attractive to little ones.

Physical Development in YGJT Baby Balance Bicycle

The mini bike comes with a safe steering limit of 135°. It helps in keeping your child safe from falling on one side.

It is designed to make riding easy for little ones. With 10-24 month toddler in mind, designers ensure that it is a friendly bike for them by creating it without pedals. It is, therefore, up to your kiddos to make it move forward with their little feet and hands.

The bike is designed to help your child build up strength on their feet. It is the easiest way to develop your child’s motor skills. Also, it teaches balancing at a very young age which they need for their regular bikes.

The bike comes with a curveted EVA seat which is comfortable and soft for toddlers.

For a fantastic riding experience, wheels are designed with wearing resistant and anti-slippery. Anti-Skid Silent wheels allow free riding and make your child feel very much in control of motion. It is perfect for all flat surfaces like carpets, and wooden floor.

Entertainment Value of the YGJT Baby Balance Bicycle

Your child will have an endless fun time as they push this bike around the house with your help. Also, children at this age like discovering and trying new things and this bike is a perfect gift for that.

  • It develops balance
  • Helps toddlers to learn riding and steering
  • Accelerates coordination
  • Boosts confidence at a young age
  • It is a design for toddlers only

Why you should buy it

It is the most delightful way to show love to your little ones. Any gift reminds kids how much you love them. When you help a child to ride it, they feel loved by the companion, and that gives them the confidence of trying to do it by themselves; boosting self-confidence at a young age. Besides, it makes toddlers enjoy a happy childhood.

#9: Push and Go Friction Powered Car Toys for 1-2 year old

Boys love Automotives either as toddlers or bigger children. You cannot, therefore, go wrong with trucks, cars or any racing car for a gift. Go Friction Powered Car is a set of different construction car toys which are; Street Sweepers, Harvester Truck and Street Sweeper. They are designed for 1-2-year-old boys.

Design of the Go Friction Powered Car Toys

They are a set of three constructive push vehicles. They are exquisitely beautiful cars designed for boys from 18 months to 2 years old. They are colourful to enhance your little one’s vision and come in different shapes for cognitive and motion development. They require friction to set them in action.

Car Toys for Physical Development

The whole construction is ABS plastic material. This material is 100% pure and environmentally friendly. Also, they are not harmful when your child decides to put them in their mouths. They are reliable and don’t break easily.

They are attractive to little kids. Research shows that they are the most loved toys in the market today. They are the most bought car toys for two-year-olds. They do not require batteries because your little man will be the driver as they push them against the floor.

The construction vehicles come in contrasting colours which are perfect for your child’s visional development. Also, they will learn how to coordinate hands and eyes, which contributes to their growth.

Entertainment Value of the Go Friction Powered Car Toys

Your little one will have fun pushing the vehicles around the house. They are three, and therefore they can play with other kids in the home or in the yard. Beautiful and bright colours are very appealing to toddlers at this age.

  • They are fun and very educational toys
  • They come in different contrasting colours which enable vision development
  • The toys are high quality and have non-toxic materials
  • They have smooth edges for safety purposes
  • They are only relevant to children in 1-2 brackets

Why you should buy it?

Do you remember the old days when toys were simple, full of fun and educational? Yes, this is one of those toys. They will serve the purpose and make your child happy. Besides, babies at this age love appealing and straightforward toys.

#10: Labebe – Baby Rocking Horse Kids Ride on Toy for 1-3 Years Old

There are toys, and then there is aesthetics type of toys which are fun and give some kind of class and vibe. Labebe Baby Rocking Horse is one of the classic toys for toddlers in the market. It is a swinging/ riding horse which fits correctly for indoor and outdoor areas. It is a design for 1-3-year-old boys and girls.


It is a beautiful blue squirrel horse. It has wooden rocking legs, and plush stuffed horse on top which acts as the chair as kids rock forth and backwards. Kids ride the horse by rocking the wooden part, which gives them a soothing and calming sensation. Also, its design teaches little ones how to walk and improve their sensory system as they rock it back and forth.

Physical Development

The seating area feels like a couch because of a smooth and comfy stuffed horse. The toy is equipped with a safety belt which keeps the baby together and protects them from falling. Also, the toy is just an exquisitely beautiful kid ride to behold.

It is a French-designed structure. It is an original French design from the plush horse to a block of solid wood. It is sturdy and accommodates adult’s weight up to 68kgs.

It is a fantastic handcrafted item. The stuffed content (cotton) well stitched to inside a blue plush fabric. It has carefully and evenly filled PP cotton to make it comfy and to prevent fiberfill from coming out. The wooden structure is rounded and smooth to avoid sharp edges for a child’s safety.

It has a straightforward assembly which takes only five minutes. During this time, you can let the little ones give a hand for an ultimate bonding moment.

Entertainment Value

Little ones are adrenaline junkies. They love fun and are addicted to it. This kind of rocking horse will give a good time as they feel soothed and relaxed. They will feel good on the plush cover on the horse. Also, they will feel adventurous n(horseman) as they rock on outdoor spaces.

  • It is comfy
  • The toy is exquisitely classy
  • The PP cotton stuffed entirely and handcrafted
  • It supports up to 68 kgs
  • The wooded area is rounded to prevent sharp edges for your kiddos’ safety.
  • The seating area is small for bigger kids and adults.

Why you should buy it

Apart from making your little one feel pleasant and soothing, this item is a perfect toy to educate your kiddos on the sensory system. Also, it is a great way to train your child how to walk.

#11: VTech Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer

When buying a toy for toddlers, you should consider its wealth in terms of features and functionality. The toy should be educational and full of fun, for it to remain relevant to your little one. Pop-a-Balls Push and Pop Bulldozer is one of the most exclusive toys for kids from 1-3 years old. It enhances motion skills, sparks vision sensory system, and contains many sound effects which keep the child entertained throughout playing session.

Design of the Push and Pop Bulldozer

It entails many interactive and silly games in one toy. It is a pop bulldozer with colorful balls. Little ones drop the colorful balls in the cab and then push the bulldozer along. As the kid pushes it, the balls come out through the chimney into the scoop. The scoop then takes it back in the cab, and the process repeats itself.


  • Three different colored balls
  • 2AAA batteries

Physical Development in Push and Pop Bulldozer

The toy is designed to count before the ball pops out. The bulldozer counts one, two, three, and four and viola! The balls pop out through the chimney. Also, you press on the side to add more sound effects for interactive gaming.

The bulldozer contains other features that make it possible for the little one to pop the ball manually. On the front wheel is a hubcap, which when you flip it, the balls pop out of the chimney.

The bulldozer contains over 75 sound effects. On the side, are knobs which you change the playlist and control the volume when the child is sitting closer to the speaker.

On the handle are spaces to keep the three balls after game time is over.

When the balls miss the scoop, they fall on the ground. But no worries, your little ones will have fun collecting them and putting them back.

Entertainment Value of the Push and Pop Bulldozer

Is it fun? Yes, it is absolutely fun to play with. It encourages active games when the baby pushes it along. Also, it instils fine and gross motor skills. It has a savvy combination of games and fun engagement from the sound effects.

  • It has various features which increase its entertainment value.
  • It exquisitely beautiful
  • It contains very contrasting colors which help improve vision
  • When the balls miss the scoop, your little one will have fun running after them.
  • The balls may miss the scoop and end up falling on the ground.

Why you should buy it

It is a new and very classic toy for 1-3 years old. It contains sound effects that are both educational and entertaining to your little one. Also, it has a volume control, which helps regulate sound, especially when your little one is sitting next to speakers.

#12: Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

After bathing them, kids cry to prolong their time in water. Toddlers and even older children love playing in water. You can’t, therefore, go wrong with an artificial swimming pool for kids. You can give them a summer experience in the comfort of your home. With Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, you can transform your backyard to a summertime extravaganza.

Design of the Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

The complete outlook is a pool set. It is a versatile playset that contains a water sprayer, a ring toss game, a wading pool, and a water slide. The wading pool contains 77 gallons of water. The set up encourages toss ball and ball roller games. The set up oozes summertime kind of vibe for the little ones.

  • Four inflatable rings
  • Six plastic play balls

Physical Development in Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

The water sprayer gets connected to a garden hose for water supply. It is shallow ended for kids’ safety (14 centimeters deep). The sprayer keeps babies cool.

In the center of the playset is a slide, ring toss, water sprayer, etc. It flatters your little one with various games like a water slide, a ball rolling, bouncing ball toss, rainbow sprayer, and ring toss.

The pool has a capacity of 77 gallons

It is quite large and contains up to four kids at a time.

Entertainment Value of the Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center

It is simply a blast. With Intex Rainbow Ring Inflatable Play Center, your children can have their friends over for multiple gaming times. It is wealthy in terms of features and games. One could be sliding while the other is playing ring toss as they all enjoy a rainbow sprayer.

  • It is rich in terms of features
  • It has multiple games like water sliding and bouncing ball.
  • The pool is shallow ended for safety
  • It enhances social growth as many children come together to play.
  • There were complaints on so many sections that need air infilling.

Why you should buy it

It is a jack of many trades. With this play set in your homestead, you are guaranteed multiple and fun games for your little ones. Also, it is specifically relevant during summertime. For adventurous and outgoing little ones, they will love you for this gift.

#13: ECR4Kids Softzone Patchwork Toddler Foam Play Mat

Are you looking for soft flooring for your toddler? Look no farther. Children are very delicate and fall hard when playing. It is therefore wise to provide a comfortable and soft floor to protect them from hurting themselves on the floor. ECR4Kids Softzone Patchwork Toddler is a playmat for homes, daycares, and picnics. It is a soft, colorful, and padded rug for little ones from 1-3 years old.

Design of the Toddler Foam Play Mat

It is a simple, colorful, and padded foam mat for children. It is designed for playtime, tummy time, or reading time. It keeps toddlers cozy during their fun moments and can comfortably sleep on them when they feel tired after playtime. It does not require any assembly because it comes out of the box ready.

Physical Development in Toddler Foam Play Mat

The game is exceptionally plush and soft- It is a one-inch thick mat, which is soft, and foam mat. It is ideal for active gaming or resting time. It contains high-density foam, which protects delicate hands and feet and generally toddlers’ bodies.

The covering is phthalate-free polyurethane material, which protects toddlers when they fall from hitting hard surfaces.

It has vibrant colors that make the play floor a beautiful item. It also improves little one’s vision sensors. When learning about colors in preschool, toddlers can use these colors as a reference.

It is Gold certified by CREANGUARD and hence 100% safe. The playmat contains zero chemical emissions. It is also CPSIA compliant, which is a safety improvement act for children.

Entertainment Value of the Toddler Foam Play Mat

It provides the most comfortable floor for active and resting games. Your child can have fun just walking on this plush surface, and other activities such as jumping on the mat without fear of hurting themselves. It is colorful and hence appealing to little ones.

  • It enhances learning at home and at school.
  • It is plush and soft hence soothing to little ones.
  • It provides a safe place for children to play.
  • The material used is certified and hence 100% safe.
  • It is exquisitely cute.
  • It is only relevant to toddlers.

Why you should buy it

Toddlers have the most dangerous games. They could invent jumping games from one point to another or race their toys without fear that they may fall. With this mat, however, you rest from worrying that they may hurt themselves from hard surfaces. The carpet provides a safe space for them to run or when playing actively. Also, it is the most delightful place for you to read them a bedtime story.

#14: ECR4Kids ELR-12511 Indoor /Outdoor Peek-ABoo

Toddlers have a great sense of humor. Funny looking toys and stuffed animals amuse them. ECR4Kids ELR-12511 Peek a Boo takes the shape of a caterpillar. It is an ideal toy for indoor and outdoor games. You can keep your kids busy with mobile games in this toy. ECR4Kids ELR-12511 Peek a Boo is an ideal toy for many kids, especially in the preschool set up. With it, you can have many kids inside and outside it crawling, climbing, and peeking from the holes.

Design of the ECR4Kids ELR-12511

It takes the shape of a caterpillar, which makes it appealing to little ones. It has enough space inside, making it perfect for crawling and on the outside, children will have fun climbing. It has a stable rainbow, sturdy, feet which are shaped as large boots. It has body segments that imitate those of caterpillar- the whole structure is kids friendly.

Physical Development in  Outdoor Peek-A-Boo Play Structure

The toy is an ideal side for a preschool environment- it has openings which serve as windows for peeking. They can, therefore, crawl, peek, and climb up.

  • It is a climbable fun toy- It is a high-quality plastic which is durable. It does not fade or affected by weather change.
  • The item has rounded ages to keep the child safe from sharp edges which could cut or bruise their delicate hands.
  • It is GREENGUARD Gold certified, which ensure 100% safety.
  • It is a double side laminate to prevent scratching and ensure that the weather does not beat it.

The entertainment value of the Play Structure for Kids

The structure is funny and appealing. It is a body of a caterpillar with outside and inside spaces for crawling, climbing, and peeking. The feet are big boots with different colors which make children amused.

  • It offers multiple games for little ones.
  • GREANGUARD approves it
  • It is appealing to behold
  • It is an ideal toy for kids from 2-6 years old.
  • It is boring for a single child.

Why you should buy it

Whether you are looking for an ideal toy for your homestead or your preschool, this product remains relevant. It is safe for kids in terms of material used in construction and its features. For claustrophobic children, they have nothing to worry about because it is spacious inside and has windows.

#15: Step2 All-Star Sports Climber – Outdoor Toy for kids

Unlike the past, when toys were simple with simple features; today, we have richly featured toys that serve multiple purposes. Step2 All-Star Sports Climber toy, for instance, has a climbing ladder, football toss, basketball hoop, and slide. It gives your kiddo variety of games in one play set like tossing, shooting, and kicking at a young age.

Design of the Sports Climber

It is one playset with built-in features that offer different games for little ones. It comes with a scorekeeper, which makes gaming interesting as your kid and friends compete and keep scores. It is designed for active games such as climbing, tossing balls and sliding from the top. Also, it is an outstanding set that helps you to participate in your children’s gaming.


It comes with play ball accessories such as:

  • Basketball
  • Soccer ball
  • Football

Physical Development in Sports Climber

Sports climber features an enormous molded football toss that prepares little ones for the gridiron.

The playset contains three different ball games, such as football, soccer, and basketball.

This outstanding toy has attached basketball hoop, which trains them on jump shots and playing games on one-on-one while keeping scores.

The item has molded stairs which enable little ones to climb on top for exploration. Climbing activates fine motor skills and strengthens their bodies.

Entertainment Value of the Sports Climber

Children will have a blast with this outstanding item. To them, that love ball games will be spoiled for choices because this item encourages basketball, football, and soccer ball. For adrenaline junkies, they have a sliding section, and to adventurous ones, they will climb on top.

  • Physical and motor skills as they climb the ladder
  • Enhances critical thinking –each climbing route is a new challenge for little ones.
  • It teaches children language and social skills as they interact with other playmates.
  • It enhances role-playing and creativity
  • It enables you to play with your little ones.
  • It is more fun for multiple kids

Why you should buy it?

We all want to put our resources on the most valuable item, of which Sports Climber is one of them. It will give your children multiple games in one piece. It has many molded-in features that will spark your little ones into various games and invest even more. It is a toy meant for active gaming.

#16: Learning Advantage – Crocodile Activity Panels for Kids

One of the greatest advancements in the world of toys is the development of learning toys. Learning advantage is one of the best examples in this category. The toy is not only fun to play but it also helps the child to develop important skills in life such as coordination and learning language skills.

Crocodile Activity Panels Design

The design for Learning Advantage is one of the most innovative features about this toy. As the name suggests, the design resembles a crocodile but with attractive colours. The decision to use colour green is also one of the best design decisions by the company. It is therefore correct to state that the design by Learning Advantage is unmatched.

Crocodile Activity Panels Accessories

One of the key things that parents investing in these kinds of toys ask if they come with accessories. Most of the components by Learning Advantage come as a unit. However, there are some extra accessories that help in making the toy fun. Learning Advantage comes with screws that help in mounting and more importantly, it comes with activity panels that are five in total.

Physical development in Crocodile Activity Panels

The physical development is also another aspect that makes Learning Advantage one of the best toys to buy in this decade. Some of the key physical development aspects that comes with this educational toy include the following.

  • The interface by Learning Advantage is unmatched.
  • The Learning Advantage is also a compact toy and you will only need about 6 ft of your space – either outside or on your wall.

Entertainment Value of Crocodile Activity Panels

Although the primary role of this toy is to teach your child on a couple of things, Learning Advantage is one of the most entertaining toys in the market. First, it accommodates children from different ages, thanks to its versatility. Second, the toy has different pieces and the availability of these pieces makes the piece interesting and entertaining to play.


Some of the advantages that comes with Learning Advantage include the following;

  • The toy is easy to assemble, regardless of your experience in assembling toys.
  • The price point for Learning Advantage is ideal for all parents.
  • The toy is ideal for children of all ages.
  • The materials used to make this toy are durable and beautiful.
  • Learning Advantage is a versatile toy and the child can play as many games as possible.

The only thing that you sacrifice when it comes to Leaning Advantage is that some pieces within the board can break if you do not take good care of the game. However, with supervision and better handling of the Learning Advantage, the toy can last longer.

Why you should buy it

There are three reasons why you should invest in Learning Advantage and they include the following.

  • Learning Advantage, as a toy, is the best way to teach your child some key life lessons.
  • You can use the toy anywhere, as long the wall is at least 6 ft long.
  • Finally, it is one of the most affordable toys in this market niche.

#17: Step2 Outdoor Water Play Set with 13-Pc Accessory Set

Are you looking for an ideal toy to introduce your child into the world of maze fun? Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is a perfect toy for you based on its look and functionality. The toy is a continuation of Step2 innovative line of toys.

Waterfall Discovery Wall Designing

One of the key highlights for Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is its innovative design. For example, the toy takes the shape of a waterfall but with key adjustments. The child in this case has the freedom to control the flow of water and therefore making the whole experience better and fun. Another key design feature is the toy’s attractive colour which makes it attractive for younger children.

Accessories of the Outdoor Water Play Set

The Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall comes with different accessories. However, the key accessories are the 13 pieces that makes it fun and one of the most futuristic toys in the market. These accessories make the piece easy to curate and play around with, compared to other related toys.

It is, however, important to note that the accessories work as a set and therefore, taking care of them after playing is vital.

Physical development in Waterfall Discovery Wall

Physical development is an important factor especially to the functionality of a toy such as Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall. Some of the key physical development features that come with this toy include the following.

  • The water wheels give the child a chance to play with the water flow and there developing a decision-making character in them.
  • The accessory set also helps the child to create possible paths through mazes. With Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall, there is no wrong way of handling challenges.

Entertainment Value

Solving mazes is one of the key entertainment features that come with the Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall. The toy helps the child to formulate alternative ways of solving problems. Unlike conventional toys, the process is fun and therefore making the toy one of the most interesting and fun-filled toys in the market.


Some of the advantages that comes with Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall include the following.

  • Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is a perfect way to introduce your child to the world of solving mazes.
  • The toy gives value for money.
  • It is simple and straightforward to put Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall together.
  • The materials used by Step2 to create and make this toy are durable and light.
  • Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is a versatile toy and therefore accommodating different age groups.

The only disadvantage when it comes to Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is the availability of many pieces. In the case of misplacement of any accessory, it is impossible to enjoy the game. You can however improvise.

Why you should buy it

Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is one of the best toys if you want to introduce your child to the world of maze games. Some of the key reasons why you should buy this toy include the following.

  • The price-point for Step2 Waterfall Discovery Wall is reasonable.
  • The toy is one of the best-integrated toys in the market in terms of bringing different technologies together.

#18: Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure

Every child loves a perfect swing. This set is the best option as far as swing options are concerned. The manufacturing company also packaged this option as one of the safest swinging options in the market. Made in the USA, the swing meets all the global standards as far as toys are concerned.


The design for Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure is arguably the simplest in this market but one of the safest for your child. The first important thing as far as design is concerned is the seat. It is not only comfortable for your young one but also firm. Second, the shoulder straps are also perfectly placed making it safe for the young one to enjoy their time on the Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure.


Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure comes as a solid toy set-up. However, for better usage, there are some accessories that come with it. Some of these accessories include the following.

  • The T-Bar is one of the key accessories that come with this set. The main function of this bar is to make the loading and unloading process easier for the child.
  • The straps are also part of the accessories. The main function of the straps is to make sure that the younger children have the maximum protection when on this set-up.

NB: These accessories are however used according to the age of the child. If the child is younger, it is advisable to set the T-bar and the straps. If they are bigger, removing them will not affect the playing experience.

Physical development

When it comes to physical development, Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure is a perfect example of innovation. Every piece on Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure has its own functionality. For the T-bar and the high-quality straps, you have the option to include them on the set-up or not include them.

However, you should always keep in mind that the safety of your child is paramount. If you are confident about your child’s abilities, you can remove them for better swings.


Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure is a fun set-up for your child, thanks to the following reasons. First, regardless of your child’s age, they can have unmatched fun. Second, the accessories may affect the child’s fun. However, if you realize they are bigger enough to take care of themselves, you should not be worried about letting them swing without them.


Some of the advantages that come with Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure include the following.

  • The set-up is affordable for all parents.
  • The Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure is safe for children of all ages.
  • The set-up is ideal for all children.
  • With adjustments, it is possible for children to play with minimal supervision.

The only disadvantage when it comes to Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure is the confusion on when to remove the T-ball and when to include it. However, with enough guidance, the decision is not hard to make.

Why you should buy it

There are three reasons why you should invest in Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure. They include the following;

  • Little Tikes 2 – in – 1 Snug ‘n Secure gives you the value for your money as a parent.
  • The set-up is one of the safest swing set-ups in the market.
  • Finally, regardless of your child’s age, the set-up is fun with minimal (or no) supervision.

#19: Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set with 3 Balls

Children, just like many adults love basketball. If you want a toy that is not only fun for children that love basketball but also educative, Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is ideal for you. The built quality of this set is unmatched in just a few weeks of playing, the child’s love for basketball will have grown more.


The design for Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set has a lot of similarities with basketball pitch. Some of the design highlights include the following.

  • The rim is oversized and therefore ideal for junior shooters.
  • The base is firm and therefore making the whole set-up ideal for outdoor and indoor playing.
  • The main material used to make this set-up is plastic.


Accessories in most cases are there to improve one’s experience. However, many accessories may affect the toy’s functionality and sometimes – a loss of a piece may force one to invest in a new set.

Fortunately, Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set comes as a full and compact set. The only thing you need as a buyer is a space to keep the set and sand to support it.


Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is a perfect option for all children, thanks to the following entertainment features.

  • The set has bigger rims that encourages the younger ones to play more and have more fun shooting balls to the rim.
  • The set up is also an ideal playing option for more than two children. Children can play in groups without loosing the beauty of the game.
  • Finally, the set-up does not require technical knowhow and the time spared is used to playing – making this set one of the most entertaining options in this market.

Some of the advantages that comes with this set include the following.

  • The built quality is unmatched and therefore, Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is durable.
  • The price of this set is affordable to parents.
  • The set requires zero maintenances, regardless of who is using the set-up to play.
  • Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set is ideal for children of all ages.

The stability of this set depends on a number of factors. You can use sand or any other materials available. However, if these things are not available in a home, it may be hard to enjoy shooting.

Why you should buy it

There are tons of reasons why you should invest in the Little Tikes Easy Score Basketball Set. However, the following are some of the reasons why you should buy the set.

  • The set is affordable and there is no reason why you should not buy it.
  • The set is durable, regardless of who plays with it or how many they make shoots.
  • Finally, the set is ideal for all children of different ages.

#20: Uiter Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat – Summer Outdoor Spray Toys

Are you looking for a toy that helps your child develop emotional skills while enjoying the outdoor weather? Uiter Sprinkle & Splash Play Mat is a perfect buy for you.


As the name suggests, the Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad come with a pad shape. In order for your child to have a splash play, the toy comes with a hose and adapter for water.


The pad comes as a complete toy. However, some of the notable accessories include;

  • Water adapter
  • Hosepipe
  • Sprayers


Even though Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad are one of the best toys to teach your child key life lessons, the pad is also one of the most enjoyable toys in the market. Some of the critical features as far as entertainment is concerned with the following.

  • The pad creates one of the best outdoor relaxations.
  • The pad accommodates child-toy plays, regardless of their sizes.

Some of the advantages include the following.

  • It is easy to assemble and disable the pad after use.
  • The pad creates an ideal space for children and pets.
  • Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad create an ideal space for creativity and learning.
  • The pad helps the child in developing strong arms and bones.

The toy does not have any disadvantages. However, it is vital to stay with disabled or younger children when using Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad.

Why you should buy it

It would be best if you bought Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad because of the following reasons.

  • It is an ideal option for all children and toys.
  • The price of the Uiter Sprinkle and Splash Play Mat Pad is reasonable for most parents.
  • The toy can last generations, regardless of where you are on the globe.

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How to Choose the Best Outdoor Toys for 1-2 Year Olds

When your child is one or two years old, they are not babies anymore, but still, they are not children. Therefore, it becomes hard to decide what toys to get them for birthdays or special occasions. At this age, they have developed “taste buds” and have their likes and preferences, and they can differentiate a whack toy and a unique one.

It is therefore advisable to get them a unique toy, which will unleash the creative in them. You could get them stuffed animals but with exaggerated features. It could be an animal which is the perfect height for them to ride on. Get them just any gift which does not look like that of their playmates.

There are unique toys in the market if you look hard. They could be simple colour markers for them to paint the refrigerator or a pet shop Playset; where they have different animals and a pet house. In this age bracket, you can introduce them to a real-world with toys like stuffed BBQ playset, which is fastened to keep the baby safe.

Toddlers at this age love noise. They will take anything and crush them just to produce sound. You could take this seriously and get them a play keyboard which they can step on and make useful rhythm with them.

Whatever you do, don’t settle for an ordinary gift for your little one. Let your toddlers have unique toys, and they will love you for that.

High-quality toys for 1-2 year olds

Durability is the key to any gadget. It becomes a need when you are buying toys for children in this age bracket of 1-2 years old. Quality is paramount whether you are buying instrument, puzzles, instruments or stuffed animals. Toddlers are very reckless, and you don’t want something that breaks after a single play date.

Note that at this age, it is hard to impress them because all they want are toys they can rattle and crinkle and probably have a soft spot for them to chew. Most plastics contain hazardous materials which can be choking to your little ones. Therefore, when considering quality, don’t just rely on toys sturdiness but also the safety of materials used in construction.

Quality is absolute, and you can simply tell whether a toy is of quality or not. Detailed features of a toy are paramount because it allows your baby to invent different games with the same toy. If for instance, you want a stroller to push your baby around the house, then it could be having a steering wheel which will make the baby feel like they are driving.

You should, therefore, research for quality toys and if possible, get the award-winning toys; they are of high quality and relevant.

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It is hard to decide at this age whether to get your child soft toys, dolls or teething toys. In any way, toys should be relevant to them and not too complex to play with. There are varieties of pertinent toys to 1-2 years olds ranging from musical toys, picture books, and building blocks for boys and girls. You can never go wrong with fun and educational toys.

At this age, children cry a lot and therefore, getting a toy that helps them calm down is relevant. You could have failed to calm them down after cradling, but a musical toy will make them forget why they were crying in the first place. It is, therefore, essential to get a toy that helps you calm them down.

Get a toy that matches the stage your baby is in. If they are teething, then getting them a toy that they can bite is relevant to them. Remember that the aim is to keep the baby busy and engaged and getting an attractive toy will do precisely that.

On the stricter, the toy should be lightweight for the little ones to carry along or simply lift it. Although sturdiness is paramount, it should not be too heavy. Also, the assembly should be easy for both of you.

Fun outdoor toys for 1-2-year-olds

Fun is relative to adults or bigger kids, but for children at this age, you can tell when they are having a great time. They laugh hysterically, and some even fall when they are excited. It is. Therefore, paramount getting a fun toy for your kids.

The whole essence of buying toys is giving your children a good time. Whether it a musical toy or a picture book, it should be fun and appealing to your little one. The toy should be featured to accommodate friends for playdates and fantastic to allow the gang to socialize.

It is a fun toy if it increases adrenaline in the body. Rollercoaster, climbing, swings, and watching balls fly and fall, for instance, give children’s excitement. The toy should not be too complicated because kids at this age get bored quickly.

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Developmentally appropriate toys for 1-2-year-olds

It is a fact that children love toys. If you are in doubt try to take your little one in a toy shop and watch them take many that they think they can happily live with. Toys magically spark children’s imagination, engage their senses and allow them to learn socializing.

At this age, they are eager to learn about their surroundings, very observant and curious about everything around them. Toddlers will eat everything, differentiate textures and shapes and amazed by the person in the mirror. It is a learning stage and a moment to interact with their environment.

It is, therefore, essential to get them toys that will help them develop their senses. Contrasting coloured toys, for instance, are fascinating to kids, and they help them deepen their vision. Motor toys help them learn motion and coordinating their eyes with hands which is a great learning process.

Getting them a picture book, for instance, help them relate pictures with a real object on the backyard and help them associate well with playmates as they discover actual items together. You should, therefore, get them toys which will help them develop physically wholly, skillswise and most importantly socially.

FAQs for the best outdoor toys for 1-2 year olds

It is a tough and interesting age to get toys for, and here are some of the Frequently Asked Questions

What is the best toy for 1-2 years old kid?

There is an absolute answer to what children at this age love. The bottom-line to what is perfect for them are those that are fun, trigger interest and help them learn. At this age, children are very imaginative and curious and love noise and hitting things on the ground. Note that they are still teething at this age. Do the toddlers good by getting them toys which are fun, at least have soft spots for them to bite and them that produce sound. They will love you for that.

If it’s a simple stuffed animal, at least let it have exaggerated features. Ordinary toys do not interest them at this age.

Do toys help child development?

Yes. First, the toys help children to discover, learn and understand their environment. They play a significant role in kids’ senses, such as vision and relate what they see in pictures and the original items. Contrasting colours are very appealing to them, and they help them develop visually. Also, toys help the child social development.

At first, during their initial years, parents are the kiddo’s playmates. Later they start interacting with other little ones in play dates. When playing with others, kids develop social skills such as empathy, sharing, mental growth, cooperating and other life skills.

Toddlers love exploring and like doing things on their own. Playing gives them a chance to learn to do things on their own and practicing new skills. It helps them develop at their own pace and follow their interests. They, therefore, create unique likes and preferences.

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What are excellent toys for toddlers?

It is hard to recommend toys for your kids because children differ in terms of likes and preferences. It is arguable that at this age, your child does not have favourites yet but not all toys for their age bracket could impress them. When thinking about a good toy, consider one which is relevant, fun, educational and high quality.

Kids at this age are ratchets and love throwing things around. Dolls do not impress them anymore, and they love biting. It is therefore vital to consider a durable toy, one with a soft part to eat, colourful, fun and less complex.

What are some of the tips in selecting a toy for 1-2-year-olds?

It is hard deciding what to get for your toddler since they are not babies anymore and still not old enough to be termed as children. Not just any toy could be appropriate for them. Consider the following guidelines which will help you narrow down what’s the best toy for your toddler.

Choose a multi-purpose toy- Kids at this age love assembling, taking apart, locking and building up. Therefore, an open-ended toy is appropriate at this age.

Look for a toy that will trigger their growth- Toys like stuffed animals, cars and dollhouses will trigger motion, visional, and social growth.

Chose toys that require problem-solving- allow your child to use brain muscle when playing. Games like block and solving puzzles are appropriate.

Look for the ones that spark their imagination- toys like picture books will help them relate pictures with real things.

Can dolls and other baby toys fun for my two-year-old?

Yes and no. We all have bought toys, and for two days children throw them away. It sucks right? At this age, children have outgrown their dolls. Some could be relevant, and some do not interest them anymore. Note that simple toys do not impress them. Therefore, get unusual and suitable kind of toys. They could love their old toys but not for so long because, after this stage, they enter another exploring stage (3yrs).

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There are unlimited Outdoor Toys for 1-2-Year-Olds in the market. It is therefore essential to get your little one the most relevant, unusual, and most fun toys there are. To some, you can use indoor spaces if you have enough space.

It is tricky to know what a toddler like, but you should rest assured that anything that produces noise is an excellent toy to them. Please do your research and get tips on what might interest them. The secret is getting the most exciting and relevant toys. Don’t forget to get one which adds value to them.